Wind Up Two Cents: 無痛~診える眼~ (Painless~Eyes for Signs~) #06-#10 (Fin)

Mutsu: Muddle-Duddle Me

tameyori senseiHolla my mini-nation! I’m back yo! Whoa-ho-hooooo; my first review post in 2016, who would’ve thought that I still have this unlazy drive to write sumthin’?! Teehee… Well, maybe not that unlazy, since I actually had finished this drama on December, but I was not that eager to post about it whatsoever. But if I finally had managed to do so, it’s simply because I’m busting my ass in puttin’ my utmost effort to fullfil one of my new year’s resolutions which is to finish what I had started, despite THAT is really reallly hard to be done, especially if I already putting my couch potato pants on the way I do now. But well, since I had posted the review for the first batch of this drama already… a fangirl gotta do what a fangirl gotta do. So, here I am, taking off that couchy pants and typing this sheez; and I did it all just for you guys, my damn awesome avid blog-readers (as I assume I had one, Lulz…) Wokayyyyy, without further ado, lets jump to the vortex, people!
pillow face(Spoilert: Errr…the remainder fifty percent???)

First thing first, the second/finale half of Mutsu had become some sort of a hit and miss for me, despite the plot development and each episode’s cliffhanger was very nicely done and piquing our curiosities to wanna keep watching the next. As you all probably can guess, of couuuurse, Takashima is not dead (phooey!) as she was found in the nick of time by Tameyori who becomes panic and precipitately pushing Shiragami to hurriedly operate on her in order to save her from the critical condition.reality checkBut then the caught off guard Tameyori got mentally slapped by Shiragami, as Shiragami told him–roughly quoted–“Doooh, sensei! You have the ‘eyes’ don’t cha?! You should’ve known that yer chick wont die, eh?!” And at that moment Tameyori was embarrassed and confused and having a self crisis in a ‘what the eff is wrong with me?’ manner throughout the whole episode. At first time I watched this episode (cos yes, I had watched this whole series twice, in a span of a month. Maniaaaac!!! Lulz…), I gotta say that I kinda like this part, for it’s showing and emphasizing the humane ordinariness of Tameyori, despite he has an extraordinary ability.bedsideAnd the other reason why, is that because Tameyori was shown to be so damn effing care for Takashima, which can be reasoned (and can be hoped) as because he probably storing some sorta special feeling towards our young chick doctor. But wait, shippers!!! (read: myself) Hold your canon!!! Cos later it was revealed, that the real reason why Tameyori went anxious and foolhardy in worrying over Takashima’s condition at that time was simply because he feels guilty for unable to detect the criminal sign on her psycho ex-boyfriend, who then become the cause of her accident. Owww… Okay then… *crying in the corner over sinking OTP*
hayasenseiPlot aside, one thing growing prominent from the rest of the episodes is how Hayase has become more and more of an shitty obnoxious character. Man, that dude is a very verrrrry BAD cop. Oh, noooooo, its not BAD as bad-ass or sumthin, but it’s more to the butthurt-thumbtacks on the ass-BAD. He beats the crap out of a captured culprit before arrest when the law is clearly NOT allowing police to do so; He yelled at and force the busy Tameyori to assist him around like an effing jobless wingman, whenever and wherever he wants to, but then he leaves Tameyori in the middle of nowhere after he felt that he doesn’t need ‘the eyes’ anymore for the day. He always hot headed-ly investigating the Ishikawa case, and venting up his useless emotional garbage towards everything around him, which in the end resulting to nothing but a new creation mess of crap for Tameyori to clean up.pushy dekaOne day, he secretly coming unto Satomi-chan when she’s alone in her room, and forcing her to tell him about that family murder case, despite Satomi is still underage and need professional/legal guardian companion in interrogation process. Things don’t end up well, of course, with Satomi-chan is later going batshit crazy and throwing nurses around the room. At that kind of frantic time, what is our freaking “beloved” detective do? Oh-holy NOTHIIIING!!! Hah!room serviceAnd so in the end, who come to pick up the shit? It’s Tameyori-sensei!!! Like duh! Obviously… And unfortunately–for sensei and for us–that cycle of doom is happening over and over again, for like 3275990 times until the end of the drama. It makes me feel like if Takashima has to babysit Satomi-chan all day, then Tameyori shittily has to babysit this handful Baby Huey-ase 24/7. Lulz… Also, Hayase’s sentiment towards the Law number 39 (not guilty by the reason of mental defect) is soooooo annoying the heck out of me, cos he’s basically try to label every culprit that he arrest with that law, and then got pissed by himself over it.

Noooo!!! Ibara-kuuuun!!!
Noooo!!! Ibara-kuuuun!!!

