Nishijima Hidetoshi 2016 Digest: The MOZU Circle of Tomodachi

buuuuuChristmas is coming (yay!) and everyone is basically in the jingle-ty mood; including me, as I’m doing my work with bunch of Christmas songs on my playlist these days (fyi, I currently love Matt Belsante‘s version of Sleigh Ride <3) Having said that, I come in quickie here to bring you some-some of a Newsflash: as in couple of News, then I’ll be gone in a Flash. Lulz… And it’s courtesy of one sole subject, who is Nishijima Hidetoshi (woohoo, ossan!) Well actually, I don’t want to write this (sorta) trivial sheez as a post; But heck, wuteva. My blog; my lame posts; my rulezzz! Woop woop!!!
uwaaa2015 has yet to be over, but–as far as I know–Nishijima Hidetoshi has belted three upcoming projects for the next year, with a noticeable hint of irony, that it all still goes around his lil MOZU clique; as he will starred with Sugisaki Hana in NHK asadora, Toto nee-chan, that will air on April 2016; while two months prior, he will be promoting the release of his US-Japan collaboration production movie, While the Women are Sleeping with Beat Takeshi, and on June, one of his high-profile films, Creepy will be released with him as the lead role, and… dun dun dun… his soulmate Kagawa Teruyuki, as his dearly beloved costar. Ahaha, it’s a small world after aaalllll~ossan otpWith all the fragmentary reunion in tow, it means that next year will mark Nishijima’s three years career anniversary with piece of the MOZU gang in his EVERY project; it seems like he can’t get away from his own 2014 cult hit drama. In 2015, for example–MOZU  the Movie excluded–He’s co-starred up with Maki Youko in 脳内ポイズンベリー (Nounai Poison Berry); with his chibi kouhai, Ito Atsushi in the ongoing drama, 無痛~診える眼~ (Mutsu~Mieru Me~), and for the nth time, with Kagawa in 流星ワゴン (Ryusei Wagon). Damn, were that mere coincidences, or double edged sword situations? But then again, why fix if it’s not broken, ne?! Lol…

Where's Waldo? Where's Nishijima?
Search for Nishijima and we’ll find Waldo first, since the dude was absent here. Hah.

Anyhoo; that’s not my point in making this post, as I’m gonna have a little two cents session about his o-sixteen project here. As for Toto Nee-chan; Nishijima was said to be cast as titular character’s (Takahata Mitsuki) daddy… who had died of tuberculosis. Wuuutttt??? Y’know what it means, do ya?! it means he will only appear on the flashback sequence of Toto’s (gomen, I forgot her role’s real name, lulz…) walking down the memory lane session, sharing nuggets of hope and motivation to his daughter in nostalgic manner. Whoa. That sucks. Call me shallow, but I’m gonna pass this one up, unless the dorama’s title is changed to “Toto Nee-chan no Otochan”–which is downright so fricking impossible, lol…–Or it was uploaded online or sumthin (yes gooddrama, I’m lookin at ya rite now, lulz…)
movie vs novelOn the other hand, I’m quite excited for Creepy (クリーピー) actually. No, it’s not because of the bob’s your uncle-combo of Nishijima-Kagawa, though I do like them on screen together, since they have a very good chemistrehhh. Haha. But one of the reasons, is because Nishijima is paired up with Takeuchi Yuko; and it felt so effing relevant at the moment I’m typing this, cos I’m currently watching Strawberry Night these days. Oiiii~ it’s Kikuta and Himekawa-shunin dayoooo!!! Not to mention that Nishijima here play as a former detective, and Takeuchi as his wife. Gyaaabooo, its like entering the “What If…” universe of “What if Kikuta marries Himekawa?” kinda thing. Y’know, shipper’s fantasy. Lulz…kikuta-himekawa-4 years laterAnd the story too is berry berry interesting to my liking indeed; though the novel writer, Maekawa Yutaka, did a couple revision here and there. But still, since the original writer is the one who write the movie’s plot, I put my expectation quite high here, since I’m pretty sure that he won’t screw up his own shit. Heheh. I will stop talking about this movie right now, since there’s a better and more thoroughly written article about it here. Read it man, it’s frickin cool; cos they’re like, comparing the original novel version and the revised movie version.
*)12.12.15 – Peanote: The 30s teaser is out! And it’s soooo damn teasing, man! Gosh, somehow me anticipation level is flying high 2 da roof rite now! Lulz…
womensleeping-novel-moviecoverBest for last is While the Women are Sleeping or Onna ga Nemuru Toki (女が眠る時), which slated to have the earliest release date among these three; that is on 27 February 2016. Actually this movie was not a newly shot, as it was wrapped up around two years ago, and was submitted at The 2013 Busan International Film Festival, in which the director, Wayne Wang, won the Creative Director Award.presscon-WtWaSAnd honestly among these three Nishijima’s projects; I found myself somehow to be most excited and anticipating for this movie. I dunno why, maybe it’s because I had read the titular’s short story by Javier Marías that had based this movie, and it’s so engrossingly good, with a dangling assumptive ending. That is why I’m so curious on how they’re gonna stretch and develop it into ±120 minutes of a film duration; since we’re talking about short story here, like only around 20 pages, with sole pivotal scene of an uninterrupted poolside conversation.onnaganemurutoki-trailer1Beside, I find While the Women are Sleeping to be a juxtaposed release with Creepy; cos Creepy feels so high profile and commercial; as the director, Kurosawa Kiyoshi won an award on 2015 through his movie Journey to the Shore; and Kurosawa’s collaboration with Kagawa Teruyuki in 2008’s Tokyo Sonata brought home a Japan Academy Award, while the adapted novel too is an award winning in 2012.onnaganemurutoki-trailer2In contrast with Creepy‘s accomplished background, Onna ga Nemuru Toki was adapted from a novel by a merely unknown foreign author in Japan, and the movie itself has a strong sense of indie vibe; with a mild controversy, thriller, and sensual atmosphere of Lolita-complex; voyeurism through a woman straw beach hat (no, I’m not typo here, lol…) and a defiant obsessive may-december relationship. Not to mention, it also starred Kutsuna Shiori as well, and I like her screen presence, since I watched BECK and Kaseifu no Mita (despite that drama is crappy), and she’s such a sweetheart as Ran in Meitantei Conan: Kudo Shinichi e no Chousenjou series. And there’s Nishijima as the lead role; heh, what more could I ask? *shrug* onnaganemurutoki-trailer3The 60 seconds trailer too has been released, and it looked promising, seriously. And the soundtrack, titled FIXER, that was sung by the former ’80s diva (oooh, lofteeehhh, lulz…), Nakamori Akina, can be heard throughout the duration, and it really builds up the whole mood; though the 30s teaser trailer is quite disturbing, imo. Heck, all in all I resolute myself to will definitely watch this; and it can be realized on, maybe around September 2016 (my interest for Nishijima and this movie will probably die sooner than my chance to watch this. Lulz…) In a meantime, to jolt my jolly Christmas mood, I’m gonna watch one of my fave movies that resonate the similar title with this. Y’know what I mean, Heheh…
*)Peanote: I coincidentally found another news about this movie in this blog, but I feel like it spilled too many(?) beans to me through its synopsis. So now, somehow my curiosity wither down a little after reading it. Yowzah…(T______T)

‘Til next post, my darlings! XOXO

till next post, my darlings...
Have a good good good day, y’all! Teehee…

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