45 Years of Nishijima Hidetoshi: The (Fashionably) Late Bloomer

forty fiveHi, peeps. It’s been over a month since my last post, and I think most of you have been thinking that I’m having hiatus for good or that I’m probably already dead, eh?! Haha… Well, I indeed almost considered myself to take an indefinite hiatus, but turns out I. Just. Can’t abandone you, peepsqueaks! Cos I luv you all so-so-so much with all my guts and ulcer *smooch* But it’s not just for you gurls; cos this squeezebun here too has hefty enuff kokoro to fangirl over this fetching Nippon-actor, Nishijima Hidetoshi ( ❤ ) as well. Talk about Nishijima-shi… *looking at calendar* omigosh… I am soooooooo on the verge of shedding my effin tears right at this moment, for I’m able to be alive, kicking, and posting right on the same day as his birthday TODAYYYY!!! Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiiiii!!! *sobs* And it is also not just an ordinary birth number as well, as our cutie patootie ossan is reaching the halfway to the half century age which is the big Forty and the fatso Five! Whoaaaawesome~!!! omedetou cutie ossan xoxoBut wait-o the minute-o! Before I start to yap around wildly and restlessly, I feel the need to point out that Nishijima Hidetoshi is a one rare case of late blooming actor in Japan. That being said, while most actors are reaching their heights of popularity in their 20s or 30s, Nishijima was reaching his peak right on his 40s, after had nonstop-ly starred in strings of various genre and type of films and doramas with distinctive kinds of role for over two decades.  Be it chick-flick, action, medical, sci-fi, dystopia; high budget, mediocre, rinky-dink; Japanese, Korean, English, French, whatever the shit, you name it, he’s done it. This un-pickiness of him finally become sumthin’ fruitful for his career, as he’s obtained the A-list actor predicate like he is now. And as a fan, too, it’s simply my ever so fricking pleasuuuure to be able to reap what he’d sown all this time, hence me marathoning his shitzzz all around for months. Haha. That is why, in order to celebrate this rare-as-solar-eclipse event and also not to make my hours and viewing impressions went down to the gutter of nothingness, I had made this Oh! So special! dedicational post of my fangirl journey over our birthday man sans the birthday suit. Lulz… and I’m gonna summarized the list not chronologically by the production year, but simply on my own timeline of watching process so far. Okie dokie then fellas, Here! We! Go~!
(Spoilert for every drama contained: Spilled like scattered beans…)

01.) 僕とスターの99日/Boku to Star no 99 Nichi (2011)
eyes to eyes

A.K.A: Reach for the Star. Literally.
Cast: Nishijima Hidetoshi, Kim Tae-Hee, Sasaki Kuranosuke, Taecyeon, Sakuraba Nanami, Furukawa Yuki, Kaname Jun, etc.
In a nutshell: Han Yuna (Kim Tae-hee) is a big Hallyu star who’s expanding her shine in Japan; Namiki Kohei (Nishijima) is an unremarkable late thirties/early forty astronomy-nerd man trying to make ends meet. Kohei’s bound to protect Yuna, that’s his job as her bodyguard. But who’d have guessed that he’s unknowingly win her heart in the process.
polarisMoi Two Cents: After months of promising promises, I finally able to keep mine up by (finally) typing it here. Phew. Okay, back 2 da topic. I actually had known about this cross country dorama’s existence for a very verrrry long time through the news from the magazines, internet-buzz, etc., and back then I pretty much only knew Nishijima’s name as somewhat this sudden booming actor at that time, but I just didn’t give enough damn nor having some sort of curiosity whatsoever in wanting to watch Boku 99, until I got hit by a giant chick flick-crave, and I priorly, coincidentally saw Nishijima’s kakko-eeeeee photo of his Gekijouban MOZU red carpet event on Twitter (it’s still one of my fave pics of him up until now btw) and I was like, Oooohhh… so this is Nishijima Hidetoshi looked like, eh? *dokidoki* lulz… And so since then, I began picturing how good if he paired together with Kim Tae-Hee inside my brain; and next thing you know, I was already on board to the OTP train right away choo to the chu chu, though I didn’t want to disappoint myself later on, so I was putting my earlier expectation for this drama berry berrry low.do u geddittttAnd so, this drama turns out to be just as predictable and cliche as I thought. But, if we can brush aside those obvious things and focusing our attention solely to the whole drama’s execution instead, turns out Boku 99 is pretty good, and definitely sending feel good vibes to us viewers as a matter of fact, despite it has some sort of desperate attempt to resemble a K-drama as twinsies as possible (That hug! That efftard Winter Sonata-style hug on the eight episode! Lol…) But yet again, I am soooo can totally overlook that absurdity, cos luckily the main couple are just there to squeeee your kokoro away with their witty banter and genuine sweetness that shows nothing but a pure cutie renai, babyyyy!!! Aioooo~ *smooch*piggybackThe Kyaaa Factor: Judging from the plot, we all probably can guess that Boku 99 is like a Japanese mixture version of The Bodyguard and cocktail of Hallmark movies, which serves nothing but a typical chick-flick scenes, either from the one where the dude fall on top of the chick, the chick lost in the woods and nobody can find her except the dude; the dude and the chick hated each other at first which was shown through the all bickering and stuff, but then they ended up falling for real; all those general rom-com scene template were certainly applied between Kohei and Yuna here. But, like the scientists said that cheese contains a crack-like addictive shit, in the end I just couldn’t help myself but to get hooked by Boku 99‘s cheesiness. There might be a little beef on the middle, where the plot seems moving sluggardly, but it wasn’t too bothering for me to make my halfway syndrome coming out anyway.holdhandsTruth be told, the snail pace of the plot itself was actually reasonable since that’s how the Kohei-Yuna relationship should have logically and naturally progressed. Nothing ever come out instant, especially when it comes to complicated circumstances as theirs. Though sometimes it kinda pissed me of how Kohei is just so damn shilly-shally in handling obstacles to be with Yuna. That is why I applaud Yuna’s bravado in holding on to her feelings toward Kohei, by stating her resignation as an actress on that press conference. Heck yeah, girl! *clap clap*

his assistant's face at the back is so... Lulz...
Naoki’s face at the back is so… Lulz…

