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45 Years of Nishijima Hidetoshi: The (Fashionably) Late Bloomer

forty fiveHi, peeps. It’s been over a month since my last post, and I think most of you have been thinking that I’m having hiatus for good or that I’m probably already dead, eh?! Haha… Well, I indeed almost considered myself to take an indefinite hiatus, but turns out I. Just. Can’t abandone you, peepsqueaks! Cos I luv you all so-so-so much with all my guts and ulcer *smooch* But it’s not just for you gurls; cos this squeezebun here too has hefty enuff kokoro to fangirl over this fetching Nippon-actor, Nishijima Hidetoshi ( ❤ ) as well. Talk about Nishijima-shi… *looking at calendar* omigosh… I am soooooooo on the verge of shedding my effin tears right at this moment, for I’m able to be alive, kicking, and posting right on the same day as his birthday TODAYYYY!!! Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiiiii!!! *sobs* And it is also not just an ordinary birth number as well, as our cutie patootie ossan is reaching the halfway to the half century age which is the big Forty and the fatso Five! Whoaaaawesome~!!! omedetou cutie ossan xoxoBut wait-o the minute-o! Before I start to yap around wildly and restlessly, I feel the need to point out that Nishijima Hidetoshi is a one rare case of late blooming actor in Japan. That being said, while most actors are reaching their heights of popularity in their 20s or 30s, Nishijima was reaching his peak right on his 40s, after had nonstop-ly starred in strings of various genre and type of films and doramas with distinctive kinds of role for over two decades.  Be it chick-flick, action, medical, sci-fi, dystopia; high budget, mediocre, rinky-dink; Japanese, Korean, English, French, whatever the shit, you name it, he’s done it. This un-pickiness of him finally become sumthin’ fruitful for his career, as he’s obtained the A-list actor predicate like he is now. And as a fan, too, it’s simply my ever so fricking pleasuuuure to be able to reap what he’d sown all this time, hence me marathoning his shitzzz all around for months. Haha. That is why, in order to celebrate this rare-as-solar-eclipse event and also not to make my hours and viewing impressions went down to the gutter of nothingness, I had made this Oh! So special! dedicational post of my fangirl journey over our birthday man sans the birthday suit. Lulz… and I’m gonna summarized the list not chronologically by the production year, but simply on my own timeline of watching process so far. Okie dokie then fellas, Here! We! Go~!
(Spoilert for every drama contained: Spilled like scattered beans…) click for moarrr, kawaii people!!! Haha!


Nishijima Hidetoshi 2016 Digest: The MOZU Circle of Tomodachi

buuuuuChristmas is coming (yay!) and everyone is basically in the jingle-ty mood; including me, as I’m doing my work with bunch of Christmas songs on my playlist these days (fyi, I currently love Matt Belsante‘s version of Sleigh Ride <3) Having said that, I come in quickie here to bring you some-some of a Newsflash: as in couple of News, then I’ll be gone in a Flash. Lulz… And it’s courtesy of one sole subject, who is Nishijima Hidetoshi (woohoo, ossan!) Well actually, I don’t want to write this (sorta) trivial sheez as a post; But heck, wuteva. My blog; my lame posts; my rulezzz! Woop woop!!! click for more, hunzzz!

About: MOZU Season 2~幻の翼~(Maboroshi no Tsubasa)

Gotham City Chain Smoker

smoke till u dropHello peeps, momma’s back again! And YES; now I can absolutely, literally, definitely saying that I had watched MOZU, as in the complete series. Yowza! Anyhoo, MOZU kicks off the second season by holding up to its consistent values of maintaining the awesome production and line of casts, which is an A-O-Great. But sometimes, those great packages cannot always wrapped up the ho-hum content that this drama serves, which is… (gasp!) the shambolic story line! O, em, geeee… Well, honestly I feel like a half tormented soul in watching Maboroshi no Tsubasa, cos it’s just so damn mind boggling, chaotic, and all over the place. But yet at the same time, it feels so effing wrong if I passed this up; not after putting all the effort to finish the first season. So as a result, I was dragging myself like two feet stuck in a deep puddle of mud for five episodes here. Gosh, I think I deserved a reward or something after this. Hahaharrr… *sarcastic laughter*double mozu(Spoilert: Unzipped and spilled. Same old, same old…) Click for moarrr rant!!!

About: MOZU Season 1~百舌の叫ぶ夜~ (Mozu no Sakebu Yoru)

Baggage Dark Past Bloody Angst

ciggy dinnerFinally, people. I had reached to a point where I can literally saying that I had watched MOZU. Well in fact, who in the dorama viewers world haven’t? Since this drama was the most raved and buzz generating in 2014. As for me, I have so many reasons to watched MOZU, which most of you–who had read my previous postsprolly already know what. Haha. But one of the main reasons, is that I love Double Face. That drama may be only two parts TV movie special, but it hits all the right note in terms of being such an awesome watch. And it’s obvious from the get go that MOZU is a prolonged platform to rehash the same success that TBS X WOWOW had earned from Double Face. The similar casts, production team, composer, cinematography style, everything screams Double Face!!! into well, our face. Lol. But the real question is; did MOZU able to revive the past glory that had elevated both Nishijima Hidetoshi and Kagawa Teruyuki into a whole new level of popularity?walk the walk(Spoilert: Everything, like usual…) click for moarrr!!!

Spring Cleaning & Inter Nominating

oh my goodnesssssEvery time I decide to be a couch potato until at least the end of the month, there’s always some bits of news that makes me feel a great urge to post. But this time, these two contrast news come as somewhat nonplus that makes me unable to react in any other way than “Wut?! Didn’t see that comin’!!!” click for moooore!!!

Kiss-Kiss-Kiss (Good) Bye-Bye-Bye?!

kisskisskissbyebyebyeIt’s Friday already (yay weekend!), and this week has been a slow news week, until I stumble into a piece of news that quite brings “Ehhhh? Whaaaat?” to my reaction, in concern to our long-time-no-blog boyzzz, KAT-TUN, that’s reported about to be disbanded… Ehhhh? Whaaaat? click for more ohemgeee!