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Don’t Be Play Boy…

SORRY-TITLEAt last, my nuggets! What we’ve all been waiting for!!! Dun! Dun! Dunnnnnnn!!!!!!! Well, yesterday I Don’t Like Mondays. Youtube channel had FINALLY dropped the official PV of Sorry, and me just can’t get more excited than what me already am. Cos, like I said before, Sorry is such a catchy groovy tune, it’s surely gonna be your jam for monthzzz, right after your first time listening to it. So, it will be no surprise if I had put my expectation for another Aidora style of a good PV for this single as well. And yes, turns out, IDLMs. once again succeed in bringing out a fresh interpretation of their own band’s motto, 『Be Play Boy』in this PV. But yet somehow, there’s a part of my fangirl-ness that feels a lil bit… errr… how should I say it… so so by the execution, it makes me kinda feel sorry for myself for expecting taaaaad a bit toooooo much(?!) Haha. Ha.

(Bloody) Sorry?

Okay, first thing first, lemme tell you a gist of how my excitements were built up. As a starter, I really love the concept of Sorry single cover which is stylish and chic with a touch of fashionable guys themed, without going tacky or overboard. And it makes me imagining that the idea of the PV might as well won’t be driven too far from the cover concept and style.

love the vibe... <3
Gotta love the vibe… ❤

And this anticipation were built more by Kenji the bassist’s instagram post of colorful blocks of a wall with a caption “shooting” on the center, which makes me put the two and two together myself, as I roughly assume that it was for the shooting of the PV. So then, I automatically went like, “yessss this is gonna be so fricking awesoooomeee!!! cantwaitcantwaitcantwait!!!” in short, I was in this cray cray fangirling mode over everythaaaang that’s related to Sorry. Hence, the lyric video. Haha…yo yo moshi moshiBut then turns out, I only feel a lil kyaaa, mixed up with a minuscule of meh as well from the PV, cos it’s not as cheeky colorful or playful and fun like their PVs always had before nor like what I had imagined. The whole concept of Sorry PV is about Yu, who got caught cheating, and then was traced, chased, bruised and battered by his badass girlfriend, who not asks for his explanation, but for his life instead, cos, heck, she’s gonna kill him, literally; him, and everyone who gets in her way, including Yu’s Bros b4 Hos band of brothers (read: the other three members). So basically this PV is like a mixed up between a less sensual version of Maroon 5’s Misery and a more shoujo satire version of Rob Thomas’ This is How a Heart Breaks. But waitttt, don’t get me wrong! Cos the PV is none of a copycat shit, for it’s good, really good in fact. But yet, I just can’t love it as much as I LOVE their previous release, Girl Friend, for I have two mini concerns.sosMy first beef is lackness of the band jamming together scene. I know that it’s not a mandatory thing, but I really think that Sorry needs one, for it will be a nice change of mood on the PV in showing IDLMs. guys in their elements of strumming and drumming. This absent part brings me the same feeling as if I’m watching a music video of an upbeat tune by a boyband, but then they’re not dancing along the song. Something feels missing. But hey, that lackness is still tolerable though, since I have a more major concern for this PV which is; the disproportionate screen time among the members.IDLMsSORRYRangersUgh, I really hate when a group goes into a Josie & The Pussycats mode by pushing only the vocalist, despite four of them are in this wagon of bandhood together. I mean, if we can compare this to their other single PV, We are Young (which imo, is still their most solid and strongest release so far), the director did still capitalize Yu’s position as the frontman, which clearly shown from the angles of the camera shoot and the amount of scenes, but he didn’t leave the other members behind, as they’d gotten equal spotlight.

what a nice driving attitude... lulz...
what a nice driving attitude… lulz…

While Sorry is 90% Yu, with the remainder 10% are miscellaneous of the other three, which we can subtract by 4.5% Kenji , 4.5% Choji, and the rest 1% is the drummer boy Shuki cos this dude is barely seen at the PV except for that one scene where he’s spurting that fake blood and die. The End. Hah. Well, if we can look at the positive side, at least Shuki’s faux blood were looked real and not CG like Kenji’s, and he didn’t have to run around and rollin’ on the dirt like Yu, nor even have to do a Tom & Jerry-ish grenade scene like our most favorite hammy actor dude, Choji. (PS: Choji, stick with the guitar, kaykay brother?! Lol…)gotcha faceBut if there’s one thing that I love from this PV, is how badass the girlfriend character (Aso Yuan)–who at first I thought was Hashimoto Ai, lol…–is. I mean forferksake, she owns a full closet of weapons and she doesn’t play meek with her two timer boyfriend, as she’s like, “if you can’t zipped your wiener, lemme zip it for you. For good.” Hah. There is my one favorite scene of Yu, who’s waiting for his buddy Kenji and he’s taking a ciggy break after the exhaustion of running around town all day, but then, the one who come by was this chick, and he got caught off guard by her, in which makes him all in wimpy mode right away. Lol… that’s sooo effing cute.sorry single coverIf there’s a good news coming from this single release, is that Sorry was peaked at #60 on Oricon chart. I know, it’s not a spectacular ranking whatsoever, but it’s a one good proof of how the band’s career and popularity keep steadily go up; starting from the below #200 ranking on their debut mini album Play on 2014, and their first single We are Young which was released last year, but seems like didn’t even make it into the chart. Geeeeeez, that BAFFLES me alright. I guess some people just can’t really appreciate good music, eh…tsk.say it with flowersAll in all, I must say that it probably takes some times for me to warm up and love Sorry PV as much as I love the other I Dont Like Mondays. releases. But, if I can take morals of the story from this video, they will be: 1.) Never date a SS agents! Nor a spy! Nor basically anyone who wears all black and collecting weapons in their closet! And 2.) If your guy cheats on you, just chase him around the street, and shoooove that sinner’s thong into his fricking mouth!!! Hahaharrrr… *evil laughter* Wokayyy then, to close this post, I’m gonna give you various version of IDLMs. live performances of Sorry, recorded from their recent acoustic tour by a very veryyy good Friday Lovers, with HD quality and still camera work, despite–I assume–her obvious sheer favoritism, by only zooming the lenses on Yu. Whatever. Better watched a zoomed up Yu than nothing at all, right?! Lulz… Beside panning and starring at the same face at the same position for ±3 to 4 minutes each, makes you realized lot of small details that’s seen and happening around it like, “Ooooh, there’s a zit! There’s a mole! Those highlight tresses are getting old!” Heck, that is me trying to be positive here. Haha…

1.) At HMV Ikebukuro on 13th February 2016 → Love the button accent of Yu’s turtleneck shirt.

2.) At Tower Records Kawasaki on 20th February 2016 → Looked pale and sick, so it came as a no surprise for me as he had some sort of major error and kept singing the wrong lyrics. But d’awwww… the blushing was kinda cute actually. Lulz…

3.) At Tower Records Shibuya on 21st February 2016 → Clearly visible that he’s trying his ass off not to spill the wrong words. Safe Landing btw. Bravo. *applause*

Well then… until next post, my darlings! xoxo

Friday just hours away! Woohoo!!! #TGIF
Friday just hours away! Woohoo!!! #TGIF

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