KAT-TUN 50% Discount~ From Six Hottest to Three Stooges

KATTUN on SaleWarning!
This post contains mild skeptic / cynical rant with a jumbo grain of salt. Hyphens discretion is advised.

I have been busy with my circle of routinity and low purine diet these days, but dayuuuumm! This news is way too important not to be talked about. Because finally, people, we’ve come to this point; The point of no return to the good ol’ glory; The point of no moving on-not looking back to the shitty ordeal behind; The point…of The Hiatus. Yep, yep, and yepppp; Couple days ago, after all the roundabout news of “KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary LIVE TOUR 10Ks” tour and album, our dearly beloved KA(T-T)UN boyz had finally announced that they will take an indefinite hiatus, which they called as the “Recharging period”, along with a pinky promise to the Hyphens all around the globe that they will indeed come back, someday, for their 11th year. *incredulous snort* Yeah, rrrright… that short clip of saccharine guarantee is so damn reassuring alright. Cos if we overlook these things from a bigger scale: a.) Going on the final tour with banging concert halls (triple Dome, baby!); b.) Releasing a Best Album, and c.) Suspending all group activity–which could mean that their variety shows may be put on hold as well–it’s all becoming the sign that screaming “disband!” to our face. And if I can roughly translate the underlying context from that announcement video, it can be interpreted as, “Hey, Hyphens, we’ll be disbanded, but dun cha worry, cos we will appear on special events or JCD or whenever our Johnny’s senile execs want us to show our asses up!” Hahaha… whatever, dude. What. Ever.
have fun while it lastPersonally, I just can’t trust the genuineness of anything Johnny’s anymore, cos they’ve been fall from ‘grace’ into the deep shit ever since that SMAP failed skedaddle attempt scandal. And I think fans in general too, are not a bunch of stupid pea-brains either, since their skepticism toward KAT-TUN hibernation are clearly shown. The simplest example would be the sharp declining viewing rate of Kame’s new drama, Kaito Yamaneko, which had started up strong in ±14% on its pilot episode, but then reduced FIFTY PERCENT to ±7% on the fourth episode that was aired last Saturday. Not to mention that one of KAT-TUN new singles was titled Tragedy, which is somehow ironically, tragicomic-ly, hilariously resonates their current state. Hah.
t-t-tragedyDespite lots of fans unacceptably questioning this major setback with a big W-H-Y, some of them had turned bitter and scornful towards KAT-TUN’s career state as a group, and I must say, that I’m one of those some some. I’m disappointed, really, but at the same time, I’m not surprise with how’s everything turned out. I mean, this is bound to happen anyway, sooner or later; Either when they’re at their peak productive ages like they are now, or when they reach the old geezers phase like their SMAP senpai-s. And also, it’s just a matter of time of proving on how things will go on in the future, as like, will they crumble into the has been category, or will they rise to the occasion like their fellow 50% DISCOUNT buddies, NEWS, who manage to revive their careers and achieve a solemn success.
hahaBtw, I should point out one thing that I objected from this whole thing, which is on how some of the fans are blaming Taguchi for “selfishly” leaving his hanged by a thread boybanders. Well, all I wanna say is, nobody wants to be a puppet for the rest of their lives y’know, always looked happy, smiling, dancing, singing for like, 24/7, regardless they might be really unhappy to do so. Yes, I know that they had found their rhythm and ride the same right wavelength as four-members; and I’m not saying that I 100% agree with what Taguchi did either, but yet, I’m not blaming him as well, cos I think fundamentally, every human being has a right to pursue their own happiness, and Taguchi is beyond deserve to do that, since he’s been dating Komine for almost a decade for pete’s sake. Beside, it’s not like their relationship is something illicit or wrecking somebody’s marriage (like Becky and that Gesu dude) or someone else’s heart whatsoever, except maybe a minuscule squadron of Iriguchi-deguchi-delulus. Lol…
tragikkattunIn the end, I must applaud all the involved party that had participated in this jumble debacle: to Taguchi, for his bravery to flee from the shady company; To K-UN, for their courage and fortitude in staying at the shady company; And also, to Johnny’s that manage to keep the top position as the biggest idol churner for more than HALF a century, despite being, errr, the shady company. Heheh… All I’m hoping now is if KAT-TUN finally managed to resume as a three-piece one day, they will go on for good and not turning themselves up into a duo. We don’t need another WaT, as it will be a Wat the F***?!. Lulz… Wokayyy, I’m gonna turn my poetic mode on now and close this post up with my lil’ phony Johnny’s stanza:

Slavey with lots of gravy,
Man, isn't it a tragedy?!

Hah. Until next post, ma lurves! XOXO

They should just change Taguchi's "T" to "Tragic", "Teacup Pig", or "Teehee, we're so Toast!"
They should just change Taguchi’s “T” to “Tragic”, “Teacup Pig“, or “Teehee, we’re so Toast!

Sources & Credits: Arama Japan, unleashthegeek@Twitter, ABC News


3 thoughts on “KAT-TUN 50% Discount~ From Six Hottest to Three Stooges”

  1. OMG I was doubting that this is going to be positive in a way but I was wrong
    This was really funny to read although I’m really sensitive regarding this topic


    1. Oh ma frendzzz, aren’t we all?! Lulz…
      Band members chopped off debacle is barely resulted to somewhat better outcome, except few rare cases, like TVXQ and NEWS imo. But I think K-UN will be another success story, since they still have Kame on the wagon.
      Thanks for commenting btw. XOXO 😆


      1. It was a pleasure to comment this awesome post. It’s important to show that your post is important and fun to read so I should be thankful for writing such a nice post. ^^


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