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Wind Up Two Cents: 당신을 주문합니다 (I Order You) #05-#16 (Fin)

Heavy Do(n’t)sirak

closerangeGeez, finally… after had marathoned for these past couple of days, I unscathed-ly manage to finish my first ever web-drama, I Order You, which also marks the first K-drama that I’d watched after a verrry looong break. And, whoa… I have no better words to describe this experience other than I’m impressed. Massively. IOU is so beautifully written, so sweetly produced, and so perfectly tailored… to be a very spot-on reminder on why I hate Korean drama in general. No, no, no, seriously; the shuddering cheesy dialogues, the repulsive zoomed shot on everyone’s lips at the early episodes (that strawberry eating scene though. Gag.) The overdone effort to bring out the charming sexy-kinda-appeal from the main characters; everything, everything is so damn “impressive.” But what makes me IMPRESSED to the max, is how this drama could take a whole 180 in turning itself from an easy breezy romcom, to a depressing cliche love story. Ugh. IOU is a freaking troll indeed, with every character in this drama trolling us viewers, and each other right on the face, as like the “proposal-dosirak” kind of troll. Hah. Can’t believe that this fruitcake was sold on the highest price ever recorded for a web drama, which was almost half a million USDollerrrz, in Japan. Guess it solely lays on the name of star power… you know~ Haharharrrr… blerg.morning after(Spoilert: till the last crumb…) click for moarrr angst!


About: ガラスの家 (Glass House)

A Bitter Serendipity

rei-hitoshi91OH. MY. GAWT. This drama ruined me. Mentally and emotionally. Cos for the last two days I become this sappy anti-social geek who spends all my time in front of my computer; tantrum-kicking, hair tearing, and screaming all by myself at my laptop screen. *sigh*… what a gooooood times indeed… Lol. Well, it all started on a one fateful day when I was skimming the drama reviewers blogosphere and found this particular title, Glass no Ie, that somehow drew my attention cos it reminded me of Cinderella’s glass slippers, K-drama Glass Shoes, and many other glass sheez. Heh… And when I read the synopsis, I was like, “Hmmm… heavy themed; makjang; angsty… Yep that’s it, Imma watch this!” *click download button* Aaaaand here I am now; talking about it like some mad cow on a strike cos this drama is so juicy, scandalous, forbidden, it’s really REALLY gooooood. Ahahaha… Okay, first thing first, allow me to tell you about the storyline… (Spoilert: Massive!!! and piquant!!!) click for more, darlings!

About: それでも、生きてゆく (Still, Life Goes On)

When Life Gives You the Sourest and Bitterest Lemon

boatingHey, hisashiburieeeeeeeee!!! You guys miss me? huh, huh?! *grinning + eyebrows wiggling* well, it’s been a while since my last drama review (approximately 20 days, almost a fricken month! geez…) and that really says a lot about me: that I’m not an avid drama watcher and I only watch drama when I feel like it or I’m in the mood to do so. That’s why all of you, dramas; be grateful if I manage to finish you up, cos that means you are the CHOSEN ONE!!! hahaha… Well, as for this one, Soredemo Ikite Yuku (Still, Life Goes On); honestly, I will never even glance at it, moreover to watch it, if not because of all the positive reviews that I read online, since this kind of drama is not my cuppa tea. But what push me to watch and finish it then? Well, um, maybe it’s my high sense of nosy-curiosity, a bit of my completist-compulsive trait, and my Eugene Krab side of personality as like “I already downloaded it in HD! HD! I won’t make it go to waste! Must. Watch. Even though it’s blerg...” Lol. But despite all of that, this drama has its own charm in its own way, and now we’re gonna talk about it. Shall we, hmmm…?fufu6(Spoilert level: Venomenally Hazardous. Mwahahahaha!!! *evil laugh*) Don’t mind, don’t mind! Just click!