Beside the main couple that were squizably squee-worthy, the second lead guy, another A-list actor slash Kohei’s former elementary school’s DUFF, Ganmo (Sasaki Kuranosuke) is a hands down favorite as well. Ganmo may be snob, foolish, and overboardly narcissistic (the way he snaps his finger and his assistant (Furukawa Yuki) has to rush his ass to play the dramatic track on the boombox. Lulz…) But yet, Ganmo is not a petty guy, as he’s man enough to give Kohei a push and advice to be persistent in pursuing the relationship with Yuna, despite he himself harbors the same feeling for her.wwkdI really like the part when Ganmo tell Kohei the harsh truth after Yuna got “Fridayed” with the photo of her kissing Kohei in the middle of the night scandalously spreading in public. At that time Kohei keeps declarating himself in wanting to protect his girl, but yet he’s doing nothing as an effort, which in the end makes Ganmo pissed as eff and he–in summarized–vents it out to Kohei by saying “You keep saying you want to protect her, but what had you actually done? Playing Shiritori and eating Takoyaki just won’t cut out anymore!” That Ganmo’s statement was totally snap, sharp, and apropos to the whole situation, by pointing out Kohei’s occasional annoying unassertive and indecisive attitudes regarding the whole mess that’s going on.confrontationBut the the scandal aftermath scene between these two buddies is definitely my most favorite part of all, which I think really sums up what the drama is all about. It is by the time Kohei got mad in jealousy over Ganmo and Yuna highly publicized faux relationship, and they almost got into a fight, where Ganmo told Kohei, “Kohei, stop being clueless! This is what loving someone is!”what love isBy the time I watched that scene, I kinda had a sudden sharp pang feeling for Kohei, cos somehow I totally can understand his misery over his ineligibility to be the suitable man for Yuna. But yet, for someone who’s never been seriously in love nor care enough to start a relationship up until that time, Yuna is practically his first love, and he just can’t help to feel the way he feels. Uggghhh… I can’t even…yunaAside the guys’ qualms and quarrels, this drama also has the knack in emphasizing meaning through small representative details. Either it’s a cute gesture on the opening song scene, where Kohei protecting Yuna who’s sitting behind him, or a comedic peanut gallery scene of Ganmo and Furukawa Yuki slip their lunches to the ground because of Ganmo’s big sneezing sound (lol…) But mostly, those small details are belonged to Yuna. Beside her Lucky trait of being an actually lonely person despite massively popular, Yuna actually has nothing in her private possession, as what she does and she has are all under public scrutiny, even if it’s a cheapo resin constellation keychain, which is the only thing she has to connect with her long lost lil bro. nightHeck, she doesn’t even have a picture of Kohei, who practically is her boyfriend, except one blurry on duty photo where he’s accidentally gotten into the frame, with her as the main focus. I dunno why but I really like that particular scene, for despite it’s just a minor subtle part, it really shows how uptight and prison-like Yuna’s world is. That is why she always covering up by actin’ out cheerfully as a facade, though she cannot pretending for long when she’s alone with Kohei, which emphasizing of how she needs him in her life to remind her that she has the freedom to be herself.

chuAlso, from the production angle, Boku 99 is a top notch when it comes to soundtracks, for it has two awesome songs which are Time Travel by Spitz as the main (Masamune’s voice is ❤ ) and Crystal Kay‘s Superman as the insert, that comes in two versions of upbeat and ballad. And the Superman’s lyrics translation is somehow totally fit the image of Kohei, as if this song is taken from Yuna’s point of view, which I think is awesoooome~… And, I also need to point out that this drama’s way of putting the flashback scenes by playing the same part of scene, only from different angle, is really clever and effective, as no scene goes to the recycle bin. Bravo, production team. Brrravo.
koheiThe Nishijima Factor: Honest to the maxes, at first, I was quite shock at how ‘different’ Nishijima’s appearance from his MOZU days, it almost feel like he’s a two different persons. I mean, for pete’s sake, he looked sooo much older, frowzy, and scrawny here. Not to mention he got this disastrous straggly hairstyle. Hah. But heck, I won’t gripe too much though, since by the time he’s acting as Kohei, he had just finished filming and promoting his international indie movie CUT where he played role as a skinny sand-bag cinephile. But still, things kinda awkward for my eyes initially, cos hey-ho, there is no bodyguard ever who’s as skinny as our dude Kohei, mind you. Lol…bodyguardActing wise, I found Nishijima tad a bit hyperbole and overact, with a lot of screaming, nagging, and such, but I’m just gonna assume that he acted that way because that’s what Kohei’s character supposed to be. But as the drama progresses, Kohei’s starting to gain my sympathy and attention in the right positive way, cos you just can understand why he feels so down and insufficient when he cannot do anything to protect Yuna, the way Ganmo had done with his capacity, and his frustration looked so real from his expression and stuff. That is why I totally feel the genuine “D’awww…” moment when I watched that airport scene, where Kohei said that three small words to Yuna.

Awww, Kohei... *sniffle*
Awww, Kohei… *sniffle*

The Booo Factor: If the soundtracks of Boku 99 is a top notch goodie, the scores are not so much, for they’re like another failed attempt of K-drama stylin’ BGMs, and the editing team disorderly inserting these musics all over the place throughout the drama, which really kills the mood most of the time. One part they’re playing it dramatic, but then it suddenly STOP! Like whatttt theeee… everything feels almost like a ferking comedy. Not to mention that violin music. Ahahahaha!!! That violin is sooooo makjang wannabe, it ended up sounds so damn crappy and make you wanna lol-ing hard. Especially on the Kohei-Yuna farewell scene. Aigoooo… it was suckzzz.

oh hey, TaeCyeon, with a capital "C"...
oh hey, TaeCyeon, with a capital “C”…

But nothing beats the size of the capital c of Crappiness in this drama other than Taecyeon’s role as Yuna’s estranged ototo, Tae-sung.(Disclaimer: I got no hate for Taecyeon, okayyy?! Peace out, 2PM fandom! Lulz…) All I gotta say is that… Ohohoho, Taecyeon… O. Ho. Ho. This bulky Robocop gait / corn-dog muncher dude was so downright miscast in this drama, cos by the time he appeared for just like 10 seconds, people generally already KNEW that he was there for idol popularity boosting session. prodigal brotherThere are two nincompoops that this drama had made and executed regarding Tae-sung’s existence. One: the first encounter scene between him and his ELDER BIOLOGICAL SISTER, Yuna, after like, zillion years of losing contact. Why do I caps-locked the ‘blahblablah sister’ word? Oww, it’s because this drama stupidly made the scene looked like they’re a star crossed lovers having an “I miss you” reunion meeting, and the dude is in the midst of doing the noble idiocy sheez. Jimminy. Cricket.

see how misleading this part was? Lulz...
see how misleading this part is? Lulz…

Seriously, if I was a clueless non-viewer sitting on the couch by the time this scene played out, I’d probably think that that was the case.

careful with what you wish for, kiddo...
be careful with what you wish for, kiddo…

Two: I don’t care with all the pillory that I might get after this, sticks and stones; but I think the dancing scene on the final episode is the ultimate crappy part that ruined this drama, cos it was downright unnecessary and Taecyeon’s dancing skill is awfully lame. By the time I was watching that scene, I only keep mumbling, “Why Momo, why you have to ask Tae-sung to do that?! WHYYYYY???!!!” Ow dear gawdie, it was a blatant shitty fan-service all the way.
koheixyunaOverall: Boku 99 is a cute, fun, sweet, and full-packed OTP squeeness of a drama. If you’re in for Nishijima Hidetoshi’s drama guide for Dummies, then I suggest you to watch this dorama first as the introduction. Bcos, if we can like Nishijima as Kohei here, then the rest of his drama will be an A-easy ride. And, that’s! How I roll, baby! Woohooo!

