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Thirty; Sense of Urgency

Hello, I’m back. In practically three months fit. Hah. It’s been quite a while since my last post about the ongoing drama, Totsuzen Desu Ga, and it’s suffice to say that I’m practically quitting that drama by the time I’m about to enter the fourth episode, and decided to skip far ahead to the final number nine, just because it had failed to move me kokoro in order to continue watching it. I mean, the third episode had lead us to the good conclusion of Asuka and Nanami becoming an item, but then, the next mumbo jumbo shittiness that’s waiting for us on the next episode is another rinse and repeat crap of the sympathy towards the ex thingy case, which has managed to make me ugh, and ah, and quit. And turns out I wasn’t regretting my decision cuz hella, by the time me watching the final episode out of curiosity, I feel like I’m not missing anything and the ending is so dull, and all the casts are basically there out of the love for their paychecks. So yeah. Disappointed, but not surprised.
Moving on. And so, as I stumble to this newer drama, Tokyo Tarareba Musume, I decided to give it a try cos it’s all about girls and their love stories, set in a romcom manner with a shiny line of casts. And though I found myself not quite warm up to the series as I want it to be, I still managed to finish it, cos this drama has quite a lot likeable factor, though it came up quite in balance with the dull one. Heh. I’m not gonna make this post long ass and boring just to talk about one farking drama, but Imma try my best to convey everything completely, despite being a rusty hiatus blog writer. Lulz.
(Spoilert: basically everything)

As you may all already guess, in a nutshell TTM tells a story about three girls who are besties since high school, and each of them has their own personal life, love, and problem. Gasp. Wait a minute. Does this plot ring a bell to you? Hah, you got it right jack, cuz this drama is downright similar to 2011 Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu, starting from the cast of the two main girls Yoshitaka Yuriko, and Oshima Yuko. The only difference is that they kick the tall actress Karina and switch her with a taller one, Eikura Nana, and voila! you got yourself a Renai 2.0. Durrr.