But those iro-iro matters are soooo NOTHING, when they were compared to the most, ultimate, shittiest crap that he’s ever done in his uber-justful deka life and the Yokohama policemen history: He shot Ibara! Forferksake, he freaking shot Ibara! And he did this without even listening to the proper explanation of the problem or knowing the real truth about what’s really happened to that poor kid, cos he just. Won’t. Freaking. Listen. To. Anybody. Aiyayayyyyyyy!!! I wish I can strangle that skinny midget with my bare hands, like seriously.visitationTalk about Ibara, on the sixth episode, things started to heat up with our baldy sans eyebrow boy going into Criminal Minds psycho mode by mutilating the stalker ex and sending his–literally–handy trophy to Takashima, which makes her go ‘kyaaa!!!’ in horror and having a PTSD. It then makes Hayase thought that the Ishikawa family case had met a dead end since the supposed murderer already turned into a pack of meat. So, case closed? That’s all folks? Ohohooo, no way yo! Cos turns out Satomi-chan is indeed implicated to the case as it was then revealed that her DNA is a match with the strand of peroxide hair that the police-tachi found on the crime scene. So, juvenile Satomi is *gasp!* …the bloody sadistic killer? No no no wayyyy (again)!!! Cos turns out baldy boy ibara IS indeed the killer!!! Whoa, man!!! I’m sooo freaking surprised!!! Not.

where's Hotch when you need him? Lulz...
where’s Hotch when you need him? Lulz…

You see, this is my other beef with Mutsu. The big revelation is just so damn predictable, it makes the supposed plot twist didn’t feel twisty at all. I mean like, dude, if we can see from the beginning of this drama, who the heck else has the freaking strength and capability to smash a hammer towards four people in full throttle? The snugly ossan Tameyori sensei who’s basically sweating bullets and exhausted like sheez, for just by walking around the neighborhood? Or is the super pomade hair doctor with heart problem, Shiragami? Or the chibi weakling Hayase? Or moreover, the pre-teen chick Satomi-chan??? Doh, as if. That is why I came out no surprise with the whodunnit part, cos Ibara had obviously spotlighted from the get go as the culprit. Heck, even an ignorant viewer like me can guess it right from the early episodes, since this drama obviously has portrayed Ibara as the ‘perfect’ candidate through the depiction of him being some sort of psycho dude with the titular painless tendency.ibaraBasically, if we can put meta, Ibara is like Shingai in MOZU, y’know, being that ‘freaky dude’, but yet also is the answer to the drama’s main question, though he didn’t have that much of a charm to carry on the show the way Shingai did, no matter how much this drama try to make us invested by telling Ibara’s childhood story in the sad “Ugly Duckling” tale-like narration. Lulz… But still, Ibara becomes a one integral character to move the drama’s plot. In fact, by the time the episode aired, I had read one of the live twits that was twitted by the Mutsu official account, and Nishijima–as translated–twit: “As I thought, Ibara is indeed the heroine of the show” Ahahaha… words, sensei, words.u want someAnd despite being unsurprisingly psycho, Ibara has managed to win the viewers’ sympathy, either through his silent but substantive interaction with Satomi-chan; or through the later revelation of him who’s just a lonely human, was actually being used and manipulated by the Dr. Evil Shiragami to execute a personal vendetta. Those reasons are what makes us want to say to Shiragami, “O for pete’s sake, doc! He’s just a boy!” Oh, baldy masochist boy Ibara, bless your flawlessly smooth head, and your little vulnerable soul. Hahaharrr…dinner cafeFyi, my beef didn’t stop there, cos as we roll to the seventh episode onward, this drama suffered from some sort of obvious poor editing by the production team that clearly seen from the choppy scenes and mumbo jumbo awkward plot executions. One moment there’s Shiragami get talking, but suddenly the scene switched to Tameyori eating cake with Hayase, and then it was like switching out of nowhere again, like wtf, not to mention that the policemen here are reallllly love to swarming and running around in pack, like 10-20 officers, just to catch one little guy who’s basically unarmed and harmless. Talk about inefficiency. Lol…shira-yoriThis drama too, lacks sense of coordination in putting up the important plot to develop the story. I mean, why they added Shiragami heart disease plot only after we reached the sixth episode? As Shiragami is uttering that “I have a brother” line out of a blue while clutching his buff chest. Hah. Not to mention that turns out that brother thing play an important part in revealing the real reason of why the Ishikawa family murders happened on the first place. To me, that plot feels like being added out of convenience just because the writers prolly cannot find a good reason for the massacre, even though that most likely wasn’t the case, since this drama was adapted from a published novel, which means that the plot is a ready go. And, if you think that the slasher junkie scene on the pilot episode is cartoony and stupid enough; Lo and behold, cos there’s more to come!!! I.e on the fifth episode where Takashima about to get stabbed by her former patient, no one comes to rescue her–except of course, you know who (read backward: iesneS) Lol…–despite this almost murder incident happened in the middle of the hospital crowd, along with all the doctors, nurses, patients and their families, yadayadayada hanging around the floor.i'll kill yaaaaaAlso, on the sixth episode’s scene where Tameyori comes running to save Takashima (again), but then he’s just standing there and only resume to move to protect her just after kiddie Satomi going ballsy in attacking the stalker ex. And when he’s about to chase that stalker ex, he stopped for a while to look back at Shiragami, like it’s a damn necessary thing to do. At that scene, I was like: Eh? What the eff are Sensei doin’ here??? This whole sequence is really weird and awkward, it’s like an itch that you can’t scratch, cos you know that those contrived actions were not the actors’ faults as it more to the shabby screenwriting.

