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About: 東京タラレバ娘 (Tokyo Tarareba Girls)

Thirty; Sense of Urgency

Hello, I’m back. In practically three months fit. Hah. It’s been quite a while since my last post about the ongoing drama, Totsuzen Desu Ga, and it’s suffice to say that I’m practically quitting that drama by the time I’m about to enter the fourth episode, and decided to skip far ahead to the final number nine, just because it had failed to move me kokoro in order to continue watching it. I mean, the third episode had lead us to the good conclusion of Asuka and Nanami becoming an item, but then, the next mumbo jumbo shittiness that’s waiting for us on the next episode is another rinse and repeat crap of the sympathy towards the ex thingy case, which has managed to make me ugh, and ah, and quit. And turns out I wasn’t regretting my decision cuz hella, by the time me watching the final episode out of curiosity, I feel like I’m not missing anything and the ending is so dull, and all the casts are basically there out of the love for their paychecks. So yeah. Disappointed, but not surprised.
Moving on. And so, as I stumble to this newer drama, Tokyo Tarareba Musume, I decided to give it a try cos it’s all about girls and their love stories, set in a romcom manner with a shiny line of casts. And though I found myself not quite warm up to the series as I want it to be, I still managed to finish it, cos this drama has quite a lot likeable factor, though it came up quite in balance with the dull one. Heh. I’m not gonna make this post long ass and boring just to talk about one farking drama, but Imma try my best to convey everything completely, despite being a rusty hiatus blog writer. Lulz.
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Wind Up Two Cents: 당신을 주문합니다 (I Order You) #05-#16 (Fin)

Heavy Do(n’t)sirak

closerangeGeez, finally… after had marathoned for these past couple of days, I unscathed-ly manage to finish my first ever web-drama, I Order You, which also marks the first K-drama that I’d watched after a verrry looong break. And, whoa… I have no better words to describe this experience other than I’m impressed. Massively. IOU is so beautifully written, so sweetly produced, and so perfectly tailored… to be a very spot-on reminder on why I hate Korean drama in general. No, no, no, seriously; the shuddering cheesy dialogues, the repulsive zoomed shot on everyone’s lips at the early episodes (that strawberry eating scene though. Gag.) The overdone effort to bring out the charming sexy-kinda-appeal from the main characters; everything, everything is so damn “impressive.” But what makes me IMPRESSED to the max, is how this drama could take a whole 180 in turning itself from an easy breezy romcom, to a depressing cliche love story. Ugh. IOU is a freaking troll indeed, with every character in this drama trolling us viewers, and each other right on the face, as like the “proposal-dosirak” kind of troll. Hah. Can’t believe that this fruitcake was sold on the highest price ever recorded for a web drama, which was almost half a million USDollerrrz, in Japan. Guess it solely lays on the name of star power… you know~ Haharharrrr… blerg.morning after(Spoilert: till the last crumb…) click for moarrr angst!

About: サヨナライツカ (Sayonara Itsuka)

Torrid Lust to Tragic Lost

kiss in jealousyHola, all my peopppple! Happy Labour Day! Mama is back in bringing you couple of (meaningless) accomplishments that I wanna share right here right now. One → as you can see on your left, Messy Random Whatever had finally reached 10k page views which is soooo awesome with a capital A. All I can say is thank you, thank you, and thank yeeeeewwwww!!! to all of you my readers and visitors. I lurve you gurls so damn much-o! Woohoo! *throwing roses* and Two → I finally had watched Sayonara Itsuka, everybody say whatttt!?! Well, I know most of you probably think that what the eff should I emphasizing this no biggie matter, but when it comes to Nishijima Hidetoshi‘s landmark career projects, Sayonara Itsuka is a must watch among his filmography. And actually, there are at least three Nishi productions that are a obligatory to be watched by a fan such as moi, like Double Face (√check), for that tanpatsu was his major acting break, MOZU (√check), for that series was his major commercial success. But before those two even exist, Sayonara Itsuka was the project that putting his name on the map, and it is too because of couple other reasons such as: it was based on a romantic novel with the same title by Hitonari Tsuji, and it’s co-starred with the author’s (ex)wife, Nakayama Miho, who made her comeback acting after 12 years, while the director is John H.Lee, who was famed for his sappy makjang JDorama adaptation-KMovie, 내 머리 속의 지우개 (Eraser in My Head/A Moment to Remember), which fyi, I had watched as well. Heheh… But as for me, what’s driving me mainly to wanna watch Sayonara Itsuka were ain’t that high profile backgrounds, for I come to hear the soundtrack album first and the theme song by Nakashima Mika, and I loveeeee all of it a lot, I can almost assure myself that this movie will be my favorite of my favorite. If we can put it in Savage Garden way, it’s like I knew I love you before I met you kinda shit, y’know what I mean. Lulz…plane a kissAnd after that fully established factors and heart-tugging soundtracks, one can say that Sayonara Itsuka is definitely a one helluva dramatic romantic movie that will squish your kokoro pulps away into buckets of tears right?! Well, the answer is… NO. And you don’t know how freaking effing disappointed I am right now at this movie for the only reason that I shed my salty tears is because I had wasted away the 2.5 hours of my life that I could never get back. Ugh… SHIIIITTT!!! Mai Pen Raiiiiiii!!! *clenching fist*
joyride(Spoilert: Until the last buh-bye…) click for more melo-rant!