Final Score: 80/100

so cute…
02.) ダブルフェイス/Double Face (2012)

rainy dayA.K.A: Double Whammy and All the Tragedy
Nishijima Hidetoshi, Kagawa Teruyuki, Kohinata Fumiyo, Kadono Takuzo, Aoi Yu, Wakui Emi, and others.
In a nutshell: Moriya Jun (Nishijima), a police officer, and Takayama Ryosuke (Kagawa Teruyuki), a yakuza clan member, are crossing each other’s path in undercover operation and schemed infiltration without knowing that they’re heading to one tragic end of a nefarious whirlpool.
2 worlds
Moi Two Cents: I never knew Double Face’s existence, up until I’m mindlessly cruisin’ on Nishijima’s dramaography one day, and coincidentally read this title as the remake of Infernal Affairs. I mean like, heck, who doesn’t know Infernal Affairs?! That movie is so effing mainstream, it even induce a Hollywood remake starring Leo D, which the ignorant me even know about that. Lulz. Double Face though, has come up to me as some sort of sleeper hit, with no major buzz going around by the time it’s airing, but the after-effect when you finished watching is so damn linger inside your brain; and the next thing you know, you’ve already invested wholeheartedly in it. Yowzahhh~
morijunThe Kyaaa Factor:
I won’t sayin’ things all over again about this drama since I had posted a stand alone review about it couple monthzzz ago (on November twenty-fifteen to be more precise…) But heck, Imma say it then, and Imma say it again now, that I hate Yakuza and dark violent genres, but I love, I repeat, I LOOOOVE Double Face, for many reasonable reasons. First, the cinematography is downright awesome, by giving us a film like experience, combined with a efficiently effective storyline that was executed without any boring fillerish nor meandering plot and such. Every scene holds an integral part that contributing to the drama’s progress and every character is multi dimensional with depth and substance, while the grim mood is one of the winning factors, for it was neatly created, and boosted more by the thematic dark coloration and soundtrack.
looking throughThe Nishijima Factor: Ummm, do we really need to go there again? Lulz… whoever reads my blog clearly already knew that Double Face is the main/major trigger of my Nishijima Hidetoshi fangirling Saga. I may not like him much in Boku 99 for he looked so uber-emaciated and exaggerated, but in here! in Double Face, Nishijima is bringing da heat onto the screen, with his best appearance and best acting chop as well, cos as Moriya Jun, he’s just soooo freaking nailed it. Aioooo~ my feels are certainly coming back all over again by the time I’m typing this… *dokidoki*looking backThe Boo Factor: The ending is just a littttleee bit too hasty and in the end it feel kinda contrived imo. And whatever dorama where they kill the main (read: Nishijima Hidetoshi’s) character can be defined as the shitty peeved lil doodoohead, even though it brings a solid execution throughout the duration. But still, I forgive Double Face anyway. Just a little mini squiggly tiny bit though. Whatever. Hah.
bar talkOverall: Dark, emotionally-investing, and rewatched-worthy; Double Face is a masterpiece remake of Infernal Affairs, without being shadowed by comparison to its original franchise. In short, Double Face is a one drama done OH-SO-right-O!
For my complete review, jump here pweez!

03.) ゲノムハザード/Genome Hazard (2013)

A.K.A: Who am I? Who are You? Who is He? Who Cares?
Nishijima Hidetoshi, Kim Hyo-jin, Maki Youko, Nakamura Yuri, and bunch of other casts that I could careless.
In a nutshell: Ishigami Taketo (Nishijima) is an ordinary man who happily married to his wife, living in a nice apartment, and has a stable job. It is until one day Taketo found his wife’s dead at their home. But while he’s in shock and grief, he’s got the unpredictable twist for she’s alive and able to call him from another location. And when the flustered Taketo starts being targeted and hunted down by a secret organization, his life begin to spiraling out of control, and he lost everything and anything, including himself.
wtf faceMoi Two Cents: When you need an All-Nippon actor to do a Hallyu-related project, who ya gonna call? Nishijima! Hehehh… At first I was stupidly thought, “WTF this movie will talk about? Seven dwarfs?” as I had misread the title as Gnome Hazard Lulz… Well, enuff with my lame opening jokes. Okay… errr, how should I put it nicely… Genome Hazard is amazing…ly boring. And yet, I just can’t point my fingers at where the boring part is, and I just can’t figure out HOW this movie can be so coma inducing-ly tedious, when the basic plot is actually really unique and interesting.no way noBasically, if there’s any so-so positive value that I can make out from the whole debacle, is that Genome Hazard reminds me a lot of Hollywood movie, The Forgotten that’s starred by Julianne Moore, either from the hype that it had gotten me into, to the meh of disappointment that I had after the credits roll. You probably already know the storyline of The Forgotten, right?! The “I have a son!” “No, you don’t” meandering plot back and forth, until it all boils down to an alien vortex, like wutttt!!! Well, in Genome Hazard, Taketo is facing a similar situation, as he’s all over the place, shattered and battered, while standing alone holding what he believes, against everyone who keep pestering and convince him that he’s not more than a delusional dude, including Kang Ji-won (Kim Hyo-jin), the Korean journalist and his only ally, who decided to give him benefit of the doubt.teamThe whole process of Taketo’s effort in finding out about the truth had been nothing but a confusing, and yet also a thrilling ride throughout the duration, as he’s always this close to get caught, but yet managed to escape from the baddies. But by the time I started to expect a lil bit more and thinking that it’s all gonna go down into an awesome and mind-blowing conclusion, Genome had chosen its path to be a shallow sci-fi movie by revealing the truth of Taketo’s professor acting like a jerk to cover up his own dirt, which in the end had snowballed into ruining Taketo’s basically everything, by had made him going through identity crisis and double married life, like what? that’s it??!! DOHHH… *roll eyes*
the callThe Kyaaa Factor: Hmmm… this part is difficult. Lol… Wokayyyy, if there’s anything good come out from Genome, is that the acting from most of the actors here were pretty good. I even read that Kim Hyo-jin has only learn Japanese three weeks prior, and yet she has to speak the language for around 95% of the whole film, which is really commendable of her. And the cat ‘n mouse parts of Taketo and the baddies too were actually pretty good, especially the one scene where he has to escape through the roof in barefoot. That is quite intense, imo. And the flashback scene of Taketo’s ‘actual’ wife chasing him through the train station is bringing a lil mix of emotion, cos we clearly can see her frustration with the “it’s me! it’s meeeee!” act of convincing, but he just doesn’t recognize her. Kinda breaks my heart a bit when I watched that part. Poor wifey… *sigh*
smoking taketoThe Nishijima Factor: So now you see?! This is the reason why I was having a hard time typing “The Kyaaa Factor” session above. Hehehhh…
I‘m gonna be honest here that my reason to watch Genome is solely because of Nishijima Hidetoshi and Nishijima Hidetoshi alone. But even so, his presence can’t save this movie from falling to the gutter of blerg-ness, since he basically couldn’t do much due to his hands were tied by the crappy script.taketo1But one major brownie point from Nishijima though, is that he always appeared calm, smart, and classy; like a breeding from scholar family. Lulz… That is why I wasn’t surprised when I read it somewhere that he and Beat Takeshi share a common interest in love for math and numbers. I mean, dude’s gotta have that geeky passion stored somewhere, rrright?! And that is why it wasn’t a shocker either if Nishijima has a knack in linguistic department cos his Korean-speaking dialogue on this movie’s final scene was sizzlingly good maaaaaan! Well it might not as smoothly sophisticated as his French in Memories Corner–bless my soul for able to bear in watching that movie, since I didn’t understand anything cos all I got was the French DVD-Rip, in which they sub the English part with French but they didn’t give any translation on the Frenchy conversation part which basically is the 90% of the movie. Durrr…!!!–But still, the pronunciation, intonation, expression. Uu-uhm, uu-uu-uhm~ Sizzling.

