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Nissy Wants to Dance with His Prettiest Girl Tonight…(?)

NISSYKASUMISo, a couple weeks ago, on the July 21st to be more exact, Nissy had released a new PV from his double A-side single, titled 「まだ君は知らない MY PRETTIEST GIRL(マイ プリティエスト ガール)」 and that song is sooo catchy as heck. But yet, I really can’t shake it off my head that this song and the PV is wayyyy too similar–beat and concept-wise–with Olly MursDance with Me Tonight. Specially on the dancing-with-my-crew-with-the fireworks-outside-mi lady’s-place-part.

Ye don’t trust moi? See for yerself, broderzzzz… Teehee…


Cracker Boy Got Us Crackpot with His Catchy Tunes

DOU2It’s been a pretty rough week for me, for I have sleep deprivation since Monday; which resulted in a severe mood swing, mixed up with bottomless appetite plus endless laziness. What a triple threat. But luckily, despite having a bad terms in the Zzzs department, I have a good one in the music thingy, since I have discovered quite a few good singers and songs that become an A-awesome additional to my playlist. But the most prominent of them all is one of AAA‘s member’s, Nishijima Takahiro, and his solo project, that I found through Youtube recommendation box (my fave ‘hunting’ place, lulz…); and surprise surprise, the dude is using a new stage name that’s called…Nissy, which is somewhat soooo like a brand name of crackers or something. Pffffftttt… Well, “Nissy” is not something new whatsoever, for he’s been round the loop since 2014. Yeah, yeah, you can call me too late for that. But still, better late, than never, eh? And like I said before, since I have this insomnia + moody shit, I’m gonna write this post short and sweet, cos dammit, I just wanna talk about this, okay? Hahaha…
DDD7 click for moarrr catchiness!!!