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About: 東京タラレバ娘 (Tokyo Tarareba Girls)

Thirty; Sense of Urgency

Hello, I’m back. In practically three months fit. Hah. It’s been quite a while since my last post about the ongoing drama, Totsuzen Desu Ga, and it’s suffice to say that I’m practically quitting that drama by the time I’m about to enter the fourth episode, and decided to skip far ahead to the final number nine, just because it had failed to move me kokoro in order to continue watching it. I mean, the third episode had lead us to the good conclusion of Asuka and Nanami becoming an item, but then, the next mumbo jumbo shittiness that’s waiting for us on the next episode is another rinse and repeat crap of the sympathy towards the ex thingy case, which has managed to make me ugh, and ah, and quit. And turns out I wasn’t regretting my decision cuz hella, by the time me watching the final episode out of curiosity, I feel like I’m not missing anything and the ending is so dull, and all the casts are basically there out of the love for their paychecks. So yeah. Disappointed, but not surprised.
Moving on. And so, as I stumble to this newer drama, Tokyo Tarareba Musume, I decided to give it a try cos it’s all about girls and their love stories, set in a romcom manner with a shiny line of casts. And though I found myself not quite warm up to the series as I want it to be, I still managed to finish it, cos this drama has quite a lot likeable factor, though it came up quite in balance with the dull one. Heh. I’m not gonna make this post long ass and boring just to talk about one farking drama, but Imma try my best to convey everything completely, despite being a rusty hiatus blog writer. Lulz.
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About: やまとなでしこ (The Perfect Woman)

Material Girl Dematerialized

distraction-2Blimey… this drama is so damn bipolar. One moment it makes me looooove it with all my heart and colon; the other moment, I hated it so soooo much it gave me a ferking ulcer. One moment it served us cute fuzzy romantic squee-worthy scenes, the other moment it makes me cussing and clenching fist in agony. Seeing how it managed to make me emotionally invested like that, can we call this drama as a success story??? Huh???irony(Spoilert: Perfectly spilled and uncovered! Haha!)
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About: 木更津キャッツアイ (Kisarazu Cat’s Eye)

Too Young to Die?

bussanAfter quite a while feeling shitty and not in the right mood to watch any dorama, I finally back 2 da loop again! (everybody say, wahooo!!!) Though what I watched is not something new or current. Heh… Well, honest to the maxes, I kinda miss the old rollercoaster feeling that I get from watching drama that managed to get me hooked and kokoro-ly invested, especially from a romance type. But surprise, surprise I have my excitement back from watching this non-romantico genre, Kisarazu Cat’s Eye despite the year of production that is quite… ancient, I must say. 13 fricken years ago. Woooh~ that was the time where I still went to school with my crappy uniforms and acted oh-so-delinquent by reading mangas at the back of the classroom with my buddies in the midst of the lesson. Lulz… But this drama is the real kind of delinquent; the quirky type, and certainly, the lovable one. And soon after I finished watch this, it doesn’t need a second thought nor a rocket science to put this right away on the top of my fave drama of all time-list. And now I’m gonna talk about it cos…yeah, I wanna talk abouddit. Heheh…

Kisarazu yell(Spoilert: benign and so-so…) Kisarazuuu! Moarrr! Lulz…

About: 主に泣いてます (Mostly Crying)

Beautiful Face with an Ugly Life

rainHi, how are you all? It’s been quite a while, ne? Haha… well, few things had happened in my daily life that managed to keep me… not in the mood enough to post something. Starting from my sudden loss of interest to write. People say that it’s called writer’s block, but I think that terms is too exclusive to be used on a seasonal random wordpress-blogger like me, so I’m simply just gonna called mine as being lazy. Lol. The second one was that I caught a heavy flu out of the blue, like really sudden and well… out of the blue, it makes me loss my voice, my taste-buds and my capability to breath from my nose as it was so boogery-mucusy (Eww, I know right?!), and my throat was also going dry and hoarsey. But now I’m an A Okay, so… Hallelujah! Whoop whoop!!! And the third one is that I lost another interest; in which is to watch a drama. It’s so contrast with what I had said before in my Hayami post about having the mahoossive dorama craving whatsoever, but now, that crave has just gone in a snap. But, darlings, a big BUT, I somehow manage to finish this drama, Omoni Naitemasu. And for most part of the reason why I could, was simply because this drama was said to be Nakamaru’s first rom-com drama. And you know me; I don’t care about the com, only the rom, the OTP, and it’s other various genetic mutations, so yeah, I watched this. And the other reason why, is that this drama only consists of eight episodes with around 36 minutes each, so basically I only waste approximately five hours (four hours and 48 minutes to be more precise) of my life. Now that I think about it, it’s quite a huge chunk of time eh? Sheez… Oh well, at first I don’t want to write this drama down as a solo post, but since turns out, there’s some-some unexpected thing that makes this drama become a goodie, I decide to post it as one. What’s that some-some; I think you’re gonna know it right away by the time you click the greeny words next to the spoilert. So… yeah, here we go…42(Spoilert: Bloody massive… mwahahaha…) click for more, sweeties!