whose hair is bob now and long now? Lulz…

First of all, I find it pretty cute that more than half of the main cast in Renai reunited here in swingers method with Yoshitaka upgraded herself from second fiddle love story with an old dude whose I forgot the name (sorry) in the 2011, to the main plot with the popular young heartthrob Sakaguchi Kentaro in the present time. While Tanaka Kei is still basically playing the same role of chill-pill guy with squeamish attitude, though this time the difference is that he was hitched on an unhappy marriage, while Hiraoka Yuta reprising the similar jerk role with the Michael Phelps seed that once again, whoops, failed to conceive his female partner. But heck, I like the way this drama builds its atmosphere through the settings, and the way each and every character interacts. There’s a sense of relax-ness, like a burdenless get together after a long hard day of work, which exactly is what these three ladies do.What I like from this drama is its interpretation of blurred line relationships by the time a person–woman especially–reaches their thirty years old age. By this time, having a partner/relationship is no longer based on love, as it more to the convenience in the future, like whether or not your suitor is eligible, has a steady career, nice and kind, blahblahblah. I don’t have any problem with that since doh, who doesn’t look for that kind of value in other people? But what I found quite meh is that Rinko feels she’s too old to act accordingly to her feelings despite she has the real one. I mean, girl, please, thirty is not old, and don’t force yourself on someone just because he’s goddamn nice or eligible, cos you’ll end up complicate your own life and hurt the other party.That is why I found Kaori’s storyline to be quite good and interesting, even though Kaori is stupid enough to go back and forth, and being used by a guy like Ryo just because they had so many good memories together, and the fact that Kaori is easy to be pleased with how many small things from the past about her that Ryo managed to remember. And as much as Ryo is a total douche bag for treating Kaori like a crap, I found her really brave to stand to what she loves and believes, even though it’s not 100% a healthy choice. And hell, dare I say that my fave moment from this drama is not the final kokuhaku scene, but the scene where Kinpatsu is encouraging  at the crossroad Kaori to stop seeing Ryo, and she did make the firm decision to do so. Which I thought takes a lot of guts, especially from her point of view.And Koyuki too, depsite having an unagreeable relationship with the dude Marui, at least she’s being honest with herself, and brave enough to say enough. Though I found her storyline to be anti-climatic and not really live up to the suppose potential tense-ness that it could bring. I dunno something seems lacking, and to be honest, I kinda dislike Marui for him being able to complain about his wife’s postpartum depression, instead of giving her the help that she needs, and how he’s not really love his first child.  I mean like, doh, really?! I wish I could slap this guy and Koyuki at that scene, cos how can she said that she likes that kind of honesty from him? Dammit, Marui-san, how can you say that you resent your family and having a good time with Koyuki, while in fact your wife is in her mother’s home, having a high risk pregnancy?! You married to your wife, which automatically makes you responsible for her happiness. Don’t just wanting the good stuff if you’re not willing to pay for the price, ass-wipe. Oh sorry, got to emotional here. Lulz.While Rinko…errr… Rinko’s story is like a merry go round, where she hops from one horse to another. One moment she jumps to Hayasaka, then she feels like she has this feeling towards Kagitani, then she goes to Okuda, then Hayasaka, but then back to Kagitani again, like ugh, stop spreading the break-up pain and wallow all over the place dammit. If you’re already unsure from the start, do not start it at all. Rinko’s desperation is quite frustrating to watch sometimes, cos unfortunately she never learn her lesson with that bartender boyfriend Okuda, untill she ended up get that the hard way through Hayasaka. It all happened just because she didn’t do a one simple act: to put a clear conclusion towards her feelings with Kagitani. Le sigh. Another thing from Rinko is that you don’t casually tell your friends that you’re having sex with a guy. I dunno, to me I found this thing minus from Rinko, and no wonder Kagitani is mad about it too, cos it’s supposed to be a private matter. And though in the end, the level of their relationship is reaching a higher note, I just feel that it won’t go anywhere, cos they always stand on their own places, only this time they’re being more honest towards each other. That’s it. Actually, I find it pretty funny that in this kind of dorama, where the main love story is between an older chick and a younger dude, they always end up in the same atonal tune where it’s basically leading to no direction, it’s almost pointless to have the romance to begin with. The dynamic of Kagitani’s and Rinko’s relationship is platonic, cold, stagnant, but yet at the same time, there’s a believable spark here and there, even though it’s just a glimpse and only a subtle. That is why, despite all the uncertainty in the ending, I actually don’t mind about it at all;  in fact, I found it was the best way to wrap the drama, cos this genre is slice of life, and life has no ending. Unless you die. So yeah.Another thing that I like from this drama is the appearance of Sakaguchi Kentaro as Kagitani, or Kinpatsu, or KEY-kun, whatever. Well, who am I lying to anyway; Sakaguchi Kentaro is actually the sole reason for me to watch this dorama. There I said it. Hah. Despite KEY’s character is your garden variety cool guy, I like his voice a lot cos it has this deep mature tone that can make your mune kyun kyun.And though between Sakaguchi and Yoshitaka have an adequate chemistry, I actually prefer the interaction between him and Suzuki Ryohei as Hayasaka, cos both looked friendly with an equal 6 feet heights. But, most reason of all, is that they are Takeo and Suna forferksake!! Argghh, my kokoro is happy seeing them reunited, though this time around Suna is the one who gets the “Rinko”. Hah.
Wokay, that’s all I gotta say about Tokyo Tarareba Girls. I can’t believe I managed to finish a review post. Whew.. pretty impressed with myself here (haha). Well, I had quite a good time in watching this dorama, cos it has a decent ability to engage and make me care enough for the characters and the cliffhangers. In short, watching Tarareba makes you want to take a can of beer and relaxing with the three heroines. So, kanpai, ladies. Kan-freaking-pai.

Final Score: 72/100

See ya on da next post! Someday!! Whoopeedoo!!!

Credit: Renai screenshot @jpon.us


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