Homecoming (iroiro) Two Cents: Bop, Gold, and Flying Dragon


Hello. I’m back.

I’m not dead yet. Still alive and kicking y’all.


One thing I clearly learned from these past three months, is that when you open your piehole and bluffing your plan to have a hiatus, it won’t work out. I repeat: it won’t work out. You’re gonna jinx the whole shit and end up suffering yourself in series of brain slavery of obligatory posting. So I took an impromptu act and going for the un-notified MIA from this blog, just because I couldn’t push myself to post any longer if I’m not really in the mood to do so. But now I’ve returned, only for a while, and Imma share to you what happened in my fangirl world for these past couple of months. It ain’t groundbreakingly revolutionary whatsoever, but still, it’s good from the entertaining angle. Hah.

Catch Up #01  »»» Teeny Group with Bopper Tunes

Music, like fashion, always recycles itself in a form of throwback beat and tune. Just like what’s written in the EcclesiastesWhat has been will be again, what has been done will be done again...” It’s not that I have any problem with it, in fact I love it. Throwback and reminiscing have always been some sorta my thing, y’know. Teehee.heartbreakerAnd so, after SHINee’s–yeah thanks to my Toho oppas, I’m back to listening to K-pop crap for a bit, lulz–comeback with the 90s theme of an album, 1 of 1, which fyi I so totally dig, I coincidentally discover another boy group called FlowBack, on my fave hunting place, Youtube, who just recently released their single titled Heartbreaker, with a decade older sheez of an 80s vibe; to which I must say is. So. Fckin. Dope. Seriously, Heartbreaker is the bop; the tune; the jam in my earphone; the top pick on my playlist. Heck, I don’t even give a damn with the young pre pubescent beansprout twiggy visual of this group’s members; All I care about is this tune, and one of its couplings, Turn Around, which is another hidden gem as well, and I think I’m gonna nod along with these tracks for the next couple of months. Badum-badum-dum. Haha.

Catch Up #02  »»»  The Band of Robbers

After had put so much effort in finishing I Order You in order to give uri Yuno-ssi a chance to develop and reviewing his acting chops, and for the result was not really disappointing–though the drama plot is suck major wise–I decided to be fair and square by giving uri Changmin-ssi the same opportunity of my time as well, by watching his first ever Japanese movie 黄金を抱いて翔べ (Fly with the Gold) where he sweep the best newcomer prize at the prestigious Japanese Academy Awards, which is quite surprising as it coming from one of TVXQ members, who’s notorious for being a ham in the acting world. Lulz. But, considering how big of the working ass he’d been put on for this movie and–as I read on one of the fanblogs–how he’d gotten a lot of scold from the director on BTS, especially on the tofu scene, which made him end up weep in frustration; that award representing a commendable credential for Changmin’s career as an idol actor, and had also become the additional factor that makes me curious enuff to wanna at least take a peek at this movie.fly-with-the-gold-dramaAnd though his debut role here was so Japan-ly typical of being this North Korean spy slash bomb expert with a simple nickname, Momo, I gotta say that Changmin did pretty good, and not as bad as everyone on the internet had (allegedly) bashed him to be. Though sometimes, it does feel awkward for me watching him interacting with the other guys, not bcos of the dialogue, but simply cuz Changmin is so tall, especially in comparison to Tsumabuki, and he looked utterly drag in that lil fan-service scene of cross-dressing with all that wig and make up. Lulz.

award-cereTalk about this movie as an overall, both Tadanobu Asano and Tsumabuki Satoshi were clearly become the ones that carrying the whole show, since it was practically their duty to do so, which means that they accomplished their jobs nicely, though I find Nishida Toshiyuki and Mizobata Junpei were kinda wasted away in those minor roles, while Kiritani Kenta is sorta forgettable. Storyline wise, Fly with the Gold was pretty good, despite the execution is not as exciting as it could have been. I mean the plot twist of Nishida being the priest daddy of Tsumabuki, should’ve been more shocking, but yet the revelation of that part plus him ended up kill himself feel kinda meh to me. But I gotta applaud the final gold heist scenes, for the way it gives you quite a thrill with Tadanobu, Kiritani, Tsumabuki being these amateurish characters of first time robbers.tsuma-chanminAnd somehow I come to love Changmin’s scenes with Tsumabuki, despite the height difference, as it feels so brotherly, and Tsumabuki clearly has the knack of being this cool aniki. I mean the way he pats Momo’s head when he tadaima, or him being remember what kind of sushi that Momo wants to eat before the big break and other stuffs. You know, small things but big impact. That’s why it’s sorta a downer for me and killing my interest to move on till the credit rolls by the time I reach the part where Momo is dead in the church with Kota by his side. I was like, dude… why dammit?! Ugh, no more brother bear luv for us to see  for the rest ±45 minutes or so anymore. Boohoo.changmin-fly-with-the-gold-3All in all, Fly with the Gold had been quite a so-so for me, and the duration is quite a killing for being overtly 2 hours. Doh. But I guess it’s not hurt to give this movie a try. That if you’d done watching the other shits and your watch list is so empty as heck. And who knows, you might find this movie… a hidden gold. Lulz…
(Final Score: 68/100)

