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Nissy Wants to Dance with His Prettiest Girl Tonight…(?)

NISSYKASUMISo, a couple weeks ago, on the July 21st to be more exact, Nissy had released a new PV from his double A-side single, titled 「まだ君は知らない MY PRETTIEST GIRL(マイ プリティエスト ガール)」 and that song is sooo catchy as heck. But yet, I really can’t shake it off my head that this song and the PV is wayyyy too similar–beat and concept-wise–with Olly MursDance with Me Tonight. Specially on the dancing-with-my-crew-with-the fireworks-outside-mi lady’s-place-part.

Ye don’t trust moi? See for yerself, broderzzzz… Teehee…


Benefit Trip, Throwback Collabs & Cross-Country Pairing

SpringKattunHellooooo… again. I’m back with ma random mood and since it’s Friday/Saturday, I just wanna spend my lazy night, torturing you guys with my nonsense post. Lulz… O well, I actually have some-some news and stuffs; which is about the KAT-TUN boys (as alwayzzz…) and a lil unexpected tweeeshhhh of discovery when I saw a certain photo. Hahaha… just click the greeny text if you curious enuff… Click for more, peeps!

to Brit or not to Brit?

1Lemme share to you all a nutshell about my music taste, since this is one of my favorite topics. Well, as you know, I love various types of music; but my favorite genres among them all will be Rock/Alternative, Acoustic/Ballad, Pop, and Indie. When it comes to singers, I have lots of favorites and most of them are non-mainstreams; like My Favorite Highway, Matchbox Twenty, Jon McLaughlin, Jared Lee, The Maine, Marianas Trench, Jess Penner, Paolo Nutini, and so on. And one of my hobbies, that leads me to find (most of) them is YouTube Recommendation Box. Yup, that simple. And through that too I come to love indie music, especially those British/Irish musicians. And now I’m gonna countdown about them from my favorite to my ichiban! favorite, hahaha… click to start the countdown!!! dun! dun! dun!