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IDLMs. is Back with New Tune to Jam Our Ass…Like Always

tonightHey, I’m back for a quick post yo. I know, I’m a lil bit late in being an up to date; but then, this blog have never been up to date in terms of the contents from the very beginning anyway. Lol. Anyhoooo, days ago, on July 20th to be more exact, I Don’t Like Mondays. had released their newest single ⌈Tonight⌋ along with the full version PV on Youtube. I gotta say that I’m so glad that Yu is on good terms with his girlfriend this time (Haha) and da boyzzz are going back to their chic hipster element along with the party tune-esque track that surely will make you want to boogie your ass out all NIGHT long. Lulz. You see, this is why I always love IDLMs.’ release; cuz they always have this some sort of signature unique catchiness in every of their tune, in which the other bands don’t have in theirs. Different creativity for different individual, I guess. But still, I do wish that their songs can have a lil bit more of an electric touch. I don’t mean the electric, EDM kind of style; as it’s more to the electric guitar one, y’know; the basic classic rock band shitz. Strum~strum. Teehee.yu and his girlOh, one more thing. For pete’s sake, Yu, just kiss the girl already, dammit! Cos smoking her right on the face is so damn un-polite and not very gentleman of… Yu. Hah.

So now, what are we waiting for?! Let’s jam, party people!!!


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Don’t Be Play Boy…

SORRY-TITLEAt last, my nuggets! What we’ve all been waiting for!!! Dun! Dun! Dunnnnnnn!!!!!!! Well, yesterday I Don’t Like Mondays. Youtube channel had FINALLY dropped the official PV of Sorry, and me just can’t get more excited than what me already am. Cos, like I said before, Sorry is such a catchy groovy tune, it’s surely gonna be your jam for monthzzz, right after your first time listening to it. So, it will be no surprise if I had put my expectation for another Aidora style of a good PV for this single as well. And yes, turns out, IDLMs. once again succeed in bringing out a fresh interpretation of their own band’s motto, 『Be Play Boy』in this PV. But yet somehow, there’s a part of my fangirl-ness that feels a lil bit… errr… how should I say it… so so by the execution, it makes me kinda feel sorry for myself for expecting taaaaad a bit toooooo much(?!) Haha. Ha.

(Bloody) Sorry?

Click for more, Friday Lovers!!! Moarrr!!!

Kiss Kiss Kiss The Double Digits Away…

chu and shuffleGood day and good Monday (or Tuesday), peeps. Hopefully none of you is having a blues, even though I am slightly a bit, since I’m starting to have caffeine abstinency from today; since too much coffee is clearly not good for me. (Ugh… seriously, is there a caffeine patch in this world? Cos I clearly need one, heheh..) By the wayyyy, I’m writing this post due to a couple things that I wanna share with you guys, and its all, of course, courtesy of KAT-TUN the cotton candy boys (read my puns there? Lulz…) Kaykay, without further ado, let’s hit it! whoop whoop! click for moarrrr, babes!!!

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KAT-TUN: Alive and Going Solo

PVHey hey heyyyyy, ‘sup my brothas and sistas in hyphen nation! How’s your day? Good? Huh, huh? *pat on shoulder* Well your day may be good, but not the best yet if you haven’t read this mocktastic post to complete and combo your mood in a day. Lolz… Well as we all know that on 21st January, KAT-TUN had released his newest single Dead or Alive–and it’s hanging at #1…again… *clap clap clap*–and aside to one particular PV of the titular song, they also hatch the final egg of the member’s solo; which belongs to the alpha ero-boy,  Khamaynahsheeeeee. And FINALLY, I can get my hands on these two new release thingies, and now Imma talk about them and give ma thought about it in a post that I named as KAT-TUN PV Collection SP (read the main two parters here and here, hun) So, let’s not make it more verbose and just jump into the whole freakshow of Johnny’s lalaland, shall we? Teehee… click for more madnesss!!!

Boys… Ruin Ruin Ruined(?)

bThis is the first news post in 2015 and I’m back with another nibbly updates from our squirmy gheyboys!!! Harharharrrrr… *cynic laugh* Despite it’s not newly fresh from the oven kinda news; but still, this geek needs to vent the fangirlness and… rant the angstiness. Lol… click for more nibbling…

Deadly Delicious & Teasingly 30 Seconds

bangbangI was planning to have sabbatical until new year, but once (again) I was interrupted by these updates. A berrrrry berry good and fangirl-worthy updates indeeeeed. Ooohohohoho, drama baby…darling, if you’re gonna keep delivering me these kind of news, feel free to interrupt my sabbatical anytime yo want. Teehee… *smooch* click for mooooore!!! moooooore!!!