About: やまとなでしこ (The Perfect Woman)

Material Girl Dematerialized

distraction-2Blimey… this drama is so damn bipolar. One moment it makes me looooove it with all my heart and colon; the other moment, I hated it so soooo much it gave me a ferking ulcer. One moment it served us cute fuzzy romantic squee-worthy scenes, the other moment it makes me cussing and clenching fist in agony. Seeing how it managed to make me emotionally invested like that, can we call this drama as a success story??? Huh???irony(Spoilert: Perfectly spilled and uncovered! Haha!)
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About: 東京タワー (Tokyo Tower)

Oh, December Boys…

chuBonjour, mon belle personnes! I’m back to the reviewing loop (again) after taking quite a long sabbatical in writing sheez, cos me simply not in the mood to watch or write something. Well, aren’t I always do… Heh… but now here I am coming to give you all a little crappy treat of my thought of another old movie that I just watched couple days ago, Tokyo Tower. Well, as you all probably can guess, one of many reasons why I chose to watch this decade oldie is none other because it starred Okada as the main lead, along with Kuroki Hitomi who is still damn beautiful despite pushing 50 at the very time this movie was made. At first, I was putting this movie at the bottom of my watch list, but after I coincidentally found this pretty photo at google, I was like switching up and putting this movie straight to the must watch zone…geez, me so bonkers… lulz…

so prettehhh...
so prettehhh…

Also, adding to the lovers’ parade are fellow Johnny’s Matsujun, and Terajima Shinobu, who become another pair to spice up the whole thing, since people always say that the more the merrier. Hah! Beat it, Jacko! Lol… Okay, kay, enuff with my craziness. Now, without further ado… lets rolllllllin’!new years partySpoilert: No secrets, everything’s spoiled!!! Hahaharrr!!! Click for more rabu-rabu!

About: 図書館戦争 (Library Wars)

All is Fair in Love and War…Literaturely

looking upHolaaa~mi amigos! Whoa, it’s been quite some time since my last post, eh? Well, as much as I feel too fricking lazy to do anything, I actually feels not in the mood to watch anything either. And this laziness had reached a new level of self contemplation and realization about this blog. Actually, since the very first day of creating this minipipami.wordpress, there had been tonz of times where I come to write some post because I feel that I have to write some post, for, y’know, the sake of updating and stuff. But these days I’ve realized that it was so stupid of me; I mean, why do I have to watch something just because I want to write some damn review about it, which in the end makes me feel annoyingly obliged? Wouldn’t it be nicer if I write something because I want to do so or watching something that was so effing good, it encourages me to post something about it here? So yeah that’s my method from now on. No more obligated post! Oshhhh!!! Heheh… But then this kind of posting mood comes out as a random thing as well. Truth be told, I’ve watched quite a lot dramas and movies these past couple of months; some good, some basically crappy. But not all good dramas and movies that I’d watched are giving me something to well…write home about (ex. Dear Sister), and not all crappy dramas that I’d watched are not worth to talk about, cos sometimes hate watching is enjoyable as well, lulz…(ex. Second Love). Buuuuut then, there are also good dramas and movies that are worth to be talked and posted like this one for example. And despite my laziness that I said priorly and after busting my ass gathering my micro pieces of mood that scattered all over the effing place, I finally…FINALLY! able to push myself to watch Library Wars, which by the way, was affected by many external factors like; some says that it was good, and the other say that the romance part was cute, and so on. Well, as for me, this is Okada’s another action movies; and since I just finished watching SP and all its cronies franchises, in which I watched him being awesome with all the action scenes (will talk about SP shits on my later review, if… I’m not lazy enuff to write, lulz…), it kinda brings me a “woohoo! its gonna be good” kinda of excitement a bit. And so I watched it, and now Imma talk about it…yeah. *insert cool emoji*aim high(Spoilert: Not much, just as heavy as a 100-pages book. Lol…) click for moarrrr, darlings!!!

About: 木更津キャッツアイ (Kisarazu Cat’s Eye)

Too Young to Die?

bussanAfter quite a while feeling shitty and not in the right mood to watch any dorama, I finally back 2 da loop again! (everybody say, wahooo!!!) Though what I watched is not something new or current. Heh… Well, honest to the maxes, I kinda miss the old rollercoaster feeling that I get from watching drama that managed to get me hooked and kokoro-ly invested, especially from a romance type. But surprise, surprise I have my excitement back from watching this non-romantico genre, Kisarazu Cat’s Eye despite the year of production that is quite… ancient, I must say. 13 fricken years ago. Woooh~ that was the time where I still went to school with my crappy uniforms and acted oh-so-delinquent by reading mangas at the back of the classroom with my buddies in the midst of the lesson. Lulz… But this drama is the real kind of delinquent; the quirky type, and certainly, the lovable one. And soon after I finished watch this, it doesn’t need a second thought nor a rocket science to put this right away on the top of my fave drama of all time-list. And now I’m gonna talk about it cos…yeah, I wanna talk abouddit. Heheh…

Kisarazu yell(Spoilert: benign and so-so…) Kisarazuuu! Moarrr! Lulz…