Ugh... <3 <3 <3
Ugh… ❤ ❤ ❤

The Booo FactorGenome is plain boring, and it’s such a try hard in making the conclusion to be looked complicated and heavy, when in fact it was so simple and stupid. And what worse is that this movie couldn’t make me to care, even just for a minuscule, towards anyone in this movie, including our supposedly sympathetic hero, Taketo.at homeAlso, Taketo and Ji-won, both as lead’s chemistry are so bland and blah, as they’re felt so detached from each other and disconnected to the viewers. And this movie dare to hint some sort of ROMANCE between these two?! Really??!! Ahahahaha!!! Cry me a dam water, cos if there’s any romantic chemistry visible in this movie, it will be between Taketo and that yellow amoeba in his petri dish. Lulz…here u goThere is no such thing as lurve in Genome, not even between Taketo and his ‘wife’ played by Maki Youko, though she hugs and utter that three small words to him at the very end. That means I can blatantly said that I was scammed by the production team with that official released photo still of Nishijima carrying Kim Hyo-jin like a knight in shimmering armor cos I don’t remember watching that scene as it was NOT even exist. And even if it DOES exist in the deleted scene wutsoeva, I won’t give much of a damn anyway, since throughout the whole duration, the relationship between these two were depicted as some sort like business partner quid pro quo shitz, which is soooo platonic as *bleep*. Boohoo. And also, the fact that Nishijima had to act spazzing for a quarter of the final duration is kinda LOL and reduce the charm factor of the movie, which in this case is fatal, since he’s the only interesting part of the whole thing. But that spasm bitch slap scene is an all-around-win by the way. Lolololol…
hmphOverall: Watch this if you love something sci-fi, thriller, etc. with a mediocre dose, or you have nothing interesting left to watch, or you basically had tick all the boxes of Nishijima’s drama & filmography list, and this is the last one to be accomplished.

Final Score: 67/100

the walk of... fame? Or shame?
the walk of… fame? Or shame? *shrug*
04.) ジェネラルルージュの凱旋/General Rouge no Gaisen (2010)

hayami-senseiA.K.A:A” Team with “B” Trouble
Nakamura Toru, Ito Atsushi, Nishijima Hidetoshi, Kato Ai, Kinoshita Takayuki, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Shiraishi Miho, and many many more.
In a nutshell: Taguchi “Gucchi” Kohei (Ito Atsushi) and Shiratori Keisuke (Nakamura Toru) are back as the justice league in unmasking another hospital defraud as this time they’re investigating a possible bribery that’s been done by Shiratori’s colleague slash former college buddy, the E.R. doctor Hayami Koichi (Nishijima).
Moi Two Cents: If you had read my review up until this far; first of all, congrats, for being able to survive reading my yappy rant (lulz…) and, by now you probably had already noticed that in my Nishijima’s dramas review, I almost always said the same opening, as I never bother to watch this genre of a dorama whatsoever, until he’s starred in it. Oh well, the power of fangirling I guess. Haha… Anyhooo, same thing happened here, as I also never watched Team Batista franchise before nor plan to complete the whole tetralogy, as I’m not really into medical genre drama. But I had made my exception for this second series, not just because of the NishiHide factor, but also because the fact that General Rouge is indeed deserving its double digit ratings (and the highest average among four series franchise as well), for the whole execution is thrilling and exciting, despite its typical episodic format. And since it’s set on a E.R. department, the medical cases were written effectively and fast-paced, with each case has its own personal back story.judgement dayHaving said that, though all patient’s cases overall were fairly good and interesting, this drama’s essential part lays on the seventh episode onward, where the bribery issue plot is getting on the high note. Starting from a hearsay between the nurse, Kuriyama (Asami Reina) and one of the E.R. doc Hasegawa (Totsugi Shigeyuki); to an anonymous snitch letter, that was typed but then had been tossed away by Izumi (Kato Ai), resurface to everyone’s knowledge. It then makes the scandal become more and more prominent between the E.R. team and the whole Tojo University Hospital management, which in the end pushing Hayami into the hot water when he finally got called for the assessment by the B.o.D.chill pill hayamiDammit, this part was sooooo good and intense. Starting from the high tension atmosphere in the meeting room, the stern looks from the acting directors, and Hayami’s chillax attitude that certainly gets on everyone’s nerve. In short, you just can’t stop watch this episode, the next episode, and the next after the next episode yadayadyada, cos you just feel that you have to know what will happen next right-fricking-away. And for the first time ever in my drama-watching history, I was staying up late until ±3AM in the morning. On school night. For a non chick-flick/rom-com dorama. Ugh… and on the next day I got this hangover-like sleepiness and huge Badz-badtz Maru eye bags I could put a penny in, but Heyhooo! I had no regret yo! Yeahhhh! *fist pumping*OPThe Kyaaa Factor: The emergency and operation procedure in this drama were hands down good, with my favorite one is on the fourth episode, where Hayami team was doing an operation over that reporter using a catheter. I really like how that scene was executed in silence without BGM, and everyone in that room has their own role in the whole process, and they automatically know what to do with just  a single word from Hayami-sensei. Maaan, I was totally holding my breath along the scene, and I dunno why I did that. Me are so weird… *shrug* That aside, Gucchi and Shiratori may be the two main leads of the whole franchise, but objectively speaking, the real show stealer in this second season is definitely Hayami-sensei. Seriously, Hayami is damn arrogant but brilliant, he’s erratic, quirky, unpredictable, and best of all, he sucks candypop 24/7. Dohhh, what’s not to like, eh?! Lulz… debateAs the leader of the E.R. team, Hayami is tackling everything in whatever way he likes with austerity, it makes the other doctors sometimes frustrated and feel like they had reached their limit working under him, cos they just cannot keep up with the General’s standard. But Hayami basically doesn’t give a damn towards their meekness. Heck, he doesn’t even give a tiny glance at Hasegawa’s resignation letter, which Hasegawa had written in emotionally torn upside-down and contemplating like mad about whether or not to give it away right after. So basically, when you’re in Hayami’s spartan team, there is no such thing as ‘quitting‘ no matter how BADLY you want it though. Hah.

geegolly, I really love this scene...
gee golly, I really love this scene…

Hayami’s strict way of handling patients is not just a random madness of his, but it’s simply bcos he doesn’t want to cower and tremble the way he used to 15 years ago when he–still as a junior doctor–was single-handedly taking care hundreds of victims from the Jotei Department Store fire incident. Since that day, Hayami decided to be this risk-taking emergency doctor that never turn down any patients, even though there’s no more room left in the hospital.unhappyThere’s something in how Hayami’s character were written that makes him come out really interesting, and… ummm, sexy. His arrogance has always made him become the ‘bad guy’, and the way he rebel against the hospital rules has kept pushing himself into an almost deep trouble, but yet at he always managed to get away with it cos he knows what he’s really doing. Hayami acts the way he acts cause he considers himself a genius. This snob attitude of him is what always putting him on the edge with Shiratori, cos Shiratori knows what kind of wrongdoing that Hayami has done, and he’s eager to caught him red handed, but yet at the same time, he doesn’t want Hayami to fall from grace and got his license suspended.