this is scene is crazier than it looked...
fyi, this is a one helluva crazy scene…

Also on the seventh episode, we were being shown the scene of Ibara eating those pills and going evil in front of everyone in another awkward execution, because Sensei and Shiragami are practically just starrring there, doin’ nothing. And then, there’s also another scene on the final episode where Takashima is about to be killed again (Man, it sucks to be Takashima, seriously) by Shiragami’s secretary; and Kazu-san, Minami-chan, Tameyori have to butt in in order to stop the insanity and in the end to slap–literally–her sense back to reality. Geez, it’s an utter mess y’know. Haha…final showdownBut turns out, those are only the pinnacle, for no awkward scene beats the finale of the final episode, cos it’s a one enormous jumble ball of awkwardness and stupidity, mixed up with lachrymose preachy dialogue, which in the end become something LOL-worthy. First, I need to point out that the reason why Ishikawa-s got killed is just plain foolish. I mean like really, it’s  just… that? I know that suicide is a horrible, horrible tragedy indeed, and stolen lovers is a painful misfortune; but blaming other people over is just evilly childish, especially when those innocent kids got involved in the sin of their parents. If there’s sole adequately make-sense part of a reason from the murder, is only Shiragami’s line that says: “Committing a suicide from just getting dumped. That is how weak Reiji was.”shiragamiBut then, BOOM! Things going back to dimwit topsy-turvy as Hayase, in his overacting anger, repeatedly pointing the gun at Shiragami. Geez, this dude is sooooo freaking annoying, cos he’s only giving Tameyori-sensei an uber hard time to balance between stopping the gun pointing shit, and concurrently to preach over Shiragami’s delusional conception.

"sorry I'm late, y'all!"
“sorry I’m late, y’all!”

As if this whole thing is not crayzaayyy enough, Ibara must also comes to this clown car scene as well, as he’s barging in out of nowhere and going animalistic in half-slouchy pose with a deep rage towards Shiragami, which adds Tameyori’s multi tasking thing to stop him as well. And then, everyone’s literally showing criminal intent sign, and Tameyori, in turns, got shoved aside by these three looney brothers, then evil doc and his lil Frankenstein are hugging and jump out of a window from like what, the 100th floor, and they’re all end up dead. Tameyori is also dead, but it’s only on the inside, as he’s probably thinking “Wut da fuq ? So all my preach had been for nothin’?! Just bring the wasted 30 minutes of my life back, dammit!!!” And then the curtain close. The End. Lulz…houseAfter having quite a long typed about my beefs, now it’s time for the, errr, un-beef side. Lol… Anyhooo, I love the development on Satomi-chan’s plot, where her problem finally gotten solved to the root, which is about her voice that’s defected due to the abuse she received from her parents back then. And when she’s on her early stage therapy to learn to speak again after having the operation, she was taken by Takashima to the Tameyori’s household, cos she wanted to show Satomi what a warm family like, which is indeed, very heart-warming. I think this is one of the big plus from this drama; the capability to show that despite the Tameyori-s only consist of two people–Eisuke and Kazu-san–their sense of belonging towards each other totally fill the missing ‘gap’, as every time I watch their interaction and peaceful dinner time, it always makes me, as a viewer, feel like home.arigatoAnd it’s quite touching actually, that by the time Satomi-chan gather up her courage to speak for the first time, she let Takashima to be the first person who hear her voice. I think that’s the fairest thing to happen, since Takashima is practically like Satomi-chan’s BFF, y’know, always stick with her through her thick and thin, her batshit episodes and sane times, so Takashima is basically deserved to have that ‘honor’.keep the changeSatomi-chan’s and Ibara’s interaction too had managed to give us a ‘pure’ impression, for both of them are basically kind but lost souls, searching for someone who they can rely on, and sincerely appreciate them as they really are without any prejudice. And that is why I really like that small representative scene of Ibara and Satomi, who buy food from that little shop, but then were mistaken as thief, when in fact they had paid for the stuffs that they took beforehand.sensei peekingBut my most favorite of all is definitely Tameyori-sensei, and no, I’m not being biased, as I’m typing here in an objective manner (maybe, kinda, sorta, lol…) What likable from sensei’s character are his ordinariness and low ambition in life, for he loves his life the way it is and never aiming for something more, despite he’s able to do so with his eyes. There’s one line on the preachy finale scene, where he said to Shiragami, “I don’t take this ability as special. It is more like my animal instinct is better than others.” That clearly shows that Tameyori indeed doesn’t want to overrate himself the way Shiragami do.eisuke and kazu-sanAnd one thing prominent from Tameyori too, is the way he treasures his family members like Kazu-san and his late wife, Noriko. Like I alwayzzzz said before repeatedly, I love sensei’s and Kazu-san’s interaction for the heartwarming vibe that it brings, and their mealtime scenes, though were created as each episode’s obligatory filler, never come to me as something dull or boring.wut da eff u sezBut despite all that, there’s also a downfall moment between them that happened on the seventh episode, which comes out emotional, and, I must say, is one of the best and most pivotal scenes from this drama. It all happened because Kazu-san overheard Eisuke’s conversation with annoying Hayase, and at that moment Eisuke said that he had seen a criminal intent sign in someone who’s clearly won’t able to kill or harm anybody, who is Noriko, at her dying moment. It then makes Kazu-san goes ballistic in anger towards Tameyori cos how could he ever thought that their selfless sincere-loving Noriko would shown that kind of evil thing.

