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Homecoming (iroiro) Two Cents: Bop, Gold, and Flying Dragon


Hello. I’m back.

I’m not dead yet. Still alive and kicking y’all.


One thing I clearly learned from these past three months, is that when you open your piehole and bluffing your plan to have a hiatus, it won’t work out. I repeat: it won’t work out. You’re gonna jinx the whole shit and end up suffering yourself in series of brain slavery of obligatory posting. So I took an impromptu act and going for the un-notified MIA from this blog, just because I couldn’t push myself to post any longer if I’m not really in the mood to do so. But now I’ve returned, only for a while, and Imma share to you what happened in my fangirl world for these past couple of months. It ain’t groundbreakingly revolutionary whatsoever, but still, it’s good from the entertaining angle. Hah.

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Nishijima Hidetoshi 2016 Digest: The MOZU Circle of Tomodachi

buuuuuChristmas is coming (yay!) and everyone is basically in the jingle-ty mood; including me, as I’m doing my work with bunch of Christmas songs on my playlist these days (fyi, I currently love Matt Belsante‘s version of Sleigh Ride <3) Having said that, I come in quickie here to bring you some-some of a Newsflash: as in couple of News, then I’ll be gone in a Flash. Lulz… And it’s courtesy of one sole subject, who is Nishijima Hidetoshi (woohoo, ossan!) Well actually, I don’t want to write this (sorta) trivial sheez as a post; But heck, wuteva. My blog; my lame posts; my rulezzz! Woop woop!!! click for more, hunzzz!

Tokyo Tower: Fanvid Edition

Since I have so much looooove for this movie, and I just come to know about how to use Windows Movie Maker sheez and going bonkers about it, I decided to make my first ever fanvid of Tokyo Tower. It’s hard indeed to make one, but I really really enjoyed the whole process and all the difficulties. Yeah… you can call me weirdo for that. Lulz…

Anyhoooo, enjoy! (You have to, dammit! Hah!)

About: 東京タワー (Tokyo Tower)

Oh, December Boys…

chuBonjour, mon belle personnes! I’m back to the reviewing loop (again) after taking quite a long sabbatical in writing sheez, cos me simply not in the mood to watch or write something. Well, aren’t I always do… Heh… but now here I am coming to give you all a little crappy treat of my thought of another old movie that I just watched couple days ago, Tokyo Tower. Well, as you all probably can guess, one of many reasons why I chose to watch this decade oldie is none other because it starred Okada as the main lead, along with Kuroki Hitomi who is still damn beautiful despite pushing 50 at the very time this movie was made. At first, I was putting this movie at the bottom of my watch list, but after I coincidentally found this pretty photo at google, I was like switching up and putting this movie straight to the must watch zone…geez, me so bonkers… lulz…

so prettehhh...
so prettehhh…

Also, adding to the lovers’ parade are fellow Johnny’s Matsujun, and Terajima Shinobu, who become another pair to spice up the whole thing, since people always say that the more the merrier. Hah! Beat it, Jacko! Lol… Okay, kay, enuff with my craziness. Now, without further ado… lets rolllllllin’!new years partySpoilert: No secrets, everything’s spoiled!!! Hahaharrr!!! Click for more rabu-rabu!

About: 図書館戦争 (Library Wars)

All is Fair in Love and War…Literaturely

looking upHolaaa~mi amigos! Whoa, it’s been quite some time since my last post, eh? Well, as much as I feel too fricking lazy to do anything, I actually feels not in the mood to watch anything either. And this laziness had reached a new level of self contemplation and realization about this blog. Actually, since the very first day of creating this minipipami.wordpress, there had been tonz of times where I come to write some post because I feel that I have to write some post, for, y’know, the sake of updating and stuff. But these days I’ve realized that it was so stupid of me; I mean, why do I have to watch something just because I want to write some damn review about it, which in the end makes me feel annoyingly obliged? Wouldn’t it be nicer if I write something because I want to do so or watching something that was so effing good, it encourages me to post something about it here? So yeah that’s my method from now on. No more obligated post! Oshhhh!!! Heheh… But then this kind of posting mood comes out as a random thing as well. Truth be told, I’ve watched quite a lot dramas and movies these past couple of months; some good, some basically crappy. But not all good dramas and movies that I’d watched are giving me something to well…write home about (ex. Dear Sister), and not all crappy dramas that I’d watched are not worth to talk about, cos sometimes hate watching is enjoyable as well, lulz…(ex. Second Love). Buuuuut then, there are also good dramas and movies that are worth to be talked and posted like this one for example. And despite my laziness that I said priorly and after busting my ass gathering my micro pieces of mood that scattered all over the effing place, I finally…FINALLY! able to push myself to watch Library Wars, which by the way, was affected by many external factors like; some says that it was good, and the other say that the romance part was cute, and so on. Well, as for me, this is Okada’s another action movies; and since I just finished watching SP and all its cronies franchises, in which I watched him being awesome with all the action scenes (will talk about SP shits on my later review, if… I’m not lazy enuff to write, lulz…), it kinda brings me a “woohoo! its gonna be good” kinda of excitement a bit. And so I watched it, and now Imma talk about it…yeah. *insert cool emoji*aim high(Spoilert: Not much, just as heavy as a 100-pages book. Lol…) click for moarrrr, darlings!!!