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Nissy Wants to Dance with His Prettiest Girl Tonight…(?)

NISSYKASUMISo, a couple weeks ago, on the July 21st to be more exact, Nissy had released a new PV from his double A-side single, titled 「まだ君は知らない MY PRETTIEST GIRL(マイ プリティエスト ガール)」 and that song is sooo catchy as heck. But yet, I really can’t shake it off my head that this song and the PV is wayyyy too similar–beat and concept-wise–with Olly MursDance with Me Tonight. Specially on the dancing-with-my-crew-with-the fireworks-outside-mi lady’s-place-part.

Ye don’t trust moi? See for yerself, broderzzzz… Teehee…


About: MOZU Season 1~百舌の叫ぶ夜~ (Mozu no Sakebu Yoru)

Baggage Dark Past Bloody Angst

ciggy dinnerFinally, people. I had reached to a point where I can literally saying that I had watched MOZU. Well in fact, who in the dorama viewers world haven’t? Since this drama was the most raved and buzz generating in 2014. As for me, I have so many reasons to watched MOZU, which most of you–who had read my previous postsprolly already know what. Haha. But one of the main reasons, is that I love Double Face. That drama may be only two parts TV movie special, but it hits all the right note in terms of being such an awesome watch. And it’s obvious from the get go that MOZU is a prolonged platform to rehash the same success that TBS X WOWOW had earned from Double Face. The similar casts, production team, composer, cinematography style, everything screams Double Face!!! into well, our face. Lol. But the real question is; did MOZU able to revive the past glory that had elevated both Nishijima Hidetoshi and Kagawa Teruyuki into a whole new level of popularity?walk the walk(Spoilert: Everything, like usual…) click for moarrr!!!