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About: 東京タラレバ娘 (Tokyo Tarareba Girls)

Thirty; Sense of Urgency

Hello, I’m back. In practically three months fit. Hah. It’s been quite a while since my last post about the ongoing drama, Totsuzen Desu Ga, and it’s suffice to say that I’m practically quitting that drama by the time I’m about to enter the fourth episode, and decided to skip far ahead to the final number nine, just because it had failed to move me kokoro in order to continue watching it. I mean, the third episode had lead us to the good conclusion of Asuka and Nanami becoming an item, but then, the next mumbo jumbo shittiness that’s waiting for us on the next episode is another rinse and repeat crap of the sympathy towards the ex thingy case, which has managed to make me ugh, and ah, and quit. And turns out I wasn’t regretting my decision cuz hella, by the time me watching the final episode out of curiosity, I feel like I’m not missing anything and the ending is so dull, and all the casts are basically there out of the love for their paychecks. So yeah. Disappointed, but not surprised.
Moving on. And so, as I stumble to this newer drama, Tokyo Tarareba Musume, I decided to give it a try cos it’s all about girls and their love stories, set in a romcom manner with a shiny line of casts. And though I found myself not quite warm up to the series as I want it to be, I still managed to finish it, cos this drama has quite a lot likeable factor, though it came up quite in balance with the dull one. Heh. I’m not gonna make this post long ass and boring just to talk about one farking drama, but Imma try my best to convey everything completely, despite being a rusty hiatus blog writer. Lulz.
(Spoilert: basically everything) click for morrreee!!!


About: 図書館戦争 (Library Wars)

All is Fair in Love and War…Literaturely

looking upHolaaa~mi amigos! Whoa, it’s been quite some time since my last post, eh? Well, as much as I feel too fricking lazy to do anything, I actually feels not in the mood to watch anything either. And this laziness had reached a new level of self contemplation and realization about this blog. Actually, since the very first day of creating this minipipami.wordpress, there had been tonz of times where I come to write some post because I feel that I have to write some post, for, y’know, the sake of updating and stuff. But these days I’ve realized that it was so stupid of me; I mean, why do I have to watch something just because I want to write some damn review about it, which in the end makes me feel annoyingly obliged? Wouldn’t it be nicer if I write something because I want to do so or watching something that was so effing good, it encourages me to post something about it here? So yeah that’s my method from now on. No more obligated post! Oshhhh!!! Heheh… But then this kind of posting mood comes out as a random thing as well. Truth be told, I’ve watched quite a lot dramas and movies these past couple of months; some good, some basically crappy. But not all good dramas and movies that I’d watched are giving me something to well…write home about (ex. Dear Sister), and not all crappy dramas that I’d watched are not worth to talk about, cos sometimes hate watching is enjoyable as well, lulz…(ex. Second Love). Buuuuut then, there are also good dramas and movies that are worth to be talked and posted like this one for example. And despite my laziness that I said priorly and after busting my ass gathering my micro pieces of mood that scattered all over the effing place, I finally…FINALLY! able to push myself to watch Library Wars, which by the way, was affected by many external factors like; some says that it was good, and the other say that the romance part was cute, and so on. Well, as for me, this is Okada’s another action movies; and since I just finished watching SP and all its cronies franchises, in which I watched him being awesome with all the action scenes (will talk about SP shits on my later review, if… I’m not lazy enuff to write, lulz…), it kinda brings me a “woohoo! its gonna be good” kinda of excitement a bit. And so I watched it, and now Imma talk about it…yeah. *insert cool emoji*aim high(Spoilert: Not much, just as heavy as a 100-pages book. Lol…) click for moarrrr, darlings!!!