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It Takes Two to be a(n Awesome) Two

SECONDYEAROFAWESOMENESSSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious… two years. Two. Fricken. Years. Of sporadic blogging and minuscule updating. Can’t believe that I’ve survived this far yo. Lulz. I’m definitely sooo lost for words right now, not because I’m on the touched/too-many-feelzzz kinda crap, but it’s simply cos I’m on a bit of (in other cool words) writer’s block, so I just dunno what kind of post should I make on this oh-so-special day. So, yeah…

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Fangirl Level Up! Here Comes Minipipami 2.0: the Shitty Subber!

me are otacuteWhen life gives you brain and spare times, you gotta use it for the sake of humanity. So, here I am, picking up pieces of an abandoned(?) drama project, and turning myself into an impromptu subber, like heeeeccckkkk??!!! Just when I thought I couldn’t turn more otaku-ish. Lulz… wanna read more?

The Best Tidings and Greatest Joy to All of Us

christmas 01Holy snuggly wooly! We had arrived at the end of the year (again) and also at my most favorite day of all: The Christmas Day. wOoHoO!!! Every thing about Christmas is always giving you peaceful and cathartic vibes through the sung carols; the shining lights of decorations; the merry sparkling trees, and warm fuzzy feelings of being together with your family and loved ones. Oh, how I love that joyful mood with all my heart! Squeee!!! ❤ Click for more, please?

Kiss-Kiss-Kiss (Good) Bye-Bye-Bye?!

kisskisskissbyebyebyeIt’s Friday already (yay weekend!), and this week has been a slow news week, until I stumble into a piece of news that quite brings “Ehhhh? Whaaaat?” to my reaction, in concern to our long-time-no-blog boyzzz, KAT-TUN, that’s reported about to be disbanded… Ehhhh? Whaaaat? click for more ohemgeee!

So, It’s been One Year Already, Huh?

Happy Messy Birthday!Whoa…

I can’t believe it.

After 51 posts, thousands of verbose words, and tonzzz of grammatical errors, I’m still here, updating my blog, Messy Random Whatever. It’s quite amazing honestly, based on my standard. Lulz… Anyhoooo, now Imma share you a lil history of how’s everything started, since I guess it’s time for you all to learn about the truth. Heheh… click for more “messy” tidbits!