and he can smile after that. Lol...
and yet he can smile after that. Lol…

Hayami can be annoying at times, but you just can’t hate him cos he has legit reasons for being smug. Like the bribery scandal for example. He didn’t hide the truth, and cockily answering the accusation in a blatant manner that he indeed has accepting the money from Medical Assort, but yet Hayami’s reason come out logical, as he’s not actually receiving it for the sake of the money value itself, cos he look at the situation from a bigger picture, that in the end brings a different kind of point of view towards the situation. And in the end, it surely makes us as viewers want to root for him more.  So yeah, Hayami is a one damn awesome sensei. Wooohooo!!! *waving lightstick*

get a grip, mama. Get. A Ferking. Grip. Ugh... <3
get a grip, mama. Get. A Ferking. Grip. Ugh…

The Nishijima Factor: Although it was awesomely written, Hayami Koichi role could have come out dull and vapid, if it wasn’t done by the right actor. And Luckily Nishijima has the ‘it’ factor in bringing the character into life without being overboard irritating or obnoxious. Hayami’s wisenheimer acts somehow always have the right vibe in making us saying, “gerdammit, I hate youuuuu!” only with an amused smile.cakeAnd there’s something in the way Nishijima brought out the character that makes Hayami much more appealing than Shiratori and Gucchi combined; it reaches to a point where he become the de facto main lead of the whole series. I dunno what though, as it probably more to the charisma level maybe. Whatever it is, I like it de facto anyway. Lulz…
crazy kentoThe Booo Factor: Sometimes, if I’m not exaggerating, General Rouge has given us a couple reasons to Lol unintentionally in its contrived plot and scene. Like that Yamazaki Kento on the sixth episode (No, it’s not the Yamazaki Kento actor, as it’s that kid Sakurada Dori‘s role’s name in this drama. Can you imagine if this Yamazaki Kento in this drama living in reality? Talk about Office Space’s Michael Bolton. Lulz…) where he’s speeeeeeding on his wheelchair to stab Hayami-sensei with a scissors. Pfffttt…AHAHAHAHA!!! Gee golly, I am so sooo sorry, cos I just can’t help myself to not Lol-ing hard at the absurdity of that scene. Not to mention, the certain ‘twist’ of the real reason why Hayami got that “General Rouge” moniker is kinda wtf for me. Okay, the first reason might still be an a-okay, which is because he had his white doctor coat covered in bloody red color. But the second reason is because he had that lipstick on, like WHATTTTT?! the dragggggg… if that’s the case, shouldn’t he be called “Moulin Rouge” instead, as in “voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” Lololollll…sickI also need to gripe a bit about how this drama is certainly going downhill on the murder case and Hayami’s terminal illness plot. I mean, it feels kinda tedious, contrived, and visibly low budget. Not to mention that right after this full-packed of 12 episodes, General Rouge also has an SP episode that basically contained 50% drama recap, and 50% so-so storyline. This whole thing make it seem as if Fuji TV is on uber-keen mode to stretch this drama as looong as possible in the name of holy moolah. I dunno about the original novel nor the movie version of General Rouge that’s released earlier than this drama version though. Is Hayami’s illness really part of the novel’s storyline, or it’s simply just an add up plot to prolong this version? Not to mention as Hayami-sensei, Nishijima has to spazz his ass all over again, which is soooo damn Taketo of him sans the bitch slap. And that coughing blood scene! Whoa, minna-san, chillax! Don’t panic okay! It’s not a ferking blood, as it’s just a Ribena juice! Harharharr… *sarcastic laughter*
team generalOverall: General Rouge is a one engaging medical dorama with fast paced plot execution, though the last three episodes and the SP kinda deteriorate the whole series’ qualityBut still, Hayami-sensei’s charm and mojo have done more than enough to make this drama becomes so damn watchable. *wink*

Final Score: 82/100

o yea, it's more than enuff alrite. Lulz...
o yea, it’s more than enuff alrite. Lulz…
05.) MOZU (2014)

A.K.A: Love in the Time of Conspiracy
Cast: Nishijima Hidetoshi, Kagawa Teruyuki, Maki Youko, Ikematsu Sosuke, Hasegawa Hiroki, Ishida Yuriko, yadayadayada
In a nutshell: A PSB officer, Kuraki Naotake‘s (Nishijima) wife, Chihiro (Ishida Yuriko) was killed in a mass bombing incident along with hundreds of civilians. He can’t accept her death, and he’s determined to find out about the truth.
confideMoi Two Cents:
 (Praeambulum: Blimey,  just realized that the A.K.A title sounds so Sidney Sheldon-esque. Lulz…) There’s no such thing as Nishijima Hidetoshi full dorama experience if you haven’t watched MOZU, since these two seasons crime-thriller dorama are practically his big break and the milestone project of his career. Nishijima himself stated the similar thing at the Gekijouban MOZU press conference, as roughly translated “MOZU is the project that I shall remember for the rest of my life” which is so d’awww and spot on as it is a one big budget high class production with a thrilling execution and stellar casts. But then shittily, the whole mega factors cannot cover the most important lackluster, that it actually has a poorly written plot. MOZU is awesome in execution, yep, but the way it wasted so many potentials by being confusingly superfluous have always made me as a viewer mumbling “damn… if only…”
duelistThe Kyaaa Factor: Well, who else? The most prominent character in this whole thing is definitely none other than Ikematsu’s double role as the Shingai bros. Without Shingai Hiromi, to be more exact, MOZU will be a one dreadful and dull crime drama. The existence of Shingai as the villain character has (un)surprisingly outshined the three main leads,  including Nishijima’s Kuraki. But duncha worry, oh you little Nishijima, you know my kokoro always belong to fancy you. Lulz…airportThe Nishijima Factor: Talk about embodying Kuraki Naotake character, Nishijima’s work ethic is something that should be applaud, since in MOZU, it’s clearly visible how he had busted his ass off to work his physical aspect, it reaches to a point where he looked so freakishly gaunt and haggard on early episodes. But then, as the drama progress, he definitely looked a lil bit better (or me just getting used to his pasty-faced, either way, lol…)kuraki callAnd as smart as MOZU production and editing team are, there are a lot of perfectly shot scenes of Kuraki doing his shits, either from pointing a gun, (infamously) chain smoking, until even a simple strut on the street (and the black coat!!! Dammittt!!! *chewing toenails*) Everything was made as purrrty as possible in order to please the viewers such as me, you, and all the ossan‘s increasing fanclub members. Haha.
passingThe Booo Factor: Dull storyline, dull heroine, dull-OTP, dull healthy life campaign, and even dull fan service. But my most beef is defo the dull ending yo. Well… the ending is damn SUCKS! It feels like I’m investing my whole hours and hourssss for nothing but a corny conclusion. Honest to the maxes, I actually more prefer for Kuraki to have some sort of battle royale shit with that looney baddie Higashi (Hasegawa Hiroki) instead, rather than running away from a sinking submarine with Akeboshi (Maki Youko) in a so 90s style way, cos it’s basically so ferking stupid. And the truth behind Chihiro suicidal behavior? Ugh, don’t ask me again, cos I’m so ferking pissed with that lame boohoo tragic romance-ish reason *sigh + roll eyes*

this is my disappointed face.
this is my disappointed face…



If only…


head here for my complete two seasons review, darlingzzz.

