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Torrid Lust to Tragic Lost

kiss in jealousyHola, all my peopppple! Happy Labour Day! Mama is back in bringing you couple of (meaningless) accomplishments that I wanna share right here right now. One → as you can see on your left, Messy Random Whatever had finally reached 10k page views which is soooo awesome with a capital A. All I can say is thank you, thank you, and thank yeeeeewwwww!!! to all of you my readers and visitors. I lurve you gurls so damn much-o! Woohoo! *throwing roses* and Two → I finally had watched Sayonara Itsuka, everybody say whatttt!?! Well, I know most of you probably think that what the eff should I emphasizing this no biggie matter, but when it comes to Nishijima Hidetoshi‘s landmark career projects, Sayonara Itsuka is a must watch among his filmography. And actually, there are at least three Nishi productions that are a obligatory to be watched by a fan such as moi, like Double Face (√check), for that tanpatsu was his major acting break, MOZU (√check), for that series was his major commercial success. But before those two even exist, Sayonara Itsuka was the project that putting his name on the map, and it is too because of couple other reasons such as: it was based on a romantic novel with the same title by Hitonari Tsuji, and it’s co-starred with the author’s (ex)wife, Nakayama Miho, who made her comeback acting after 12 years, while the director is John H.Lee, who was famed for his sappy makjang JDorama adaptation-KMovie, 내 머리 속의 지우개 (Eraser in My Head/A Moment to Remember), which fyi, I had watched as well. Heheh… But as for me, what’s driving me mainly to wanna watch Sayonara Itsuka were ain’t that high profile backgrounds, for I come to hear the soundtrack album first and the theme song by Nakashima Mika, and I loveeeee all of it a lot, I can almost assure myself that this movie will be my favorite of my favorite. If we can put it in Savage Garden way, it’s like I knew I love you before I met you kinda shit, y’know what I mean. Lulz…plane a kissAnd after that fully established factors and heart-tugging soundtracks, one can say that Sayonara Itsuka is definitely a one helluva dramatic romantic movie that will squish your kokoro pulps away into buckets of tears right?! Well, the answer is… NO. And you don’t know how freaking effing disappointed I am right now at this movie for the only reason that I shed my salty tears is because I had wasted away the 2.5 hours of my life that I could never get back. Ugh… SHIIIITTT!!! Mai Pen Raiiiiiii!!! *clenching fist*
joyride(Spoilert: Until the last buh-bye…)