Catch Up #03  »»» Joseon Era Ghosbusters

jungmooseokAs if Yuno in modern times not enuff, here I am undettered-ly going back in time and watching him in a damn sageuk role of Kang Moo Seok in Night Watchman’s Journal. Aigooo. Well honestly, I hate K-dramas, for they had lost their charms in being something lingering, and had chosen the fanservicey route with all the cheesy dialogue and tons of forceful skin showing scenes. But yet, I keep myself making up various of excuses to tryna watch this, with the thoughts like, “hey it’s historical drama where everyone is wearing three layers clothes, so no fremdscahmen shower scenes and shits”, “hey, a  lil Jung Il Woo in the process won’t hurt the eye, eh?” Booo, I was soooo, so wrong… again. Dammit. First thing first, Jung Il Woo looked like a stale tofu here. Well actually, every dude here looked like effing stale tofu with their hairs pulled up in a bun like that, except or Lee Rin‘s dad, Choi Won Young, cos dad is charismaticly eye candy alright, and I love seeing his interaction with his wife, but then he got possessed, kill the queen, and die on the third episode, so yeah, there goes my only joy in this drama. Sobs.

Ugh... please don't leave this drama, you two...
Ugh… please don’t leave this drama, you two…

I’ve currently watched this until the fifth episode, and lemme tell you that the plot so far is shitty and pointless. I dunno how many times I almost fell asleep. Hah. At first we were being shown with this evil dude  name Sadam trying to take over the world with his diabolical machination and sharkbait uhaha-like of dragon summoning ceremony. But then the plot is getting meandering and the hole is getting bigger like a rat invested Swiss-cheese, ever since the daddy king brought that effing dragon statue home. I mean, dohhh, dad, you know that stone is full of bad energy and your palace is in the midst of missing this ghost repellent shit, that even civilians like me know how bad  things will turn out. But the crap gotta move where the crap gotta move yo.hamAnd ironically, I really lost all my excitements, by the time the kids are all grown up to the “hearthrob” YA phase with Lee Rin and the gang, cos the story and the chemistry are so dead. I mean, the geisha ex-boyfriend plot is boring, the bickering and love-hate relationships between Lee Rin ad the girl, Do Ha were as fake as Sadam’s grey hair. In fact, I really can’t understand Sadam necessity to be in this drama anymore, other than being the king’s evil shaman and wandering around looking for that dragon statue. Sadam’s hazardous level has steeply going down and he turned into this two dimentional third-grade villain. In short, he started to look like pebble in the shoe. Not to mention the way he loudly mumbles behind Do Ha’s back without the chick notice and trying to sedate her with that sleepy aromatherapy with that Tom & Jerry facial expression. Omaigerrrddd, I LOL-ed HARD at that scene.

dooroom, dooroom... *cue pink panther theme song*
*cue pink panther theme song*

But, in the midst of the topsy-turvy, there is our second lead Kang Moo Seok, the broody poet, slash sword wielding prodigy, slash the palace number one bodyguard. Whoa, what more could we ask?! Haha. But in terms of embodying the character, Yuno had, objectively, done a great job. You see, this is one of the reasons I give this drama a try for at least a couple of episodes, cos we got Yuno here being the unromantic or hopelessly romantic character. For, mostly all the time, when Toho are doing their things in Japan, both him and Changmin got this casual/dorky image, which comes more laid back and relaxing. But in Korea, they always being pushed to the image of being the ladies men with all around charming sexy traits, which is okay actually, but sometimes it seems too much of try-hard and exhausting, especially on the acting area with all the (awkward) romcoms. Boys just can’t relax for the sake of setting the standard bar in every area. So, this Moo Seok role so far, has been quite a fresh air to me.mslrAnd be it has a love story-line on the next episodes onward, I’m pretty sure it’ll only came up in a subtle manner, since as far as I’m watching, romance is not this drama main genre. Not to mention that Yuno looked so damn fine in all that sageuk attires, along with that beads-y hat, it makes me sigh in aww on his presence though it’s only for 6-10 mins tops per episode. Lulz. And so, it does raise a major question: am I willing to risk my kokoro and investing the 24 hours of my life for this 24 episodes of a mediocre drama, just for the sake of hextuple minutes of his appearance on each? Should I? Could I? Would I? Hurrrr… we’ll see. Though I’m pretty sure that my answer will be that two alphabets. Lulz.

mooseok-n-i-dunno-whoWell, that’s all for now, folks. I’m running out of things to write. So yeah, it’s time to say buh-bye. To be honest, I find some sort of a small pleasure in making this post, prolly because it’s been quite a while for me to not keep in touch by updating this blog. Hopefully I can and will come back to you next time with more exciting stuffs to write about. Or rant about. Whatever rocks the boat. Haha.

Ciao. XOXO

I close this post with one of my faves... <3
I close this post with one of my faves… ❤

Credits: jalz-cassieast@blogspot, dbsknights, chobitsbox@tistory, thehaje@blogspot 


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