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Pony Up Your Moolah for the Twenty Years Old Mixtape! Woohoo!

omjayjayHey hommies! I’m back for doing my monthly check at this blog while making a lil confirmation to you all my fellow–I assume–avid blog readers that I’m still alive and kicking. Haiyaaaah!!! Lulz… Anyhoo, the reason I wrote this is not to give you a crap talking session about maself, cos as the matter of fact I wanna share to ya some news as a FYI and TMI thingy about V6 newest release. Why? Cos, hey ho!!! I’m a newly established V6 fan (sorta) remember? Well, as I read in Arama Japan and many other fandom blogs that V6 geezers (cos calling them “boys sounds a lil bit…off; y’know what I mean? Heheh…) will release their greatest hits album to mark the two decades of their career as Johnny’s gheyboybander. But it’s certainly not their first greatest hits album to date, since they had already released two albums beforehand on 2001 and 2006, Very Best and Very Best II. And also, this one is certainly not your ordinary best of album either since this is the mutant, upgraded, 2.0 version; that they confidently dubbed as The Super Very Best which is so wow and whoa, cos well…it’s super. Guess they ran out of words to put up as the title, eh?! Lol… click for moarrr throwbacking!!!


Yehey! Hiatus Hey!

reality checkIt is a general knowledge that real life is indeed sucks (sometimes), and it is also a fact that it has several inevitable obligations and responsibilities waiting for the sluggish me to accomplish them all. UARGGGHH!!! Imma cut my bullcrap now with straight bawling in agony and declare that I’m gonna take a hiatus (again) from updating this blog for a weewee-lil while. Bcos–as far as anyone concerns–my usual daily life is sooo laid back, sooo relaxing, I might appeared like a fricken NEET in front of other people’s eyes. lulz… But these days, somehow out of the blue, I got a long a list of to-do. I have to do this, I have to do that; I must design this school yearbook; must make graduation videos and yadayadayada in between. And nope, it’s not even my yearbook nor my graduation that we’re talking about here, since I’m like, old enuff, to be a rookie teacher or…school’s canteen employee. lol… Moreover, I happened to be this mega-occupied, I don’t even have time or mood to watch any doramas that I had downloaded all this time. Heckkkk!!! I don’t even have any time left to watch my minted KAT-TUN come Here Live in Osaka concert (Ugh… *hand reaching*) But yet, amazingly I still have enough spare times to watch Live 2009 Break The Records. DURRR!!! So… yeah, I must say that my scale of priority is kinda iffy and… questionable. Lol… click for more, hunny bunny!

About: KAT-TUN Live Tour 2012 CHAIN at Tokyo Dome

yeah pinkyIf you love your corny Johnny’s clap your hands *clap clap clap*
If you love your corny Johnny’s clap your hands *clap clap clap*
If u love their pitchy singing and their cheesy dance routine,
If you love your corny Johnny’s clap your hands *clap clap clap*

Hah! How’s my song that I just wrote in a spur of a moment? Teeheehee… Well, my nuggets, as we all know there are a lot of Johnny’s fans, scattered around the world, but only those who are chosen, are becoming the fans of KAT-TUN, cos they can manage to tolerate all over the top swag acts and embarrassing sexy moves that these bunch of amigos have done. And for that, they got an appreciational nick-name, Hyphen. Talk about hyphen, I’m not considering myself as one though, cos I’m just an average Johnny’s watcher that currently find Kame as an actor with likeable screen presence in dorama world. But If I had to put myself as a hyphen, then well, you can call me hyphen; a cheap hyphen to be more precise, since I never buy any of their CDs or their other released thingies. All I have is the power of internet, and all I can give as the contribution to boost their career and popularity is my pray… and this mock-tastic post. Hahaha… *cynical laugh* oh, geez…my fangirl love towards these boys is clearly dysfunctional, just like Helga to Arnold. Gotta mock to feel the love!! Lol. Okay, enough with the jibby-jabber. Now I’m gonna talk about their concert that I recently watched out of my spare time boredom, KAT-TUN Live Tour 2012 Chain at Tokyo Dome, which I believe some of you probably already seen before I did. So, that’s why I won’t go play by play to talk about it, but instead, Imma go with division by perception concept. Okay then, what are we waiting for, let’s roooolliinn”!!!kame Click for more awesomeness!! C’mon, child, I know you want it!!


we're the groovin' 4, yeah!So, this is my first blog post as (my attempt to be) a blogger whuteva.. and I decided to give an itsy bitsy review of KAT-TUN (or should I spell KaT-TuN?) LIVE COUNTDOWN 2013. Why? Simple answer, my fellas; I just watched it yesterday, lol. To be honest, I’m not an avid fan of Jpop Kpop thingy or Johnny’s and the gang. But, what makes me, an ordinary ignorant girl, can stand to watch this hullabaloo bonanza  for around 3 hours? wanna know? click for more!! hahahaha!