About: 僕のいた時間 (The Hours of My Life)

ALS: A Life/Love Story

takumi3My Makjang mode is on! Haha!! After a mind boggling-viewing experience with Ore Ore, my halfway syndrome is relapsing towards Tokyo Bandwagon as I need to take a break from seeing Kame’s face (it’s not me, Kame, it’s you; you and your 33 different looks *sigh*) So I decided to have sabbatical at the 5th episode. And somehow I really want to watch something sad; something heart-wrenching, something that makes me invested and cry like a dweeb. Then I found this drama, Boku no Ita Jikan (the Hours of My Life) that has everything I’ve been looking for: 1.) Makjang Plot: about a guy with terminal illness; 2.) Adorable Leads: Miura Haruma and Tabe Mikako—whom I kinda like since I saw her acting in Tokyo Bandwagon—Some reviews that I read said that they watched this because of the reunion couple from movie Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You), which I never watched, so this drama couple feels new to me. So, without further ado, I started to watch this drama with no hesitation. And now, Imma share with you all about it. Okay then, cutie-pies, what are we waiting for? Let’s rollin’ to the storaaaayyy!! Swoosh!!!hahaha1 (Warning!!! this is soooo spoilery. So, if you still want to continue read it…the decision is in your hands..mwahahahaha!!!) don’t bother the spoilert, just click it anyway! *wink*

About: たったひとつの恋 (Just One Love) Part 2

field*It’s all about you…it’s all about you, Naoto..” *McFly singing* Well, hello again. This is the second part of my blabberish gaga fangirling phase towards Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. In the first part, I talk about what I think of the drama in long and wide post (sorry if it was too long.., bear with me, my luvly nuggets *smooch*). As you already knew that the chemistry between Kame and Ayase is supa-dupa awesomy awesome, not to mention that they make a very kawaii couple, so basically every scene that they’re together is soooooo squee worthy, even if there ever was a scene of them dancing polka together in flamingo and fruits outfit inside a lion cage, I’d still find them squee worthy. That’s how fricken bonkers I am about this OTP. hahaha..*sigh* Now I’m gonna talk about my fave squee moments and also memorable heart wrenching parts from the drama, in a segment I called Tatta Hitotsu no Koi: Squee Worthy Vs Heart Wrenching Moments (gosh so cheesy, so unpractical, lol). Now, let’s start it. Shall we..?naoto1(warning: this post contains mega spoilers, so, if you haven’t watched, you better not read it, cos I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. What? you still want to proceed? okay, there you go..) click it, click it!!!

About: たったひとつの恋 (Just One Love) Part 1

The Hardships of being 20

hanabi (Law & Order narrator’s voice: Warning: this review may contain super ultra spoiler. Readers discretion is advised)

Ladies and germs, today has finally arrived. The day when I don’t have to hold back anymore; the day when I can spilled the beans and peanuts of every piece and crap of my appreciating feeling slash fangirlingness toward this. The day…when I give my thought of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Just One Love). I had mentioned this before that I darnly looooooove this drama, it makes me watched KAT-TUN concert for 3 fricken hours just to see the extention of the real-life Hiroto in the form of swaggy turtle Kamenashi. This series even makes me having a ‘hangover’ phase weeks after finished, it makes me still smiling by myself like a nut-job every time I remember the sweet moment of Naoto (Nao + Hiroto). Geez, I ship (and sink with) this couple BIG time.

Naoto, forever OTP
Naoto, forever OTP ♥

Actually, this series is not new in my knowledge, it’s quite an old production, like 8 years ago, and I once saw the DVD back then, but that time, since I just finished watch Nobuta wo Produce, the thought of Shuji playing romantic role brought a little cringe to me, and when I see the cover of him and Ayase-chan, I was like “ew, so not a pair”. But here I am, years later, going fricken gaga over something that the japanese people probably already had a loooong time ago. This is me y’know, always, and by always, I mean ALWAYS love old drama series. I mean, it may be a bit old fashioned, whether in style or cinematography, but it has something that current series nowadays lack of; the classic vibe and old fashioned-cliché that somehow feels original and makes your heart warm and fuzzy. And personally, when it comes to drama series, I’m more into mellow makjang type rather than cute cheeky romantic comedy (or just comedy), not that I’m a self tortured or things like that, but it’s just, when you watch comedy thingy, you laugh hard, you feel light and your mood gets brighter; but when it all finished, you barely remember a thing about the whole episodes except, maybe, just the funny parts. But when you watch mellow drama, it breaks your heart and bloat your angsty-ness, it’ll then makes every sweet moment in every episode feels more cherished and memorable, and when it ends in the happier note, you can’t help but to feel genuine happiness and a big great chug of satisfaction. Yeaaaaahhhh, buddy! *pauly d style*. Now let’s jump to the main topic..shall we? for the love of OTP, just click it!