Halfway Two Cents: 突然ですが、明日結婚します (Everyone’s Getting Married) #01-#02

Compromising Jinx

tie-the-knotBefore I yap, allow me to fashionably say, happy super farking duper belated new year, everybody! Time does fly when you’re doing neigh. Haha. Anyhoo, back to this post’s original intention. As far as you guys know since my last update on December last year, I’ve been dwelling my ass out on Tohoshinki and old dramas slash crime-genre series watching, and I gotta say that I’m pretty much stay the same until by the time I’m typing this post. Lulz. Buuuutt, I finally come back to my senses of the modern era dorama a bit, with this new, currently airing,  突然ですが、明日結婚します (Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu). Well, actually, I’m not really that eager to watch this, as it more due to the reason of my own realization of how I’ve been wayyy far outta touch from chick flick and romance genre dorama, and I’m just trying to revive those feels again after all this time, in order to you know, feel that doki doki again. Hah.winter-coffeeAnd honest to the maxes, I’m not really fond at the line up casts in this drama either, since Nishiuchi Mariya is so damn tall compare to the main lead dude, Yamamura Ryuta, who is too skinny and emaciated; But heyyyy, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, amen sisters? Lol. So if we can put that shallow factors aside and focus on what matters, I must say that I like Nishiuchi Mariya, cos she’s the familiar face that I’ve known way before, when I was a (quite) avid Seventeen magazine’s reader. And turns out, she and Yamamura make quite a cute couple which surprisingly don’t awkward with each other. So yeah, I’m willing to give this drama a try for the sake of  that. And even though it took me one week to finish watching the pilot episode only, the second episode progressed quite fast in pace and nicely done, since turns out this drama is not as cheesy and cliche as I thought it would be with all the meandering ‘he loves me, he loves me not ‘ plot, cos the whole point about Ashita Kekkon is not about how they will ENDED UP together in the end, but it’s more on how they will work their ways in order to STAY together till the end, so this drama gives a lil fresh breeze of a story-line in a more mature way without being shittily predictable. Which is good.

awww-my-cutie-honey-babiesAs far until the second episode, there are couple things that I like here and there, such as the way both Asuka’s and Nanami’s feelings grow toward each other without any implausibility. Their relationship’s progress may come out slow and ‘one step forward two steps back’-ish; but didn’t real life also deal with that the same way. There’s no such thing as two people meet, then fall in love and dating in a snap; everything takes process, either to identify the existence of the feeling itself, to then confront it or confirm it towards the other party, making sure that you’re not sending an empty signal. And even though they’re both feel the same, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be happily together forever right away, since every person is different, either from his/her character to the life values that they hold, which making things come more complicated. It takes time and compromise to make the relationship works out. And it’s clearly shown on the second episode, where both Asuka’s and Ryu’s ideas of love are collide. Ryu clearly has feeling for Asuka, and he wants to keep it alive while it last; but Asuka doesn’t want a meaningless relationship that ended up nowhere but a broken heart, for the second time.need-no-player That is why, though the initial plot of how Asuka’s five years boyfriend dumped her easily felt so forced, or Asuka’s eagerness to be a housewife is so annoying sometimes, or Nanami’s wake up’s habit is totally “yeah rrrright” kind of cheesy, I totally can overlook those crappy craps for the sake of our main couple instead. And by the time I watched the scene where Ryu is waiting for Asuka in the rain and give her the candy jar (yes, literally candy jar), I initially thought that he’s about to give her an engagement ring and asking her for a pseudo marriage contract, and it will be a start of the love mother earth-recycle your plot-shit, but heyyy, I was wrong, and I’m so fckin glad I did. Haha. Who would’ve thought that Nanami could be a sweet guy to our girl Asuka, eh?!candy-for-u-not-to-sad-yAnd turns out, as the story progresses, Nanami is not a jerk and pain in the ass main lead dude like those other dramas used to give us. Y’know, the all around smug lead that you can’t help to like him kinda shit, since every romcom dude aims to be the next Domyouji Tsukasa. Durrr. Nanami may be quite a snob towards Asuka at the beginning, but he knows how to give a pep talk to her when it’s needed. And that’s not making Nanami Ryu a saint for Asuka, that’s simply making him real humanly character in a fictional dorama. On a side note, let’s not forget Asuka’s mom who’s wearing lipstick as the sole special addition to her daily appearance by the time she’s about to greet Nanami at the Takanashi’s household. Damn, mom reminds me of Sue Sylvester with her pearl necklace on her stood up date with Will Schuster. Lulz…dinner-with-my-homiesBut still, predictable side characters and plots will always be there, and this drama is no excuse, as it’s coming out in a shape of our second leads, either from the Asuka’s side, who is Kamiya, an irritatingly nice gentleman, who’s so effing perfectly nice but will end up getting nothing further than holding hands. While on Nanami’s side, we have Sakuragi Yuko the former illicit older lover—cos heaven forbid for Japanese dude to have the younger one—It’s rinse and repeat, but they should exist to bring up the heat. Aww phooey.the-league-of-second-leadsAnd so at the end of second episode, we were being served with an unexpected (but not surprising) twist of the sudden proposal and rekindled old flame in a same project. The question is, will our OTP, Takanashi Asuka and Nanami Ryu, manage to go the distance and reach the suppose happiness? Heckkkk, bring on the faiyah baybee, and pour those sweet cheesy chick flick sugahhh on meee. Haha. *insert my body is ready meme*

Till next the two cents, peeps!

don't u dare to lemme down, dammit...
don’t u dare to lemme down, dammit…

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