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Wind Up Two Cents: 당신을 주문합니다 (I Order You) #05-#16 (Fin)

Heavy Do(n’t)sirak

closerangeGeez, finally… after had marathoned for these past couple of days, I unscathed-ly manage to finish my first ever web-drama, I Order You, which also marks the first K-drama that I’d watched after a verrry looong break. And, whoa… I have no better words to describe this experience other than I’m impressed. Massively. IOU is so beautifully written, so sweetly produced, and so perfectly tailored… to be a very spot-on reminder on why I hate Korean drama in general. No, no, no, seriously; the shuddering cheesy dialogues, the repulsive zoomed shot on everyone’s lips at the early episodes (that strawberry eating scene though. Gag.) The overdone effort to bring out the charming sexy-kinda-appeal from the main characters; everything, everything is so damn “impressive.” But what makes me IMPRESSED to the max, is how this drama could take a whole 180 in turning itself from an easy breezy romcom, to a depressing cliche love story. Ugh. IOU is a freaking troll indeed, with every character in this drama trolling us viewers, and each other right on the face, as like the “proposal-dosirak” kind of troll. Hah. Can’t believe that this fruitcake was sold on the highest price ever recorded for a web drama, which was almost half a million USDollerrrz, in Japan. Guess it solely lays on the name of star power… you know~ Haharharrrr… blerg.morning after(Spoilert: till the last crumb…) click for moarrr angst!


About: サヨナライツカ (Sayonara Itsuka)

Torrid Lust to Tragic Lost

kiss in jealousyHola, all my peopppple! Happy Labour Day! Mama is back in bringing you couple of (meaningless) accomplishments that I wanna share right here right now. One → as you can see on your left, Messy Random Whatever had finally reached 10k page views which is soooo awesome with a capital A. All I can say is thank you, thank you, and thank yeeeeewwwww!!! to all of you my readers and visitors. I lurve you gurls so damn much-o! Woohoo! *throwing roses* and Two → I finally had watched Sayonara Itsuka, everybody say whatttt!?! Well, I know most of you probably think that what the eff should I emphasizing this no biggie matter, but when it comes to Nishijima Hidetoshi‘s landmark career projects, Sayonara Itsuka is a must watch among his filmography. And actually, there are at least three Nishi productions that are a obligatory to be watched by a fan such as moi, like Double Face (√check), for that tanpatsu was his major acting break, MOZU (√check), for that series was his major commercial success. But before those two even exist, Sayonara Itsuka was the project that putting his name on the map, and it is too because of couple other reasons such as: it was based on a romantic novel with the same title by Hitonari Tsuji, and it’s co-starred with the author’s (ex)wife, Nakayama Miho, who made her comeback acting after 12 years, while the director is John H.Lee, who was famed for his sappy makjang JDorama adaptation-KMovie, 내 머리 속의 지우개 (Eraser in My Head/A Moment to Remember), which fyi, I had watched as well. Heheh… But as for me, what’s driving me mainly to wanna watch Sayonara Itsuka were ain’t that high profile backgrounds, for I come to hear the soundtrack album first and the theme song by Nakashima Mika, and I loveeeee all of it a lot, I can almost assure myself that this movie will be my favorite of my favorite. If we can put it in Savage Garden way, it’s like I knew I love you before I met you kinda shit, y’know what I mean. Lulz…plane a kissAnd after that fully established factors and heart-tugging soundtracks, one can say that Sayonara Itsuka is definitely a one helluva dramatic romantic movie that will squish your kokoro pulps away into buckets of tears right?! Well, the answer is… NO. And you don’t know how freaking effing disappointed I am right now at this movie for the only reason that I shed my salty tears is because I had wasted away the 2.5 hours of my life that I could never get back. Ugh… SHIIIITTT!!! Mai Pen Raiiiiiii!!! *clenching fist*
joyride(Spoilert: Until the last buh-bye…) click for more melo-rant!

About: リスクの神様 (The God of Risk)

So Many Crisis, So Little Opportunity

SaigyoujiPssst… Did you hear that bustling sound? That was me flipping the table. In angst. Gossssshhhh, how should I put it. I hate Risk no Kamisama. But yet somehow, I managed to finished it, cos of my Tsutsumi Shinichi’s hype after had watched Yamato Nadeshiko, and I had downloaded this in complete batch. And HD 720p. And now I feel like I just made one of the most gigantic blunder, by wasting disk space and +/- 8 hours of my life. Cry me a gigabyte… ugh-hoo-hoo…ikr(Spoilert: Everything. Not that anyone care whatsoever.) click for moarrr pissy pissy rant!!!

About: セカンド・ラブ (Second Love)

Love, Sex, and Awkward Dance

kei41 When you watched the first episode of a drama and you have a hunch that it’s gonna be a lousy fest and you decided to stop watch it, that’s called being wise; when you still insist on giving another try for couple more episodes, that’s called being stubborn; but when you decided to be persistent and watched the whole sh*t till the end, that is simply called being stupid. Aaaaand, I’m proudly admit that I am the number three. Woohoo!!! *sarcastic tone* But seriously, after nine helluva years that has been filled with bunch of professional, school, fantasy, sommelier genre-kinda dramas, Kame is finally back to the root where he’s mostly viable and accomplished best; a romance, a renai genre. And who could ever forget the swoony jaded guy Kanzaki Hiroto in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi? I mean, for the love of chicken nugget, once you watched that drama, your fangirl life will never be the same again, since all you get from it is a sweetness that lingers in your head and heart for a very verrrrry long period of time. So, can you really blame me for expecting a lil bit high and raising my standard of expectation towards his new drama, Second Love? Since it has everything provided to become a romantic-sweep you off your feet kind of drama, judging from the nuance, ambiance, and the cinematography that could be described with one word, which is “pretty”. But then, what’s a pretty when in the end they give you nothing more than that, huh?farewell1Well enough with my sugarcoating session, cos now Imma say it straight that Second Love SUCKS!!! Yep, you read this right, Second Love is suck, lame, and… suck, it makes you WEEP in regret. Everything about this drama is half-baked lousy, starts from the plot, the execution, until the characters. And truth be told, this drama is such a downer since it has what it takes to become a great renai dorama of the season, but in reality, the finished product is just like a cheap knock off version of midnight adult soap opera that will make you only go “Eeeeh??!!” and “Ughhhh…” from start to finish, and THANK GAWT this drama ended in only seven banal episodes, cos I don’t think I could take it more than that. Hehhhhh… I don’t care whatever you wanna say, cos Imma stick with my wagon of disappointment and there’s nuthin, I say, nuthinnnnn you can do to stop me from being angry and ranting! HAH! GERRRRONIMO!!keiyui-4-4(Spoilert: Steamily dangeroushhhh!!!)
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Drop It cos It’s “Hot”?

kamero-kamecchiPraeambulum: For pete’s sake, dorama universe, just lemme have my mini hiatus in peace!!! Staph bludgeoning me with this kinda concernful news…awww-hoo-hoooo…*frustration sobs*

Once again I become minipipami, interrupted as I read this news. And boy, would I never expect that my wish was answered this fast. Lol. Just when I said pretty puh-leaseee for Kame to come back to dorama world; guess what?! He’s indeed come back! In January! With a noona-romance drama; a renai genre! a fricken frickin renai dorama!!! The title Second Love explains it all; and as I quoted from the source, this drama is “an adult dangerous love that is more painful than a soap opera” Wooohhhhhooo… Am I excited? Am I? Ummm… not…really. Why? click it! click click!