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Yehey! Hiatus Hey!

reality checkIt is a general knowledge that real life is indeed sucks (sometimes), and it is also a fact that it has several inevitable obligations and responsibilities waiting for the sluggish me to accomplish them all. UARGGGHH!!! Imma cut my bullcrap now with straight bawling in agony and declare that I’m gonna take a hiatus (again) from updating this blog for a weewee-lil while. Bcos–as far as anyone concerns–my usual daily life is sooo laid back, sooo relaxing, I might appeared like a fricken NEET in front of other people’s eyes. lulz… But these days, somehow out of the blue, I got a long a list of to-do. I have to do this, I have to do that; I must design this school yearbook; must make graduation videos and yadayadayada in between. And nope, it’s not even my yearbook nor my graduation that we’re talking about here, since I’m like, old enuff, to be a rookie teacher or…school’s canteen employee. lol… Moreover, I happened to be this mega-occupied, I don’t even have time or mood to watch any doramas that I had downloaded all this time. Heckkkk!!! I don’t even have any time left to watch my minted KAT-TUN come Here Live in Osaka concert (Ugh… *hand reaching*) But yet, amazingly I still have enough spare times to watch Live 2009 Break The Records. DURRR!!! So… yeah, I must say that my scale of priority is kinda iffy and… questionable. Lol… click for more, hunny bunny!


Oh, Variety…Stupidity…

111Who doesn’t love variety shows? Slapstick, stupidity, bullying; all mix in one and somehow we all take that combination as a funny thing; an entertaining value that’s addictive, cos it makes us feel so good and in the mood. As one of the various variety watchers, I’m quite likey to watch all this, although it may not seem too often. But among many shows that I had watched, I found a couple knucklehead scenes from a couple variety shows that are memorable in my head… somehow… randomly (lol), and now Imma share those with you guys, cos who knows, we might watching and laughing at the same thing, right?! teehee… *eyebrows wiggling* Okay, nuggets, what are we waiting for?! Leisez le bon temp rouler!!! Okay, I might have watched NCIS too much before this. Lol. click mooore for the gooooood time!

He’s Just a Johnnys Dirtbag, Baby…

suckerjinjinIn the end, it’s all about nothing but the music.

After five years of group training, four years of team playing, and nine years of fabricated friendship; Akanishi Jin finally proves himself to be a lone wolf-musician. Even the combo of five KAT-TUN members cannot eclipse his star individuality. That is why in year 2010, he bid his goodbye to his peewee boyband and embark an international solo journey in the land of second chance: Amerikaaah… *high pitch choir singing*. Our young lad Jin-jin dreams to make it big and conquer the USA; turning it into the United States of Akanishi. But reality pops his bubble; cos turns out he has gotten nowhere near his KAT-TUN good ol’ days stardom, as the only big career sensation he ever made so far was the news of his shotgun marriage to Kuroki Meisa (oh, shista anjella, among millions of better guys, why him? why??!). But just like a weed on a sidewalk, his career never cease to live as he keeps making new music up until now. And it all makes me wonder; how far this genie-boy has become? Did he already have his coming of age moment on his career just like his KAT-TUN buddies? Well, the answer is yes. In fact, he has riped waaaay earlier than his exes members, for there are no more color coordinated clothes; no more wavy flippy hair; and no more playful winky smile. All of them are thrown away in exchange for a bad boy indifferent fashion, greasy perm hairstyle, and me-against-the world attitude. But despite his decreased popularity, Jin can breathe a sigh of relief as now he’s the sole controller of his musical direction.jindependentgenie Click for more jinnielicious! C’mon, rub the bottle! hahaha…

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KAT-TUN: The Metamorphosis

kat-tun2Hey-looooo, my hyphen-squids!!! See, I keep my promise as I say I’ll be back, right?! I told you I always try to finish what I started. So don’t you worry, my precious nuggets, for I shan’t desert you. Ahahahaha…Now let’s pick up what we’ve left off, shall we? Continue!! *gavel knocking* come Here, my bunny! click, click!

About: KAT-TUN PV Collection Part 1

KAT-TUN: The Musical

KAT-TUNThis is just like a chicken pox; it’s started small, but it’s contagious, spreading like a damn virus into my happy rainbow cupcake nerdy world. That virus name…is Kame. Since I watch that THNK dorama, I become quite a fan of Kame’s acting, and I also come to a realization that Kame is like a two sides of a coin. We’ve seen him on one side as an actor, which I have to say very good indeed (in Gokusen 2, Nobuta wo Produce, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, and currently watching Tokyo Bandwagon). So, how about the musical side of our pride and joy J-actor? Are you ready? ARE YOU??? *award show narrator voice* Please welcome, KAZUUYAAAA KAME-KAME-HAAA!!! Oops, sorry.. I mean, KAMENASHIIIIIIII!!!! Woohooo!!! *clapping hands enthusiastically* This time comes with bonus three members and two exes, total six children of the corny who called themselves KAT-TUN!!! Dun! Dun! Dun! Hahahahaha… *crazy laugh*. So, I’m quite curious with KAT-TUN music career, because their only music video I ever watch was them singing “what’s going on” while swaggy dancing in the virtual elevator–I don’t remember it clearly, since it was 8 years ago–and they’re still together as six (before Jinnie rubbing his lamp and saving his ass from this gaydar androgynous chaos, lol). So after Genie Jin Jin gone, who’s gonna take the unofficial leader throne and be the popularity scape goat? Thank goodness we still have the ultimate gheyboy maknae Kamenashi!!! Well, he isn’t being the first capital letter of the group name for nothing yo! So, for the sake of Hiroto, I’m watching their PVs, not all, since I’m not a hyphen or a maniac. And I must say that I really really love….to mock them. Lol. Since turns out they already have a bunch of albums, singles, PVs and stuffs, I only watch the PVs based on what songs I think catchy, and now I’m gonna give my thought about each and every cheesy PV that I already watched. So, wanna join me into the Johnny’s fabricated idol-Land? Come, my child, come…*evil laugh* once you’re in, there’s no turning back…lol, I’m kidding, just click it!