The Fangirl’s FEELING and Translating Skill

FROM-QLMANSIONMAKERTUMBLR-1Hi! I’m back again. With another video. Crazy eh?! But well, while I’m at it, why not make the best of it??? Lol… Anyhooo, this time I come bringing you a Lyric Video of another I Don’t Like Mondays. song, titled FEELING, that was taken from their first full album, TOKYO. Maaaan, all I gotta say is that this song is so pretty, and yet so sad. So yeah, this song is pretty sad. *badabum tsch!* And I genuinely feel that this track should have an official PV; but doh, they didn’t make one. Oh well. Kay then, whatever. Btw, I actually not really planned nor wanted to make another vid (cos it’s damn exhausting shit) until one moment I accidentally stumbled into one fashion tumblr blog, named QL Mansion Maker, in which was rung my bell, cos this brand has been repeatedly popped up on IDLMs. instagram. And so turns out this blog has bunch of great artistic photos of IDLMs. on the We are Young periods, which kinda give me some sort of idea to elaborate them with the caps from the We are Young PV itself, and voila! This video is born. But one thing I gotta say about making this video is that, duuuuuuuude!!! Combining those frames in order to create the animated effect on the interlude part is a one helluva work! Even so, I love a worthy adversity, cos the result turns out to be kinda cool actually. Lulz…FROM-QLMANSIONMAKERTUMBLRAlso, as a gesture of receiving constructive criticism from my sister, I decided to give this video and my previous video of Sorry Lyric Vid an English subtitle, in order to make the viewers like you guyzzz (and me guyzzz) to be able to fully grasp and appreciate the beauty of IDLMs. songs moaaarrr and moaaarrr. Hahaha… though I have to admit that subbing these shits ain’t an easy job either, since I have to squish the linguistic department of my brain really realllllly hard.

Anyway, Enjoy!⃛(❛ั◡˜๑)

So, you do click the green link, huh?! Oh you naughty little… clickerzzz. Lol…

D’awww… look at them…

So yeah, turns out today too is coincidentally marked as the birthday of our vocal boy, YU as well. Whoa, the TGIF birthday boy! being 27 on the 26, huh?! Kewwwlll!!! Well then, consider this video as your present, dude! Dozoooo~ Haha… #basudeiomedetou #UltimateFridayLovers

Until the next post (or video, which I probably won’t make again for a while until the next couple of monthssss maybe…) my darling readers, and lurkers, and watchers! Have a safe and awesome weekend! Lophhh you guys w/all my kokoro! Teehee…xoxo

Gosh, feeling fatigue as @!#$/×% right now. Nite nite! Zzzzs...
Gosh, feeling fatigue as @!#$/×% right now. Nite nite! Zzzzs…

Sources & Credits: First and Second photo unedited ©QL Mansion Maker, Last photo unedited ©Yu Official Instagram


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