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KAT-TUN 50% Discount~ From Six Hottest to Three Stooges

KATTUN on SaleWarning!
This post contains mild skeptic / cynical rant with a jumbo grain of salt. Hyphens discretion is advised.

I have been busy with my circle of routinity and low purine diet these days, but dayuuuumm! This news is way too important not to be talked about. Because finally, people, we’ve come to this point; The point of no return to the good ol’ glory; The point of no moving on-not looking back to the shitty ordeal behind; The point…of The Hiatus. Yep, yep, and yepppp; Couple days ago, after all the roundabout news of “KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary LIVE TOUR 10Ks” tour and album, our dearly beloved KA(T-T)UN boyz had finally announced that they will take an indefinite hiatus, which they called as the “Recharging period”, along with a pinky promise to the Hyphens all around the globe that they will indeed come back, someday, for their 11th year. *incredulous snort* Yeah, rrrright… that short clip of saccharine guarantee is so damn reassuring alright. Cos if we overlook these things from a bigger scale: a.) Going on the final tour with banging concert halls (triple Dome, baby!); b.) Releasing a Best Album, and c.) Suspending all group activity–which could mean that their variety shows may be put on hold as well–it’s all becoming the sign that screaming “disband!” to our face. And if I can roughly translate the underlying context from that announcement video, it can be interpreted as, “Hey, Hyphens, we’ll be disbanded, but dun cha worry, cos we will appear on special events or JCD or whenever our Johnny’s senile execs want us to show our asses up!” Hahaha… whatever, dude. What. Ever. click for moarrr rant!!!


Spring Cleaning & Inter Nominating

oh my goodnesssssEvery time I decide to be a couch potato until at least the end of the month, there’s always some bits of news that makes me feel a great urge to post. But this time, these two contrast news come as somewhat nonplus that makes me unable to react in any other way than “Wut?! Didn’t see that comin’!!!” click for moooore!!!

Kiss-Kiss-Kiss (Good) Bye-Bye-Bye?!

kisskisskissbyebyebyeIt’s Friday already (yay weekend!), and this week has been a slow news week, until I stumble into a piece of news that quite brings “Ehhhh? Whaaaat?” to my reaction, in concern to our long-time-no-blog boyzzz, KAT-TUN, that’s reported about to be disbanded… Ehhhh? Whaaaat? click for more ohemgeee!

Yehey! Hiatus Hey!

reality checkIt is a general knowledge that real life is indeed sucks (sometimes), and it is also a fact that it has several inevitable obligations and responsibilities waiting for the sluggish me to accomplish them all. UARGGGHH!!! Imma cut my bullcrap now with straight bawling in agony and declare that I’m gonna take a hiatus (again) from updating this blog for a weewee-lil while. Bcos–as far as anyone concerns–my usual daily life is sooo laid back, sooo relaxing, I might appeared like a fricken NEET in front of other people’s eyes. lulz… But these days, somehow out of the blue, I got a long a list of to-do. I have to do this, I have to do that; I must design this school yearbook; must make graduation videos and yadayadayada in between. And nope, it’s not even my yearbook nor my graduation that we’re talking about here, since I’m like, old enuff, to be a rookie teacher or…school’s canteen employee. lol… Moreover, I happened to be this mega-occupied, I don’t even have time or mood to watch any doramas that I had downloaded all this time. Heckkkk!!! I don’t even have any time left to watch my minted KAT-TUN come Here Live in Osaka concert (Ugh… *hand reaching*) But yet, amazingly I still have enough spare times to watch Live 2009 Break The Records. DURRR!!! So… yeah, I must say that my scale of priority is kinda iffy and… questionable. Lol… click for more, hunny bunny!

Benefit Trip, Throwback Collabs & Cross-Country Pairing

SpringKattunHellooooo… again. I’m back with ma random mood and since it’s Friday/Saturday, I just wanna spend my lazy night, torturing you guys with my nonsense post. Lulz… O well, I actually have some-some news and stuffs; which is about the KAT-TUN boys (as alwayzzz…) and a lil unexpected tweeeshhhh of discovery when I saw a certain photo. Hahaha… just click the greeny text if you curious enuff… Click for more, peeps!

About: セカンド・ラブ (Second Love)

Love, Sex, and Awkward Dance

kei41 When you watched the first episode of a drama and you have a hunch that it’s gonna be a lousy fest and you decided to stop watch it, that’s called being wise; when you still insist on giving another try for couple more episodes, that’s called being stubborn; but when you decided to be persistent and watched the whole sh*t till the end, that is simply called being stupid. Aaaaand, I’m proudly admit that I am the number three. Woohoo!!! *sarcastic tone* But seriously, after nine helluva years that has been filled with bunch of professional, school, fantasy, sommelier genre-kinda dramas, Kame is finally back to the root where he’s mostly viable and accomplished best; a romance, a renai genre. And who could ever forget the swoony jaded guy Kanzaki Hiroto in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi? I mean, for the love of chicken nugget, once you watched that drama, your fangirl life will never be the same again, since all you get from it is a sweetness that lingers in your head and heart for a very verrrrry long period of time. So, can you really blame me for expecting a lil bit high and raising my standard of expectation towards his new drama, Second Love? Since it has everything provided to become a romantic-sweep you off your feet kind of drama, judging from the nuance, ambiance, and the cinematography that could be described with one word, which is “pretty”. But then, what’s a pretty when in the end they give you nothing more than that, huh?farewell1Well enough with my sugarcoating session, cos now Imma say it straight that Second Love SUCKS!!! Yep, you read this right, Second Love is suck, lame, and… suck, it makes you WEEP in regret. Everything about this drama is half-baked lousy, starts from the plot, the execution, until the characters. And truth be told, this drama is such a downer since it has what it takes to become a great renai dorama of the season, but in reality, the finished product is just like a cheap knock off version of midnight adult soap opera that will make you only go “Eeeeh??!!” and “Ughhhh…” from start to finish, and THANK GAWT this drama ended in only seven banal episodes, cos I don’t think I could take it more than that. Hehhhhh… I don’t care whatever you wanna say, cos Imma stick with my wagon of disappointment and there’s nuthin, I say, nuthinnnnn you can do to stop me from being angry and ranting! HAH! GERRRRONIMO!!keiyui-4-4(Spoilert: Steamily dangeroushhhh!!!)
click for more sh*ttiness!!! Hahaha!!!

Kiss Kiss Kiss The Double Digits Away…

chu and shuffleGood day and good Monday (or Tuesday), peeps. Hopefully none of you is having a blues, even though I am slightly a bit, since I’m starting to have caffeine abstinency from today; since too much coffee is clearly not good for me. (Ugh… seriously, is there a caffeine patch in this world? Cos I clearly need one, heheh..) By the wayyyy, I’m writing this post due to a couple things that I wanna share with you guys, and its all, of course, courtesy of KAT-TUN the cotton candy boys (read my puns there? Lulz…) Kaykay, without further ado, let’s hit it! whoop whoop! click for moarrrr, babes!!!