06.) ストロベリーナイト/Strawberry Night (2012)

himekawa teamA.K.A: Girl Power Dream Team
Cast: Takeuchi Yuko, Nishijima Hidetoshi, Koide Keisuke, Ukaji Takashi, Maruyama Ryuhei, Namase Katsuhisa, and bunch others.
In a nutshell: Himekawa Reiko (Takeuchi Yuko) had been a victim of serial raped, back when she was a teenager, but she doesn’t let that traumatic dark past and the tragic loss that followed after, dictating the way she live her life on the present. She’s moving on, working hard, gaining respect and finally become a chief detective, despite her relatively young age. She’s always belittled by her fellow male workers and superiors. But together with her loyal team, she doesn’t succumb and keep her head up to crack every case.
team hMoi Two Cents: I’m starting to watch Strawberry Night with a seriously high expectation, cos I had read nothing but a good feedback and review regarding this drama in the blogosphere, like “the case is more gruesome than any other deka drama”; “one of the cases is so sad it makes me cry”; “Kikuta and Himekawa are so cute together”, yadayadayada. But, well… turns out this drama was a bit of a let down for me. I’m not saying that this drama is an all bad, since there are couple good and quite solid cases served here, like that Kimura Tae‘s story about that hitman, or Hamada Gaku’s that was on the final three episodes. But still though… I dunno if it’s just because of me with my high hopes, but I do feel that Strawberry Night is trying tad a bit too hard to make the cases to be as unique and intricate as possible, it somehow ended up overdone, or like that douchebag chief Hashizume (Watanabe Ikkei) said, “It’s overkill.”focusNevertheless, I found Himekawa’s team chemistry is really good and pleasant; either from minor things like Tamotsu (Ukaji Takashi) holding Himekawa’s shoulder to balance her while she’s wearing those plastic shoe covers at the crime scene; Kikuta (Nishijima) holds her bag while they get out of a taxi; until majorly serious stuff like putting a united front to protect her from the dangerous culprits. And even though it’s sort of a taboo for the male detectives (in this drama only, I assume…) to even just working together with a female partner, Himekawa’s subordinates show nothing but utmost respect towards their ‘shunin’, and it’s really shown through the dynamic of the team in working and solving the cases.
lunch meetingThe Kyaaa Factor: Strawberry Night is the first deka drama that I watch with a female cast as the leader/chief detective, and it’s seriously bringing a breath of fresh air, as Himekawa is a strong minded and tough chick with an awesome team. Though she may comes annoying sometimes, at least she doesn’t relent and meek by the time she got ‘bullied’ by her boss Hashizume, or other fellow detectives; instead she’s getting stronger in defending her stance, to which I think is pretty cool.himekawaTruth be told, I kinda like how this drama build Himekawa’s backstory, despite it was a tragic one, since it perfectly shows her vulnerability, but also her strong side as well for being able to recuperate, cope, and overcome that traumatic past, to be the kind of woman she is now. And her relationship and miscommunication with her parents are somewhat heartbreaking, but yet very realistic in showing things will never be the same again between them, since what happened back then is a ‘great’ life-changing experience, and her parents just can’t stop blaming themselves for not being able to protect Himekawa at that time. Especially mom, whose anxiety and worriness over her daughter’s life and future are making her to become garrulous and a constant nagger, which always end in a major dispute with Himekawa.hugging mamaThat is why I feel the final scene on the last episode is really reallllly touching your kokoro to the deepest level, which is by the time Himekawa comes to visit her mom who’s staying at the hospital at that time, and giving her a bear hug  for the first time after a very verrrry long time ever since that ‘incident’, while saying to her mom, “Look, mom, I become strong now. I’m already strong enough to give you a big hug.” Gerdammittttttttt, it was too sad, okayyy!!! *batshit bawling*

Urrgh... *bawling in the corner*
Urrgh… *bawling in the corner*

Sappy maternal story aside, one deliberate thing for sure from Strawberry Night is that this drama clearly want us to ship Himekawa with Kikuta soooo bad, it reaches to a point where it’s obviously being a canon.happy day with shuninThere are a lot of small moments between Himekawa and Kikuta that indicating something more than just a shunin-subordinate relationship might happened to them. Like how Kikuta is the one who always walk her back to her place while holding her overnight bag; or the way Himekawa’s staring at Kikuta with a meaningful gaze when he walked away after saying good night; or even how he put a blanket on her while she unintentionally fell sleep at the local precinct office, and she awkwardly calls him as ‘thoughtful’ on the next morning for doing that sheez.
thoughtfulBut while the feelings are totally obvious on Kikuta’s side (in which even the whole team and department already know about it too), things are a lil bit hazy from Himekawa’s, as she’s always keeping him at arms length. And the most pivotal obvious scene is where she’s pushing him away by the time he’s hugging the crying her and welcoming her back.okaeriSometimes it baffles me on how Himekawa always brush Kikuta off, and it’s pretty sucked for Kikuta to have to working with someone that he truly likes, only to get a blurry signal with 99.9999% chance of rejection. I mean, he’s an all-around gentleman who deserves someone good, y’know. Doh, if only things were not so complicated as what they’re in though… *sigh*

always the worker, never the lover
always the worker, never the lover…

I really can’t rant much as an objection, since everyone basically has their own baggage and dilemma. And Himekawa does have a traumatic past regarding physical contact, which makes the pushing act become something understandable, cos she did that by the time Kikuta’s starting to hold her back tighter. Beside, the other probable reason is maybe because ‘once you go for “it”, there will be no turning back’, and she doesn’t wanna risk of losing Kikuta as her loyal friend and great working team member. So, yeah, can’t blame her for it. Though sometimes it’s kinda piteous for me to see Kikuta putting his Shunin’s ardent subordinate act in order to cheer himself up for the unrequited feeling that he harbors. *weep*
kikutaThe Nishijima Factor: Like I had typed before, Kikuta is an all-around gentleman, and he probably is the only Nishijima’s character that comes as flawless in the ‘troublesome’ department, as he always be this Mr. Darcy kind of shitzz for Himekawa. Having said that, I found Nishijima somehow is lacking some spark as Kikuta. I dunno where the lackness is though; maybe it’s because he doesn’t have the rebellious trait like Hayami, or hardcore dejection like Jun or Kuraki, or maybe it’s just the dimmed twinkle in the eyes or sumthin’. Lulz. But it’s still an A-okay all the way.
The Booo Factor:
Watching Strawberry Night always giving me a lil kick on my feminist gut, as I despise the way most of the chiefs and fellow male detectives have treated Himekawa as if she’s not worth to be there. Like Hashizume who never wants to listen to her suggestions, and keeps calling her hime (princess) all the time, pun intended, while I’m about to punch intended on his wrinkly face cos he’s just a one obnoxious old man.

spamming with Kikuta's face here to ease my annoyance...
spamming with Kikuta’s face here to ease my annoyance…

