Before U Go has Made Me Coming Back…

tadaimaDAMN BABY!!! It feels so freaking good to be home; to this blog and also to where I used to be years ago. Haha. I think right now you’re probably wondering wtf that I’m typing about. Well, my nugetty chunketty darlings, this is what my pre-hiatus post is all about; to bring you the latest update about me and moi lil world. But duncha worry, cos I won’t suffer you (and myself in making it as well…) by reading somewhat lengthy blabbery essay, as Imma make this post short and simple, tied up with a red bow called the bloody cassie. Lulz…

whattttAnyhoo peeps, lemme  tell you a lil newsflash about what’s going on in my fangirl world. These days, or more precise, ever since 28th May 2016, I have a sudden new fad which surprisingly is non J-poppy; that is the long runner K-idol–currently on military hiatus–TVXQ. I don’t need to explain to you who’s who and what’s what about their history or discography, cos y’all probably have known about them, since this group is mainstream as f***. Lol… Needless to say, while posting about them here is such a new shitz, these dudes ain’t a minty fresh in my fangirl life as I used to be a Cassiopeia (minus the sasaeng-ism, lol..) back then around a decade ago for almost like two fricken years. I still remember clearly in my head and in my emotional storage, da feelz that I felt when I first saw these five shiny teenage oppars on the cover of Hi Ya Ya Summer single, and how I batshit love their 지금처럼 piano version track, I ended up buying their every shit like CDs and magazines–with them in it no matter how small the portion–ever since, until it was summed up to two-three hundred geez, which was quite a splurge for a naive slash drooly student like me. Lulz…class of 08But then, my love for these dudes had started to grow a bit cold, as my short attention span striked in. And so, O-Jung. Ban. Hap became my last purchase for their release and later, I only follow their Mirotic era in an ignorant manner, through streaming and other cheapskate facility that doesn’t require moolah.  But who’d have known that two years later… BAM! There’s a big spring cleaning sale up to 60% in the Toho world, as I read the news of them splitting up, with three members who own the good pipes took off at the peak of the boybanders’ career, and grouping themselves later on as JYJ; in which leaving the rest two underdog members Yunho and Changmin to shoulder the household name that all the girls have gone kyaa-kyaa at for the last ±6 years. A helluva tough job I must say. And everyone around is quite pessimistic towards U-know ‘n Max, cos bless their muscles and lungs, for being the best dancer and highest pitch screamer, but it’s a no brainer that they’re vocally suck (gulp, sorry…) and initially, I did think the same, though I still have around 30% confidence, that these duo can pull it off and moving on. And I too had once watch their re-arranged version of Rising Sun (which is one of my fave choreos from their releases) and they did an awesome job despite being only two of them. Yet, I don’t have any drive in wanting to become hardcore like I used to be anymore. But still, I’m following and watching couple of their latest releases at that time through music program perfs, like Catch Me, and n dejectedBut then, what got me back on becoming the hardcore fangirl is not their groundbreaking achievement of consecutively staying at the top spot nor able to hold a five dome concert tour yadayadayada; but  it’s simply for their sheer professionalism in tackling each and every performance, as if it was their last; I mean: no lip-sync, boss level choreography that always upgrading itself in each newer release; dammmmiiiiittt, their performances are always feasible and turning up the heat.BUGBut the one sole truth of my ultimate reason in going back hard to the core, is none other than their daibu old release track on 2011 titled Before U Go. Ugh… I dunno how to explain myself, but that song  is really got me like… got me…got me. And it wrapped me up tightly in its little fingers through the heavy rhythm ‘n the beat; the melody; and–like in the re-arranged for PV dance version–the breathing part on the interlude that combined with their shimmy mid tempo dance moves. Ugh i feel like a pervert for liking that part, but wuteverrrr. Lulz… Not to mention of my fave performance of this promo is the 110410 SBS one, where they’re all wearing white, and U-Know somehow able to look hot and rockin’ that white chiffon shirt, despite it looked soooo gayyyy. Lulz… All I gotta say that Before U Go has easily become my fave way even more than Rising Sun; and slightly a bit more than Mirotic and Wrong Number, cos it has an adequate amount of sensuality without being borderline creepy despite the moves here and there were quite obviously subtle with the innuendo. But yet, BUG managed to be somewhat heavy without feeling burdening; sexy without being repulsive. That being said my love for this release had made me downloading each and every perf in H-freaking-D, which cost me around half a gigabyt-o each, and I ended up online buying the Keep Your Head Down Repackage for a pricey of near 40 bucks, which is I’m in waiting for my stuff to be delivered. Yowzerrr… Here’s my second fave BUG perf of the boyzzz btw:

Imo, K-music wise, the reborn TVXQ duo have upgraded themselves into somewhat eligible grown-ups, not just from their physical ages, but also from something intangible, it almost like a bangin’ makeover after an ugly breakup. Lol… And yet at the same time, they’ve somehow grown richer and more mature in overall vibes and songs, despite the vocal shortcomings. And that improvements are not only shown from just Before U Go, but also from their other tracks like the cheerful upbeat EDM Neo-Soul genre, Here I Stand, 오늘밤 (Moonlight Fantasy), 그 대신 내가 (Beside), etc., or the mid-tempo with the sexier vibe like Rumor, Destiny, Top of the World, Good Night, 갈증 (Smoky Heart), etc. which are  seriously become my ultimate jam nowadays. Hah. And though I cannot say much about their Japanese release since it’s pretty much static, with their eternal bubblegum pop song like OCEAN or their mid-tempo ballad STILL, I Know or One More Thing, etc. cos that kind of tunes were probably what work in Japan. But there is one of their Japanese ballady songs which for me had managed to prove those skeptic mass public wrong with these two’s vocal ability, which is I Love You. Yeahhh, I know I know that the title is cheesy as efffzzz alright, but that tune is just soooooo urghhhh… I can’t even… I dunno, I just love it with all my kokoro and soul, okay?! I Love You is such a simple song, with only a piano and a small orchestra as the music companion, but somehow this song sounded so genuine and sincere as if they were really mean it. Dammittt!!! It saddens me in a good way every time I listen to it. Well, safe to say that less is indeed more huh?! I found the official documentary video of them with this song, and dang, this clip is a purrrfect depiction! ❤ ❤ ❤

Like i said beforehand, I won’t type further much since there’s nothing more to talk about, except the fact that it feels really good to rediscover the group, that I used to like dearly with my juvenile soul back then, has newly improved themselves to be somewhat better and stronger. And it feels so farking good as well, to become their fangirl again as they shall always be the familiar faces in my world that I’ve grown up with, it reaches to a point of such a good-feels like you’re getting back with your long term ex or something. Lol… I may not like K-pop as a whole with all their mass-produced generic-ness; but there’s always a special place in my little grubby heart for these two hanguk sarams for long until their comeback next year from the enlistment. Haha. So, in the meantime, all I wanna say is: Yeah! Tadaima my precyuuussshhh babiessss!!! Tadaimaaaaaa!!!!! *smooch* ❤

See you after my hiatus period, my darlings!!!
See you after my hiatus period, my darlings!!!


PS: Everyone needs this lil dose of dorkiness in their lives! Lulz…

Credits (for unedited pics): wanieychan@wordpress, k-kless-drama@blogspot, omonatheydidnt@livejournal



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