Fangirl Level Up! Here Comes Minipipami 2.0: the Shitty Subber!

me are otacuteWhen life gives you brain and spare times, you gotta use it for the sake of humanity. So, here I am, picking up pieces of an abandoned(?) drama project, and turning myself into an impromptu subber, like heeeeccckkkk??!!! Just when I thought I couldn’t turn more otaku-ish. Lulz…Anyhooo, I’m not picking any drama outta nowhere to be subbed, as I gotta work on sumthin that I lurve! and enthusiastic! about, which in this case is, (Dun-Dun-Dunnn!!!) another ossan’s drama, Ryusei Wagon. And I’m not subbing from the first episode mind you, since gawt knows that I would implode, as doing just one episode already makes me feel shitty and tired more than my 9 to 5 routine. Haha. But still, it’s alllllll good, since I’ve always been curious ’bout how does it feel like to sub a dorama, and I can learn one or two new Nihongo vocabs and stuff. Despite the fact that I had to watch the same episode for around 7 times, it made me know every single diddly scene inside out, all just for the sake of making sure that I got my sub in an okay form. It’s allllll good, despite the fact, too, that I have to time each and every word these people sayin in their long dialogue, every single night until 2AM for these past 4 days. It’s allllll freakinggggg good yoooooo!!! Hahahaha!!! *sarcastic laughter*

*) 16th April 2016 → Oooh, just so you know that I started subbing from the eight episode, and I had finished and uploaded my sheez, which you can get it right-o here-o. Hah.

Good night. Gotta hibernate my ass b4 I passed out. Lol…zzzzzz…

*) 20th April 2016 → done with number nine. Off to the finale suckahhzzz! Woohooo!!!

*) 25th April 2016 → the final episode sub has been finished and uploaded. Cos mama hatezzz procrastinating. Yowzahhhh~!

Right now I feel so f**king accomplished!

Woohooooooo!!! (ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง

See you in the next project! (as in neverrrrr…)




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