About: 早海さんと呼ばれる日 (Becoming Mrs. Hayami) – Part 2: The Specials

s1Heyho, my tiddly chummies!!! As I promised you, I am back with the second part of my newest favourite dorama, Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi. As we all know, and as I wrote in the part one of my super bombastic long review (6,861 words, but who’s counting eh? Lol…), this drama has wrapped up itself in a good complete ending. But still, there are couple loose ends that still remain untied, in-conclude, and unrevealed by the time the last episode’s credit starts to roll; like: Will mom and dad ever reconciled? What’s the next stage for Kenji’s and Aki’s relationship? How about Kaoru and his pâtissier dream? Well, dun cha worry, ma child, cos any of these questions are gonna get their answers in the SP. Or should I say SPs, cos this drama has two parts of special episodes, which means double the feel-goodness of the Hayami family. Everybody say Whoop! Whoop! *hands up* hahaha… Okay, let’s just rollin’!!! Swooosh!!!

(Warning: Supah dupah spoilerish!!! Risk your own riskkkk!!!)
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About: 早海さんと呼ばれる日 (Becoming Mrs. Hayami) – Part 1: The Dorama

Marrying The Man; Marrying The Family

h810Hey, I’m back!!! Still alive, still healthy, and still sane enough to post sumthin. Ahahaha… Well, I start the 2015 with mahoossive dorama craving. I dunno why, but I just feel like I am. And since the power of First Class‘ OTP is waaaayyy too hard to be erased or to be…errr… forgotten, I decided to have a Nakamaru’s dorama marathon; or should I say a Maruthon; while lying on my futon; and chewing my crouton. Lolz… Kaykay, sorry for the crazy rhyming session. Heheh… Back 2 da topic. These days I have been retardly ‘test driving’ and canvassing lotttzzzah Nakamaru’s dramas. So, basically, I’m watching first episode of one of his dramas, then I move on to the first episode of his other drama, and so on and on and on… Man, what a juggernaut juggling we have here, eh?! lolzzz… Buuuut now Imma talk about my recently finished; Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi. Well, I’m just gonna cut short to say that I fell in LOVE with this drama. Big Time. Cos this drama brings me giant doze of warm fuzzy squeeness and hooked me with a feel-good atmosphere; but yet at the same time, it also gives me an addictive cliff hanger on each episode, it makes me finish watching this in just two sittings. In two days. Until 3AM each. Gosh, Rob Thomas should sing that tune for me right now. Lol. Okay, enough with my gibble gabble; let’s just jump in and talk abouddit, shall oui? Heheh…h213(Spoilert: High, Massive, Danger-roushhhh!!! Mwahaha!!!) click for more goodah!!!

About: 美男ですね (He is Beautiful)

Touched by an A*N.JELL

chu2Fluff, fluff, bring on the fluff!!! Ahahahaha… *crazy laugh* When you have had hectic weeks full of boredom and tiredness; a bubbly cheesecake cliche drama shall always be a good food for the soul. And so, I did a rewatch session of the fluffy drama slash one of Nippon ichiban rom-com, Ikemen desu ne. Well, I’m pretty sure that many of you probably know this drama through the title You’re Beautiful, which is a 2009 K-drama that were starred by Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hong Gi. Though I’m not a fan of the said one, I can’t help but to know a bit about it, and watched it a little as well, since it was floating around freely on the local TV channel at that time. But in the end, I never fully watched YB until I stumble to Ikemen desu ne on the internet and found out that this drama is the remake of YB itself. It makes me wonder, why YB is so ravely watched and reviewed, but this version is so under the radar? Well, it’s probably due to the fact that Ikemen desu ne were starred by a bunch of newbies; such as newcomer actress Takimoto Miori, two Johnny rookies (Early career days Tamamori Yuta and Fujigaya Taisuke) who were basically still nobodies at that time; while the other one is Johnny’s un-prominent member (Heiseijump’s Yaotome Hikaru). And let’s be honest to the maxes here, nuggets, these dudes are not what we can define as the drama’s titular ikemen. Lol.

a dissappointment?
a disappointment?

But like people always said, “don’t judge a drama by it’s casts”. So, I decided to give this one a try and I must said that this is one of the best decision I ever take in my entire viewing life, cos even though it’s not as polished or booming as the Korean version, Ikemen desu ne has it’s own charms and merits that make this drama become supah dupah adorable, button like-cute, and makes you going all squealing and giggling over the main OTP like a chick-flick (or teen flick) otaku. Lol. So now, shall we talk about it, eh? *wink wink* heheh…cute(Spoilert Warning: Benignly Malignant. Hahahaha…)

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