it's safe to say that we better ignore that annoying dude behind sensei. lol...
it’s safe to say that we better ignore that annoying dude behind sensei. lol…

This bickering scene between Tameyori and Kazu-san comes out really good and engaging, for not only their talking and reasoning are actually making sense, much much mooooore than Shiragami’s WTF finale, but also because they’re literally crying along with the talking. At this scene, I was like so, ugh, my kokoro breaks for them y’know, especially for sensei cos he looked so damn mourning in sadness here.

arrgghh, sensei, dun cha cry... boohoo...
arrgghh, sensei, dun cha cry… boohoo…

Also at the preachy finale, Eisuke once again shows his emotional side by the time he’s talking about his wife and the painless treatment that Shiragami keeps trying to shove to him, as Eisuke said, “I will carry on the pain that I lost my wife for the rest of my life. That is true. That is how being alive is. My wife showed me the last moment of a person. It’s not a pretty thing… However, I shouldn’t close my eyes on that because a pain is a proof that people are alive.” And once again, sensei is crying along his monologue, and once again, I feel my kokoro went crack-crack-boom for him. Man, I dunno whether or not those boohoo moment is scripted, but I must say, Nishijima really went batshit total for these two scenes. Somebody please give this dude a grand prix award trophy or sumthin. Lulz…by the doorOne last beef that I have for Mutsu, is that I kinda hate the ending, not because of the way it wrapped up Takashima and Eisuke plot in an ignorant–almost like it’s forgotten–way, or something else whatsoever, but solely because the way this drama has to make Tameyori leaving Kazu-san all by herself. I mean like, C’mon, dude, they only have each other and you have to separate them?! Not to mention the moment where Tameyori, who’s standing by the front door, was shown to have a very gratitude, yet sad expression towards Kazu-san, who refused to bid him goodbye properly by pretending to have a good mood and washing the dishes. That face, dammit, that sensei’s face! Ugh, I hate it, HATE IT!!!! Gaaahhh!!! *hair pulling* *table flipping*buhbye annoying dekaI seriously dunno what’s going on inside the writer’s head, cos he’s basically giving us some sort of an open ending with Tameyori going on a long rural trip, but yet it’s not a trip as it’s probably more like moving out of town, cos he treated everyone like it would be the last time he’ll ever see them. But yet, it seems like this journey may come out as a new leaf for sensei? Or a new plot? For season 2? Like really??? Dun dun dun!!! Well, whatever you want, brotherrr… haha…densha otokoAll in all, Mutsu~Mieru Me~ has become slightly more than what I had expected, which is to be a run of the mill drama product, for it turns out had managed to provide a good storyline and plot development, despite the numerous awkward executions and a bungled up ending. But luckily, the major contrivances were saved by lots of small scenes and characterizations that were valued more than the original intentions, and also bunch of good looking casts. Mutsu~Mieru Me~ is worth to be watched if you’re looking for something light and heavy at the same time; Or, if you’re looking for a minor feel-good family ties vibe from an inquisitive drama; Or maybe, if you simply just want to watch something with major Nishijima Hidetoshi in it.

Final Score: 79/100

Buhbye~ Until my next post! XOXO
Buhbye, baby~ Until the next post! XOXO

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    1. I read in the blogosphere that Yamaneko is really good and Kame nailed the role. But actually, I haven’t watched it nor I intend to though. Lulz… But I will definitely post my thoughts if I do end up watch it.
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