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Halfway Two Cents: 突然ですが、明日結婚します (Everyone’s Getting Married) #01-#02

Compromising Jinx

tie-the-knotBefore I yap, allow me to fashionably say, happy super farking duper belated new year, everybody! Time does fly when you’re doing neigh. Haha. Anyhoo, back to this post’s original intention. As far as you guys know since my last update on December last year, I’ve been dwelling my ass out on Tohoshinki and old dramas slash crime-genre series watching, and I gotta say that I’m pretty much stay the same until by the time I’m typing this post. Lulz. Buuuutt, I finally come back to my senses of the modern era dorama a bit, with this new, currently airing,  突然ですが、明日結婚します (Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu). Well, actually, I’m not really that eager to watch this, as it more due to the reason of my own realization of how I’ve been wayyy far outta touch from chick flick and romance genre dorama, and I’m just trying to revive those feels again after all this time, in order to you know, feel that doki doki again. Hah.winter-coffeeAnd honest to the maxes, I’m not really fond at the line up casts in this drama either, since Nishiuchi Mariya is so damn tall compare to the main lead dude, Yamamura Ryuta, who is too skinny and emaciated; But heyyyy, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, amen sisters? Lol. So if we can put that shallow factors aside and focus on what matters, I must say that I like Nishiuchi Mariya, cos she’s the familiar face that I’ve known way before, when I was a (quite) avid Seventeen magazine’s reader. And turns out, she and Yamamura make quite a cute couple which surprisingly don’t awkward with each other. So yeah, I’m willing to give this drama a try for the sake of  that. And even though it took me one week to finish watching the pilot episode only, the second episode progressed quite fast in pace and nicely done, since turns out this drama is not as cheesy and cliche as I thought it would be with all the meandering ‘he loves me, he loves me not ‘ plot, cos the whole point about Ashita Kekkon is not about how they will ENDED UP together in the end, but it’s more on how they will work their ways in order to STAY together till the end, so this drama gives a lil fresh breeze of a story-line in a more mature way without being shittily predictable. Which is good.

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Wind Up Two Cents: 당신을 주문합니다 (I Order You) #05-#16 (Fin)

Heavy Do(n’t)sirak

closerangeGeez, finally… after had marathoned for these past couple of days, I unscathed-ly manage to finish my first ever web-drama, I Order You, which also marks the first K-drama that I’d watched after a verrry looong break. And, whoa… I have no better words to describe this experience other than I’m impressed. Massively. IOU is so beautifully written, so sweetly produced, and so perfectly tailored… to be a very spot-on reminder on why I hate Korean drama in general. No, no, no, seriously; the shuddering cheesy dialogues, the repulsive zoomed shot on everyone’s lips at the early episodes (that strawberry eating scene though. Gag.) The overdone effort to bring out the charming sexy-kinda-appeal from the main characters; everything, everything is so damn “impressive.” But what makes me IMPRESSED to the max, is how this drama could take a whole 180 in turning itself from an easy breezy romcom, to a depressing cliche love story. Ugh. IOU is a freaking troll indeed, with every character in this drama trolling us viewers, and each other right on the face, as like the “proposal-dosirak” kind of troll. Hah. Can’t believe that this fruitcake was sold on the highest price ever recorded for a web drama, which was almost half a million USDollerrrz, in Japan. Guess it solely lays on the name of star power… you know~ Haharharrrr… blerg.morning after(Spoilert: till the last crumb…) click for moarrr angst!

Halfway Two Cents: はぴまり (Happy Marriage) #01-#02 & 당신을 주문합니다 (I Order You) #01-#04

CCC for WWW ~ Drama Edition ~

proposalOne and a half monthzzzz later, I’m back on the loop for a lil update. Teehee. I don’t have much things to talk about, actually, since I’m in this some sort of a shitty mood to watch anyhoo and anything in between; but yet, lately I’ve read a lot of buzz about web dramas and stuffs on the blogosphere, and how good they were yadayadayada. Well, I guess it’s a solid proof of how in this kind of time, watching and churning your emotions away aren’t limited to the TV screen only, hence lots of them sprouting and spawning through various major internet host sites with a known actors and idols as the main casts. But that is not the main reason why I give a try for web drama, since I always watch my shits in computer screen anyway, so there is not much of a difference it makes lulz… but there’s a lil part of me that curious about whether or not it was as good in terms of quality and production, as the TV one. Also, since I got a plenty time in my hands this week, and I just need a little melancholy ‘wetness’ to my dry grubby thriller crime drama watcher’s kokoro, so… yeah. And out of my randomness and fangirlingness, I decided to give two dramas a simultaneous try, which are はぴまり (Happy Marriage) and 당신을 주문합니다 (I Order You). Since I already invested my soul and energy in watching these, I gotta say a lil thought about it. But Imma make this shorty and quickie not bcos I’m not in the mood to make a long post, but my era of lengthy writing has come to an end, I guess… harrrharrharrr…
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Wind Up Two Cents: 無痛~診える眼~ (Painless~Eyes for Signs~) #06-#10 (Fin)

Mutsu: Muddle-Duddle Me

tameyori senseiHolla my mini-nation! I’m back yo! Whoa-ho-hooooo; my first review post in 2016, who would’ve thought that I still have this unlazy drive to write sumthin’?! Teehee… Well, maybe not that unlazy, since I actually had finished this drama on December, but I was not that eager to post about it whatsoever. But if I finally had managed to do so, it’s simply because I’m busting my ass in puttin’ my utmost effort to fullfil one of my new year’s resolutions which is to finish what I had started, despite THAT is really reallly hard to be done, especially if I already putting my couch potato pants on the way I do now. But well, since I had posted the review for the first batch of this drama already… a fangirl gotta do what a fangirl gotta do. So, here I am, taking off that couchy pants and typing this sheez; and I did it all just for you guys, my damn awesome avid blog-readers (as I assume I had one, Lulz…) Wokayyyyy, without further ado, lets jump to the vortex, people!
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Halfway Two Cents: 無痛~診える眼~ (Painless~Eyes for Signs~) #01-#05

Mutsu: Munchausen Me

eisuke-chanWhen somebody goes into a full throttle fangirl mode, she tends to do something that against her own principal and habit. Well, buddy, same thing happened to me here. If you asked my opinion two weeks ago, I’d say that I dislike an ongoing drama, cos I think it kinda beefs me if I’m in the middle of an episode with the crucial cliffhanger, but I don’t have the continuation to binge watching it right away. Also, I’m not a fan with Japanese medical and police procedural drama as well, since sometimes shit always going too episodic and formulaic, which kinda bo~ring. But heck, ever since I’m going in kyaa! kyaa! mode for Nishijima Hidetoshi, I’ve been watching a drama that: 1) is ongoing by now; and 2) is a combo of medical and police procedural genre; all simply because he was there, as the lead role whatsoever. Geez… what an irony. Who’d have known, that one day I’ll break my own watching-mental rule that I’ve been held stubbornly for soooooo long, just because of a scruffy old dude whose age is passable enough to be my otōsan. Lulz… I guess that old saying is right; people tends to do crazy things when they’re… in a FAD! Hah! I bet it crossed your mind, even just for a peewee-nanosecond that I’m gonna type ‘in love’ right?! Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not that cheesaaay, man! Beside who do you think I am, suddenly going all sappy and weepy-ass romantic? Barbra Streisand?! *cue I Finally Found Someone* Lulz…
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