The Best Tidings and Greatest Joy to All of Us

christmas 01Holy snuggly wooly! We had arrived at the end of the year (again) and also at my most favorite day of all: The Christmas Day. wOoHoO!!! Every thing about Christmas is always giving you peaceful and cathartic vibes through the sung carols; the shining lights of decorations; the merry sparkling trees, and warm fuzzy feelings of being together with your family and loved ones. Oh, how I love that joyful mood with all my heart! Squeee!!! ❤christmas trees emojiWell, I wanna share to you a lil piece of my life. Just so you know, I live and grew up in a family that celebrates Christmas, without, well, the Christmas thingies. When I was a kid, like most family in this mother earth, we used to decorate the tree and stuffs at our living room. But as my family has expanded slowly but enormously until now, (4 dogs and 2 cats, but who counts eh? Lol…) we decided that putting a sparkling tree in the middle of the house is a very verrrry bad idea, so we decided to stop that tradition. It was kinda sucks at the beginning, y’know, not having that “Merry Christmas” spirit in your home, and moreover in da neighborhood as well, especially when you watched TV and you see all that beautiful sparkling celebration. 02But–I’m not being dramatic here–as time goes by, I started to realize that the most important things in Christmas day are not those cutesy fancy pretty swanky decorations. Those may be beautiful and desirable to elevate the jolly mood, but they shall not be the main focus or attraction; for Christmas had, was, is, and will always be about the Good Tidings, which is to celebrate the greatest love that ever come on the earththe love of Jesus Christ the Saviour, who had left all His Heaven glory to redeem our sin for He too dearly loves us so so much. That, being said and remembered, has always made me grateful and feel a sincere and genuine joy from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you all feel the same as I do. Teehee…

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope you all have a great celebration!
And ooooh, Happy new year too!!!

Lotzahhhh Lurvessss,


I'll see you next year, kaykay?! XOXO
I’ll see you next year, kaykay?! XOXO

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