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Yamato Nadeshiko: Random Crappy Thoughts, Just Because…

newlywedsSharing a few more things about this drama that kinda tickle my brain if I don’t make a post about it. Just because though… *shrug* wanna click for moooore?


About: やまとなでしこ (The Perfect Woman)

Material Girl Dematerialized

distraction-2Blimey… this drama is so damn bipolar. One moment it makes me looooove it with all my heart and colon; the other moment, I hated it so soooo much it gave me a ferking ulcer. One moment it served us cute fuzzy romantic squee-worthy scenes, the other moment it makes me cussing and clenching fist in agony. Seeing how it managed to make me emotionally invested like that, can we call this drama as a success story??? Huh???irony(Spoilert: Perfectly spilled and uncovered! Haha!)
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