Not to mention Gantetsu (Takeda Tetsuya), or whatever his real name is in this drama. Ugh… Gantetsu is so ferking jerk-head, as he’s doing things whatever he pleased in a very annoying way, and he always threatening Himekawa about her dark past, just because he’s a PSB officer and able to find out about that kind of information. But what’s annoyed me the most from him is that he likes to beat up people with that rolled-up magazine. Uargghhh, I dunno why but I HATE it!!! *clenching fist* And because I have a major beef with this old geezer, I won’t even lift my lil pinky finger to work on screencapping his derpy face alone. Uh-uh. Nooooo. Thankzzz.overtimeMy other beef for Strawberry Night is kinda similar with my pet peeve over General Rouge, which is the over-excessive amount of episodes. Just so you know, Strawberry Night is not a one-shot per episode kind of drama, as in here, one case can be dragged stretchy enough until two or three parts, which in the end make the case itself become irritably tiresome and stodgy. For example is that zebra pill case which involving enjou kousai shit. Gahhhhhh, I don’t even care about who’s who and what’s what anymore, cos honestly I almost fell asleep! Durrr…Kikuta spAnd I find the Pre-movie SP, Strawberry Night: After the Invisible Rain, is straightly crap for couple reasons: 01.) Cos Himekawa’s team is scattered around and solving cases individually, but there’s no Tamotsu in it, which is disappointing cos he’s like, my second fave character right after Kikuta (doh, obviously. Lulz…) 02.) Because as Tamotsu’s and Kohei‘s (Maruyama Ryuhei) absents’ substitution, they put Endo Kenichi‘s character to partner up with Saruwatari Kyoto’s, while the other one is GANTETSU which is so blaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh, even though his case might be the better one among the rest despite Hiraoka Yuta’s exaggerated acting is annoying as heck. 03.) Cos it’s so damn obvious that this SP was made to churn more ¥¥¥ from the franchise, since all these cases are so daft and not making any sense at all, especially Kikuta’s case.jumpI mean like, wtf with that student girl’s head can jerk her friend 180º up into the air and straight out of the balcony??? Hah! I bet you don’t understand what you just read right? Yep, it was THAT illogical. (Not to mention that in this SP, 70% of Nishijima’s scene were consisted of him eating, nom-ing and chomping. Well, guess he’s piling it up for the winter, eh?! Lulz…) The rest of other cases might be more undertone in being a dumbo, but they’re overall boring and downright ridonkculous, which in the end has totally killing my mood to watch the movie. Needless to say, After the Invisible Rain had successfully made the Strawberry Night pre-drama SP looked much more solid and faaaaar better by mile.
desk jobOverall: Strawberry Night could’ve been a better drama if it can cut short the overdone convoluted plot on each case, and giving us a more effective execution instead. And it’d be great too, if this drama from the very start hadn’t given us false hope of the prospect for Kikuta to be with Himekawa. Love hurts, yes, but so does shipping an impossible OTP. *sobs*

Final Score: 72/100

*sigh* they've given me a sour feeling...
*sigh* they’ve given me a sour feeling…
07.) 無痛~診える眼~/Mutsu~Mieru Me~ (2015)
eisuke kun

A.K.A: “Eyes” of the Beholder
Cast: Nishijima Hidetoshi, Ito Atsushi, Ito Hideaki, Ishibashi Anna, Nakamura Aoi, Hamabe Minami, Asada Miyoko, and more.
In a nutshell: Tameyori Eisuke (Nishijima) is an ordinary medical practitioner with an extraordinary ability, for he can diagnose an illness and predict a criminal act; all from just one observing look. His ability comes in handy to Detective Hayase Junichiro (Ito Atsushi) as Tameyori helps him solving the police cases, and also to famous brilliant doctor, Shiragami Yoji (Ito Hideaki), as he asked Tameyori to be his ally in revolutionizing the medical treatment.
Moi Two Cents: Mutsu is the first drama that I watched concurrently with the real airing time, with just few days difference, and I gotta say that it ain’t fun experience, cos the wait for the next episode is downright excruciating. Nevertheless, I found Mutsu to be a fine drama. Not remarkable nor exquisitely good, but simply get by enough to be a one entertaining watch. There are plot holes here and there, but in the end, I can overlook all that sheez anyway. Sorta. Haha.
tourThe Kyaaa Factor: Come to think of it, Mutsu is certainly filled with eye-candy casts, either from the counterbalance main leads of Nishijima and Ito Hideaki, to the kawaii Hamabe Minami as Satomi-chan and Ishibashi Anna as Takashima Namiko. But that factor is not the main point for my liking, as the one character whom I like the most in this drama is definitely Kazu-san (Asada Miyoko). job dealKazu-san is such a heartwarming character with her motherly trait, as she’s always taking care of her brother in law Eisuke. And Eisuke & Kazu-san interaction and dinner scene have always been what I waited the most on every episode, with the peak of theirs happened on the seventh, where Kazu-san confronts Eisuke over the dead of Noriko, which was Eisuke’s wife and also Kazu-san’s lil sister. sad sad situationOoooh, the crying, the screaming; I can totally feel their heart broken in sadness over the loss of one important person in their lives. *sniffle* and the morning after is a never pretty situation, as they’re having breakfast in awkward silence. But the way their relationship bounce back to normal is an utter gladness for me as viewer, as it shows that nothing beats the family bond. Yeah~! *happy face emoji*

why this pic sending similar vibes with Kikuta's at the above?
why this pic sending similar vibes with Kikuta’s pic above?

The Nishijima Factor: Not gonna lie, but Nishijima looked seriously homey here, as…ummm, how should I describe it… very cozy and snuggly. Lulz… I just feel that he kinda lost his edge and sharpness a bit. Even so, I do like Tameyori-sensei for he is such a laid-back character and has his own charm in doing whatever he does.ygBuuuuttt, there is one scene where Nishijima appeared somehow sooo distracting to my vision; even though he’s just standing in silence at the back of the room, which is on the Minami-chan’s interrogation scene. I seriously dunno why, but I found him looked so freaking good there, standing still wearing his comfy shirt like he’s in the midst of YG photo shoot shitz, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Gosh, that was such a weird moment. Lulz… But heck, all in all it’s safe to say that maybe Nishijima has better flair as a doctor and medical-related role, rather than a police and detective one, probably. Moriya Jun aside though. Teehee…
bossy chibi hayaseThe Booo Factor: Like I said before, so many swiss cheese-like plot holes, sometimes it comes out effingly hilarious, like the fact that Takashima has been attempted to get killed three times by three different people. I mean like, whoa, that is a one helluva hates, more extreme than anti-fans’ antiques. Lol… Other than that, the most prominent sucks thing from Mutsu is Hayase’s whole existence. Baaaahhhh, Hayase is a one douchebag character who’s as this drama progresses, has become nothing more than a grouchy baggage and pain in the arse to our considerate Tameyori-sensei.night meetingBut the most douchebag moment for Hayase comes as he shoots Ibara (Nakamura Aoi) hot headedly, which is so efftard and showing a great deal of how incompetent he is as a detective. But the ending though… Whoaaaa, dude, the ending is downright circus-y with everyone gathering on the same room and doing this somewhat suicide pact shit, leaving Tameyori in a major WTF expression, as he knows that he just witnessed one of the most dunderheaded conclusions in the dorama history. Lol.
senseiOverall: Mutsu is a mixture of lukewarm thriller medical genre and feel-good homey family vibe. Worth to be watched visually, but prooobably not so much, intelligently.
For my complete Mutsu review, click here and here, hunzzz!

