It Takes Two to be a(n Awesome) Two

SECONDYEAROFAWESOMENESSSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious… two years. Two. Fricken. Years. Of sporadic blogging and minuscule updating. Can’t believe that I’ve survived this far yo. Lulz. I’m definitely sooo lost for words right now, not because I’m on the touched/too-many-feelzzz kinda crap, but it’s simply cos I’m on a bit of (in other cool words) writer’s block, so I just dunno what kind of post should I make on this oh-so-special day. So, yeah…


Well, all I can say right now, is that I feel so utterly blessed to have ever created Messy Random Whatever as my blog, and my safe haven, for I can vent all my thoughts and fangirling hung up-ness regarding my at-the-moment fad; things that people around me may find them as annoying if I ever come up and share these shits with them. Haha. Regardless, as you may see I have been in a major setback in updating my blog currently, especially in the review department, cos honest to the maxes, I feel so effing lazy in watching shit in series these past months, and I only filled my daily entertainment dozes with catch up session to bunch of TVXQ concert, and Law & Order SVU marathon, starting from the second season onwards. Durrrr. But, I feel pretty optimistic myself that I’ll bounce back, someday, somehow, with something good of a drama, or movie, or music, to talk about of course. And it’s just have to be good as this, cos I don’t think I can afford another hate-watching, since it’s too emotionally drenching dammit.1339944220884_7788153All in all, I wanna thank you all for sticking around with me and Messy Random Whatever for these past two years; you guys are awesome, and I hope, as this blog owner, I can grow more to be as awesome as you all too, so we can have this balance symbiotic blogualism bond and relationship, as the overall resident of the online connected era. Haha.


Much Love, xoxo


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