Spring Cleaning & Inter Nominating

oh my goodnesssssEvery time I decide to be a couch potato until at least the end of the month, there’s always some bits of news that makes me feel a great urge to post. But this time, these two contrast news come as somewhat nonplus that makes me unable to react in any other way than “Wut?! Didn’t see that comin’!!!”

01. Taguchi to Quit KAT-TUN, Johnny’s, & Showbiz by Spring 2016
sayonara suckersWell, Taguchi surely find his deguchi eh? Haha. After more than 9 years and a decade mingling and befriending with Johnny’s and KAT-TUN tachi, Taguchi announce that he’s resigning as the group member and showbiz entertainer by Spring 2016, when they’re about to perform at NTV Best Artist yesterday; as translated:buhbye messageThis announcement reeks with irony of KAT-TUN 10th years anniversary that will due in Spring, which is on 22nd March, and leaving hyphens at sixes and sevens as well. There are many speculations that come, such as Taguchi is feeling dissatisfied with how Johnny’s managing KAT-TUN’s career, and that he wants to get married with his longtime girlfriend, Komine Rena, but doesn’t get a green light from the old pop. Well, if we talk from the management angle, I gotta say that Taguchi has always got the shortest straw and the least fair treatment among KAT-TUN, bcos, as everyone clearly can see, Johnny’s always push Kame, Kame and Kame as the face of the group, while putting him on the backseat, despite Taguchi himself is the best dancer and the most improved member so far. Nobody wants to be the second best. Moreover third or fourth best. As for the marriage angle: Well, he’s just a human being ffs! What’s the big dealio for him to get married, man? It’s not all fans gonna stop supporting him whatsoever… *sigh* I dunno whether these two reasons are true or not, but I really hope that one of them, no scratch that, I really hope that these two really ARE the main reasons of his quitting, so that this case can be a shining example of how Johnny’s outdated and cardinal management style has backfired upon itself. Hah, Serves you right, Johnny boy!deguchi-boy If I can put my two cents here, I gotta say that I totally didn’t see this coming. Seriously. But yet at the same time, somehow I’m not that surprise either, since from the time I became a hyphen, I noticed that their friendship and interaction has always looked so fake and fabricated, so I cannot expect them to last long until, like, decades with a relationship that was basically built on sand. I know that their chemistry are certainly getting better as four members by now, it’s obviously noticeable. But imo, it’s just… too late for that, cos solidarity is not something that grown overnight, and 9 years were too much gap of missing times. So I can’t blame Taguchi who chose to leave his buddies behind and stick to his stance no matter how the KaTuN had persuaded him. Dude has his own life, chooses his own path, and I totally wish him luck for that. Kentou o inoruyo! *thumbs*

02. MOZU Season 1 Nominated at International Emmy Awards
KURAKIWow. Just. Wow. I never thought that Kuraki keibu is going international in a very dignified way. Lulz. This news is actually kinda past the prime, but I still feel the need to post it, cos it’s coincidentally relevant to my currently watching status. Hah. So, MOZU Season 1~Mozu no Sakebu Yoru~ is nominated at the 43rd International Emmy Award in drama series category. Waaa, omedettooooo!!! *applause*MOZU@EMMYWell, honest to the maxes, so far, as I’m watching, this drama hasn’t warm up to me much to be called as something awesome or masterpiece. Somehow, there’s an X factor lacking, despite the sleek big budget production and a very thrilling execution. But still, I gotta give A+ for its effort in trying to make a hard boiled deka drama, and A+++++ for Nishijima Hidetoshi, XOXO everyone’s top notch acting and full gear appearance. So, once again, congrats, MOZU team-tachi! Woohoo!!! (Peanote: by the time I type this, the winner of this nomination is already announced, which is Engrenages (Spiral) from France. Well, to be nominated itself has been quite an achievement, I guess. Lulz…)

Until next post, honey!!! XOXO

And there will be trio... or none?
And there will be trio… or none?

Sources & Credits: Arama!JAPAN, dokkero@twitter, International Emmy Awards Official Website

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