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KAT-TUN: The Musical

KAT-TUNThis is just like a chicken pox; it’s started small, but it’s contagious, spreading like a damn virus into my happy rainbow cupcake nerdy world. That virus name…is Kame. Since I watch that THNK dorama, I become quite a fan of Kame’s acting, and I also come to a realization that Kame is like a two sides of a coin. We’ve seen him on one side as an actor, which I have to say very good indeed (in Gokusen 2, Nobuta wo Produce, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, and currently watching Tokyo Bandwagon). So, how about the musical side of our pride and joy J-actor? Are you ready? ARE YOU??? *award show narrator voice* Please welcome, KAZUUYAAAA KAME-KAME-HAAA!!! Oops, sorry.. I mean, KAMENASHIIIIIIII!!!! Woohooo!!! *clapping hands enthusiastically* This time comes with bonus three members and two exes, total six children of the corny who called themselves KAT-TUN!!! Dun! Dun! Dun! Hahahahaha… *crazy laugh*. So, I’m quite curious with KAT-TUN music career, because their only music video I ever watch was them singing “what’s going on” while swaggy dancing in the virtual elevator–I don’t remember it clearly, since it was 8 years ago–and they’re still together as six (before Jinnie rubbing his lamp and saving his ass from this gaydar androgynous chaos, lol). So after Genie Jin Jin gone, who’s gonna take the unofficial leader throne and be the popularity scape goat? Thank goodness we still have the ultimate gheyboy maknae Kamenashi!!! Well, he isn’t being the first capital letter of the group name for nothing yo! So, for the sake of Hiroto, I’m watching their PVs, not all, since I’m not a hyphen or a maniac. And I must say that I really really love….to mock them. Lol. Since turns out they already have a bunch of albums, singles, PVs and stuffs, I only watch the PVs based on what songs I think catchy, and now I’m gonna give my thought about each and every cheesy PV that I already watched. So, wanna join me into the Johnny’s fabricated idol-Land? Come, my child, come…*evil laugh* once you’re in, there’s no turning back…lol, I’m kidding, just click it!



we're the groovin' 4, yeah!So, this is my first blog post as (my attempt to be) a blogger whuteva.. and I decided to give an itsy bitsy review of KAT-TUN (or should I spell KaT-TuN?) LIVE COUNTDOWN 2013. Why? Simple answer, my fellas; I just watched it yesterday, lol. To be honest, I’m not an avid fan of Jpop Kpop thingy or Johnny’s and the gang. But, what makes me, an ordinary ignorant girl, can stand to watch this hullabaloo bonanza  for around 3 hours? wanna know? click for more!! hahahaha!