In a nutshell: Higashigaito Yutaka (Nishijima Hidetoshi) is an ambitious man and the Eastern Airline employee who’s set to get married with the company’s president’s daughter, Tasuzue Mitsuko (Ishida Yuriko) in three months. In the meantime, he is dispatched to work at the branch office in Bangkok, Thailand, where he meets a beautiful mysterious woman named Manaka Touko (Nakayama Miho), whose charm and appearance seem too bewitching to be looked away or even forgotten. And what’s supposed to be a brief encounter between these two strangers, has turned into something more meaningful with a lingering sensibility, even years after they’ve grown apart.noonPraeambulum, I had read tonzzzz of reviews about Sayonara Itsuka in prior to watch it, and most of them are positives with lots of complimentary vibe of how they have so many fricken feels and tears along with the scenes and characters. So, before I start to yap my bitter shit away, I need to remind those of you who love this movie to not read my review, cos you probably will feel offended and pilloried me whatsoever, kaykay? Good. Haha. *smiley emoji*nightcallIt took me two freaking consecutive days of a weekend to finish watching SayoItsu, for this movie’s duration is so damn effing long with a tedious plot execution. Not gonna lie, but I was seriously almost fell asleep by the time I reached the scene of brooding Yutaka in a car at night, and I even don’t know anymore of when that scene was. Gahh, meticulous is good, but overly two hours duration for a romance drama is clearly pushing the snooze button of me as a viewer. But duration is only a peanut problem, when the major crap that got me in full throttle crabby mode towards Sayonara Itsuka is its unsympathetic vibe that it brings, either through the story-line, or the main characters. bustedWatching Sayonara Itsuka is like watching a combo of Second Love and Tokyo Tower, but this movie is somehow managed to take the worst of both worlds and upgraded it into the 2.0 version of WTF-ery. If in Second Love, the guy character Kei is a jerk who manipulate his foolish kind hearted girlfriend, Yui; then in SayoItsu, the guy character, Yutaka is a not only a jerk, but also a major douchebag with no redeeming qualities, as he’s a selfish, cold guy who just can’t keep his pants on. From the get go we’re already shown with how degrading Yutaka is in treating his goody two shoes honorable omiai fiance, Mitsuko, and later on, it was clear from his co-worker slash friend of 12 years testimony of reminiscing that he’s a player and a womanizer who loves to take what other people have, be it his best bud’s girlfriend or major crush in college years.saisho karaWhile, the heroine, Touko is like the lock for Yutaka’s key, for she is a biyotch as well, cos she knew Yutaka is getting married, but yet she’s still coming into his crummy apartment to seduce him for sex in the name of home run ball. Ugh. And how can Yutaka the D-bag says “noooooo!” to a beautiful woman standing in front him going commando and offering herself, since he’s just so damn eager to get laid from the very first time, eh?! So these two finally bang their shit out in a uber-steamy lustful sexy time, and we’re only on our ±17 minutes of the duration. Isn’t that wonderful?! *sarcastic tone*morning cuddleAnd to make it shittier, this movie clearly busts its butt off in showing how Yutaka and Touko is a star-crossed lovers who are soooo sweet and romantic together, in order to raise our sympathy up for these lovebirds. Gee golly, how can I take on Yutaka’s side, when all he does is hurting other people around him? How can I cry along with Touko when she got shooed away by Mitsuko, when all she does is stabbing Mitsuko on the back, while Mitsuko, in a very kind manner, literally zip hers? How can I root for Yutaka and Touko to be together, when all they did has always so shallowly ‘superficial’ with no emotional substance?!floating marketThis movie clearly has a very clear intention in putting Yutaka and Touko as the main couple for they are both a lonely cheap-thrill seekers with no juncture in their relationship. Touko is a very rich divorcee who loves to buy branded goods and luxurious stuffs, while Yutaka is a very ambitious guy who only wants to get rich and powerful cos he feels oh-so-incapable with what he has and do. But the way their interactions were written with a major foundation of them being only as a physical-contact partner is what make SayoItsu downright feel so uninspiring. I mean, how can you really believe that these two love each other deeply, when Yutaka, in full sanity, only points out Touko sexual inability as a woman? Gawttttt, I dunno why, but I really think that part is sooooo degrading and scumbag of him. mitsuko the awesome fianceNot to mention that their relationship is a pure 24k of infidelity with Yutaka meets and be in a relationship with Touko behind Mitsuko’s back, who cannot be where he is at that moment. DOHHHHH, Yutaka duuuuude, what had Mitsuko done to you to deserve all that shittiness happen to her? I mean, forferksake, Mitsuko is a one helluva good girl and a devoted fiance, who has bravery bigger than Yutaka’s ass, cos she basically can confront Touko in a full composed manner with no glimpse of a rage, and she can keep her emotions in check for over two decades of her marriage with Yutaka. That is pure class of a woman, seriously. If I can point out one Mitsuko’s fault, is that the fact that she is a daughter of a rich family, that’s all. And for the first time ever, this movie gives us a clear example that it sucks to have a lotzzz of moolah. Hah.tuk tuk tukkkkSayoItsu was written with a basic premise of lust turn into love in a lose-lose situation of a ‘what if’, with a main point in showing that if only Yutaka work things out with Touko, they’ll