Making MONDAYs More Bearable…

idlms.2Year had leap to a new period (happy belated new year, btw, lulz…), but my life is basically still rotating in a mundane cycle of 9 to 5 routine and multiple side-jobs activities. But I won’t be gripey about that, since turns out the Jay-Pahp universe loves me enough to the extent of allowing me to discover this four-fresh-from-the swaghood-hipster-piece of rock band with a rad music talent. And no, its not through the usual Youtube recommendation box, my nuggets, as it from my own boredom nosiness in clicking the nippon version of itunes. Man, what a catch, eh?! Haha…

And now I present to you:

Six Legit Reasons of Why I  (and you should) love

01. Because well, I don’t like Monday

02. Cos I love Friday.

03. Because they remind me of bunch of my favorite bands; e.g. Marianas Trench, The Vamps, etc. In a good original way of course, as IDLMs. lean more to the British pop rock kinda stuff with the catchy indie vibe which is, fyi, my most favorite in my eclectic world of liking many types of music .

04. Cos they write and produce their own songs, which is awesome.

05. Cos they’re so cool, and yet so adorkable

06. Cos 99.999999% of their discography is good and earcandy-worthy. We are Young, Golden Life, Star Drive, Perfect Night, Tokyo Brothers, etc. You name it, buddy, you name it.

I just love this cover a lot...
I just love this cover a lot…

And Girlfriend; ohmaigawwttt… Girlfriend is like, the catchiest song I ever listened on these last, what, two or three years of my life maybe. From the very first time I listened to it, that song just clicked and  hitting all the right notes (pun intended); the whole melody really suits my taste and fits my “the way I like it” type of song, for it always manage to rejuvenate my good mood. Gyabooo!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

In short, I Don’t Like Mondays. is cute, bae, puppy, coffee, pillow’s flipside; and all the small details that makes me happy like a ferking camper. Heck yeah, I’m now proudly sayin’ that I’m a FRIDAY LOVERs, babyyyy!!! Woohoo!!!

Peanote (for the band):
Next time, less sexy cos it’s awkward dammit, and just more swaggy plizzzz. Lulz… #stayadorkable

Peace out! Until the next post, toodles!

Sources and Credits: I Don’t Like Mondays. Official Website, Twitter, and Youtube channel


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