Halfway Two Cents: はぴまり (Happy Marriage) #01-#02 & 당신을 주문합니다 (I Order You) #01-#04

CCC for WWW ~ Drama Edition ~

proposalOne and a half monthzzzz later, I’m back on the loop for a lil update. Teehee. I don’t have much things to talk about, actually, since I’m in this some sort of a shitty mood to watch anyhoo and anything in between; but yet, lately I’ve read a lot of buzz about web dramas and stuffs on the blogosphere, and how good they were yadayadayada. Well, I guess it’s a solid proof of how in this kind of time, watching and churning your emotions away aren’t limited to the TV screen only, hence lots of them sprouting and spawning through various major internet host sites with a known actors and idols as the main casts. But that is not the main reason why I give a try for web drama, since I always watch my shits in computer screen anyway, so there is not much of a difference it makes lulz… but there’s a lil part of me that curious about whether or not it was as good in terms of quality and production, as the TV one. Also, since I got a plenty time in my hands this week, and I just need a little melancholy ‘wetness’ to my dry grubby thriller crime drama watcher’s kokoro, so… yeah. And out of my randomness and fangirlingness, I decided to give two dramas a simultaneous try, which are はぴまり (Happy Marriage) and 당신을 주문합니다 (I Order You). Since I already invested my soul and energy in watching these, I gotta say a lil thought about it. But Imma make this shorty and quickie not bcos I’m not in the mood to make a long post, but my era of lengthy writing has come to an end, I guess… harrrharrharrr…

First, I gotta tell you that web drama has a dope positive side in terms of duration, since each episode is shorter than regular ones, in which making us as viewers feel less bored watching it. But yet, we mustn’t expecting somewhat groundbreaking fresh plot from them, specially these two, since they’re just two of those CCC (Cheesy Corny Cliche) productions that you watch while you’re having your otaku dinner time or waiting for your self-painted nails to get dry. Lulz… Hapimari is your typical rich man-poor woman love story with a sprinkle of family affair, office romance, etc; while IOU is your typical manhwaish-colorful kdrama trope with tsundere dude and happy-go-lucky chick having this love-hate relationship with a cute flirty banter and heart pounding romantic moments. Watching both of these make me feel like a live studio audience of a sitcom where the casts are stay in place, while the setting behind them is the one that rolling and changing. Same old plot, same old storyline. Rinse and repeat. Buuut… stillll, dude; each dramas has its own charm, though.necklaceHapimari clearly brings out some sort like errrr…. Taiwanese drama vibe for me. I dunno why, maybe it’s bcos that Fujioka dude is there prolly, *shrug* But somehow I found the girl, Chiwa (Seino Nana), is really adorable and presentable, and both her and Fujioka’s characters’–Hokuto or whatchamacallhim, I dunno, since I watched this subless and I can’t hear his name clearly–interaction and chemistry is passable enough and they looked quite cute together despite the age difference that is 14 years apart (gasp!), and it’s sooooo damn culturally nippon of them, like that T-Style song said: Premium girl and premium man. Durrr…staredownWhile IOU... Well, at first I actually didn’t want to watch this, cos I know, you know (pun intended), and everybody so damn knows that U-know’s acting is on par with a cardboard, that neither his flipping good hairs nor shiny pearly veneer smile can save us from a secondhand embarrassment. Homina. But, being a fangirl to assorted boybands and idorus for my whole life has made my tolerance level towards bad acting and absurd plot (proudly) higher than other people in average. Beside watching IOU in tandem with Hapimari somehow feels so right, since it became some sort like a case study of comparing web dramas between two countries whatsoever. But the major reason that I decided to give myself a push to watch it, is coz I love this drama’s soundtracks, like on the deep earworm level; especially that one song titled 마지막 인사 (Majimak Insa/Last Farewell). I dunno whether or not watching this will make me end up liking the OSTs more, or will it be another case like Sayoitsu. Hah. But then lo! Turns out people in general are too salty and skeptic, cos–so far–IOU is not bad at all. In fact, I quite enjoy the cheesy shits between the main couple, and U-know’s and the chick Kim Ga-eun’s acting were not as crap as what everyone had bitchin about, which is good btw.b-hugWatching two dramas simultaneously makes me realizing so many contrast things in comparison. Hapimari comes out more mature and tame in execution, it feels so calm and adult-like, while IOU is more playful and emotive, like a kind of love story teenage girl has imagined to happen in her RL, and it has a tendency to exaggerate in order to raise more doki doki moment for the viewers. It’s not wrong though, since to each their own. Beside, I’m still on the early stages of the dramas’ episodes, so there’s still a one helluva room of shocking(!) plot twist and development, which I’m quite looking forward to. Maybe. So yeah bring out the mattress, cos Imma roll my ass to the next eps!!! Woohoo~

until next two cents, muy frenzzz...
until next two cents, moi tomodachi…

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