definitely be happy together, cos they love each other sooo so much. You see, this is another bullcrap from this movie, cos it doesn’t need a rocket science to show that Yutaka and Touko are clearly never meant for each other. Even if Yutaka DID ditch Mitsuko before the wedding day and run away with Touko into the “sunset”, the long term outcome will only show Yutaka ended up as a loser as he is at the present moment, and he and Touko clearly won’t last for long, cos what started and based their relationship is only somatic and nothing more. Touko is charming and unforgettable for Yutaka because she is a one beautiful woman who knows how to work her mojo. She is a contradiction to Mitsuko, who is boring, submissive and tying him down with money and promising life-prospect. Touko is representing Yutaka’s inner free spirit of an unpredictable future. Like she said, “let’s think about tomorrow, tomorrow”.free spiritBut we all know, even Touko herself know, that free spirit won’t last forever. And it’s really obvious that the way Yutaka misses Touko for yearrsss and yearrrrs is only because he missed that exciting short-lived period of time with her, and simply because they never meet each other again for a very very long time. In other words, the distance makes them closer. And this is why also I just can’t put myself to root for this couple to be together or believe that they love each other enough to conquer all, cos how can I feel sad over Yutaka’s fake-ish tears at the airport, if he, in fully consciousness, still able to choose to be together with Mitsuko the goldmine, over Touko whom this movie depicted as someone that he LOVES so much wholeheartedly? He never say that three small words to Touko even though she asked him to. Heck, he even still let his ego and pride win in a form of a pet peeve over a trivial matter of him being called as ‘Mr. Manaka’.mister manakaShould he loves Touko, he will find that moniker is nothing but a laughable lil joke. Should he loves Touko,  he will, in a full gutsy ballsy attitude, choose to be with her and leave Mitsuko, so she can find herself another better man. Should he loves Touko, he will utter I heart you words towards the woman cos talk is sooo dang effing cheap. Yutaka, my man, you can’t have it all, okayyyyyy??!?! There’s no such thing as dividing yourself for the two crossroads, cos you’re not a damn protozoa nor amoeba. You gotta choose one, and when you had chosen one, you gotta put your heart, mind, and soul into it; Cos saying I love you to a figmental reflection on the window glass is so farking useless. Dohhh.awesome mitsukoJust when you thought that the shit has over, this movie is still putting its last resort in forcing us to feel boohoo in pitiness for Yutaka and Touko, by putting her in terminal illness! Lo! Why I feel sooooo cold like a rock when I watch that part? Oh, maybe it’s because the douche-pants Yutaka has never changed his ass*bleep* attitude even though he’s already old and wrinkly. The most obvious example is the scene where he’s on his way back to his old flame mistress in Thailand and he snubs Mitsuko in the airport by the time she gave him her poem book and saying that she initially wanted to give him as a present for their silver anniversary… DAMMITTTT Yutaka, who the eff you think has been taking care of you and your family for decades??? Who the hell been giving you a nice family and corporate position for your ass to sit on, HUH? Gawttt, I really wish I could strangle this gormless dude at that scene cos he’s such a freaking ungrateful SoB. i could carelessAnd don’t even ask me why I didn’t find his marriage with Touko is sadly romantic nor his mournful driving shit after her death is agonizingly sad, cos it just didn’t tickle my emotion like, at all. And that poem? That poem is great and dramatic alright, but the way this movie had squished my emotion in a wrong way has making me unable to feel, not even a minuscule drop of care towards Yutaka and his wallowing moment, for he and Touko are basically a detestable couple perfectly made for each other sans the happy ending, which is good. End of my rant.then and nowOkay, okay, like I always said before, I never want to end my post in bitterness, cos heaven forbid, for me to become a gripey kinda person. Lulz. Well, SayoItsu maybe a big-ol-failure in becoming a sadly sympathetic romance film, but it clearly succeed in giving us the nuance that it intends to bring. If I can describe SayoItsu in a one word, it will be captivating. This movie clearly managed to give us a lot of reason to visually feels the world where Yutaka and Touko live in, either from Touko’s striking beauty in all her style and pretty dresses; the torrid atmosphere of Thailand in the 70s, that also represents the heat of their passionate relationship, until the decades later of their reunion where the cinematography is predominantly becoming blue-ish and cloudy, which in a match with their hoary ageing life. And the soundtrack songs too are what captivating the most, for they’re like the major factor that builds and perfecting the whole movie in giving us somewhat nostalgic and reminiscing vibe, it almost feels like we’re looking back along to those Yutaka and Touko good ol’ days when they were together.fieldAll in all, Sayonara Itsuka is a very well made romance drama film that managed to charm us in its ambiance and representation of lust, love, and lost. But the way it’s building the characterization of the main leads has clearly managed to steer us away from the supposed sympathy that this movie has originally intended. Sayonara Itsuka is a one helluva affair that should not need to be remembered.

Final Score: 62/100

gimme my 2.5 hours back pweeez... *sobs*
gimme my 2.5 hours back pweeez… *sobs*


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