mozu-kurakiAs much as I typed all my Nishijima Hidetoshi‘s drama/filmography accomplishment so far, there’s actually few random trivial things of him that caught my attention by the time I hop from one drama to another. And it’ll be so woebegone for me and my ulcer if I don’t spit it out here, so yeah… bear with me, okay?! Heehee…

hmm01.) If I can choose my fave Nishijima’s character among everything that I’ve watched, it’ll be no brainer that I pick Hayami Koichi, for his unique appeal in being this cheeky rebel doctor. I just feel like Hayami has some kind of swag that could probably on par with Kuraki or Moriya, despite the difference of the dorama’s genre. And, there are a lot of small scenes showing Hayami’s indifferent gestures through, like when he’s receiving preach from Gucchi the little wise man, or listening to his subordinate’s rant, which were so awesome.

no one can rock those ugly jellybeans sandals like Hayami. Lulz...
no one can rock those ugly jellybeans sandals like Hayami. Lulz…

Oh, and did I forgot to mention, that becos of that reason, I ended up downloaded and watched the pilot episode of Team Batista 4: Raden Meikyu just because he’s there as a guest star for only around 10 minutes?! And to be honest, I actually fast forward the whole shitz, and only watched Hayami’s scene which makes me understand nothing about the whole plot, whatsoever. Not that I care anyway. Oopsy daisy~

as usual...
as usual…

Oooh, ooh, oooh, and haven’t I mention to you as well, that I had downloaded the final installment, which is a movie, Team Batista Final: The Portrait of Kerberos, as well? Yeahhh, and out of my curiosity, I fast forward this one (again) too, and I found out that Hayami-sensei is no longer looked like Hayami-sensei, as he’s more like Kuraki with a sucker, which is cringe-worthily so weird and out of place.kerberosMan, this is awkwaaaard!!! *Woody Fink’s voice* Lol…

forever friends02.) Talk about Batista, I just realized that Nishijima has been co-starred with Kato Ai three times annually from 2010-2012, and yet she’s always end up being friendzoned in every single one of them. Ouch.

talk03.) Talk about another three times co-star, I have a feeling that Maki Youko has the hot for Nishijima for like, real; as it’s clearly visible through the unscripted awkwardness in Maboroshi no Tsubasa, and the fact that she keeps talking about Nishijima’s bod twice in a different press conference of both drama seasons. Gee golly whizzz… *wolf-whistling*

04.) The year 2k11/12 were certainly the “finger” year for Nishijima, as he got busted three times consecutively in three different doramas, doing that same gesture, over and over again:

– in SCHOOL! (still currently watching, btw…)
one-1– Being Kohei, in the dumpster scene…
one-2– and as Kikuta, while questioning an old pop.
one-3If I could give a lil piece of my two cents here, I gotta say rightaway that this gesture is sooooo efftardly tacky, dammit. And thank goodie, he had stopped doing this shit ever since until now. Guess I’m not the only one who feel this peeve, huh?! Lulz…

05.) Sometimes, I really wonder of how many white shirt that Nishijima has worn, up until now; cos he’s practically always wearing one at least once in every dorama and film production that he’s in. Well, safe to say that this is a solid proof of how un-revolutionary men’s fashion is. Lol…

The White Shirt Saga: from 2011 to 2015...
The White Shirt Saga: from 2011 to 2015…

But yet, you know how much my OCD side loves looking for hidden/trivial stuff like that. So, I kinda doing this shirt-check thingy, but in the end I lost count anyway. Haha. Sigh… I feel like a total geek right now.

smiley faces06.) And so to cheer myself for my failed counting attempt, I’ve decided to compile all of his smiling face scene. Just because I can. Hah. But then I notice that Nishijima has some sort of this smudgy expression in his face, it’s like he’s smiling after having a major crying session whatsoever. I dunno. Feels so… smudgy to me.

and cutWhoa, can’t believe that we finally reach the end of this post. I dare to say that this is the longest one I ever made to date: ±10,000 words, 5 days and ±27 hours. Mama here is feeling like a farking WINNERRRR!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHHH!!! *Scene* Anyhooo, hopefully my mega-majimbo post of Nishijima Hidetoshi may come in handy for your good times, bad times, boring times, spare times, or your fangirling times. Cos all I ever wanted from making this post, is for you gurls to know that you’re not alone in this fandom; and that we share the same burrrrning passsion and fierrry frrrrenzy over our dearly beloved Ossan!!! Wooohooo!!! Kaykay then, my nuggets, before I went completely nonsensically ballistic, Imma sigining out now, but not before I’m leaving you my masterpiece congratulatory collage to our otanjoubi dude! Lulz…

Ciao! Till the next post, my cutie darlingsss~ XOXO ❤

HBD, Nishijima-ossan! XOXO *smooch*
HBD, Nishijima-ossan! *smooch*

Sources & Credits: First picture unedited ©MOZU official instagram; ©city.living; ©drama-seizataiki; GIF ©himawa0329@tumblr; Last picture unedited ©aosora



7 thoughts on “45 Years of Nishijima Hidetoshi: The (Fashionably) Late Bloomer”

  1. omg I’m so happy i found you you are the first english-speaking fan of nishijima since I knew him and this is really long time 4 yrs i think? (actually I’m not english-speaking and my english is shit lol .but anyway im rly glad i found you) 4 yrs of annoying my sis and my friends with my fangirling XD
    and omg your post is just like you spoke my mind

    p.s I still can’t believe he’s now a father
    this sooo cute


    1. Gee golly whizzz…

      is this… furreal?!

      the kindred spirit, otomodachi, another nishijima fangirl??!!!!

      Gyaaa!! Same here, I AM soooo effing glad I found another person who likes our dearest ossan. Thank you for your awesome comment, isn’t that great that we have the same thoughts since we, fangirls are connected by sumthin’ thicker than water, eh? Lulz… Yes, he is a daddy now, but it doesn’t diminish his middle age kakkoii appeal by the time he ages though. Haha. Anyhooo, duncha wurry, ur english ain’t shit, cos mine is same as well. *wink wink emoji*

      Welcome to the club, buddy, u’re sooo ever welcome! 🙂


      1. i meant HE IS SO CUTE not this so cute
        im sorry i forgot to see your blog guess i got used to fangirling alone lol
        he’s popular but its hard to find fans for him and i dont understand japanese very well.
        haha we’re very rare


  2. Almost a year late for your post but I started loving him a lot more now especially after watching Creepy in the big screen. Binged watching his stuffs and love your writing about him!!! Keep it up ❤


  3. Hey everyone, I am just become one of the fans of Nishijima after watching Crisis. Actually I just realized that I have seen him in his work Ooku many years ago (wondering how come I didnt fall into him lol). As I dont speak Japanese, I am soooo happy to see someone can speak English and talk about him here. So glad to know you guys!!


    1. Hey back you! Glad that my nishi ossan post has been able to gather fangurls that spawning from all over the world. Lol. Welcome to the club and enjoy your stay, buddy! Peace, Love, and Hidetoshi! *uber friendly smiley emoji*


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