About: リスクの神様 (The God of Risk)

So Many Crisis, So Little Opportunity

SaigyoujiPssst… Did you hear that bustling sound? That was me flipping the table. In angst. Gossssshhhh, how should I put it. I hate Risk no Kamisama. But yet somehow, I managed to finished it, cos of my Tsutsumi Shinichi’s hype after had watched Yamato Nadeshiko, and I had downloaded this in complete batch. And HD 720p. And now I feel like I just made one of the most gigantic blunder, by wasting disk space and +/- 8 hours of my life. Cry me a gigabyte… ugh-hoo-hoo…ikr(Spoilert: Everything. Not that anyone care whatsoever.)

In a nutshell: Sunrise Corporation is a large trading company that has many line of products with many subsidiaries around the globe. One day Saigyouji Satoshi (Tsutsumi Shinichi), who works in crisis management at General Electric in USA is being hired into the company out of the blue. What’s the real reason behind it is unknown, and Saigyouji too has his own hidden agenda towards Sunrise, which had a connection with a political scandal that happened 30 years ago.old shinbunFirst of all, I simply cannot believe with the way this drama wasted such fully potential factors by turning a very promising premise and stellar line up casts into a circus of rudiment and disappointment. It’s like the writer was given a thick pile of money that clearly can be spent into something wise and useful, but instead, he becomes so fricking confuse, he decided to just running wild and tossing it all into the air. Durrr…!!! The promotional postulate for Risk no Kamisama is quite favourable, I must say, by entitling this drama as the comeback platform for Tsutsumi Shinichi as a lead role after 16 years, since the drama Doctor in 1999. kagariAnd the pilot episode is, hands down, nicely done as well, by putting the lead heroine, Toda Erika as the main attraction with an intriguing conflict coming unto her success and exclusive status, and turning her position into the company scapegoat overnight. But yet, at the same time, the pilot plot is not complicated enough for the viewers to understand, and makes us easy to sympathize at the problem she’s facing here. But then, lo! things started to take a sharp nosedive by the time it reaches the second episode onward, which in the end bringing us to a very, verrrry important question: Did the writer was high on crack or something???saigyouji x kagariWell as one of the remained surviving viewers (lol), there are couple reasons that I can think of why Risk no Kamisama can be gone 180 from an A-okay good to a barely watchable crap. One, the title itself is too heavy. This drama title is Risk no Kamisama, or god of risk in English. God. when a certain drama dare to put such a “mega” word as a title, isn’t it wrong for me as a viewer to expect that it has a superb quality to match it up?! Saigyouji was being called as the god of risk, cos he is just so fricking expert in managing corporate problem blablablahhh they said; which honestly kinda freaking baffles me, cos the only thing that he does to solve every-gerddamn-body’s problem throughout the 10 episodes is conducting a press conference.pressconIt was just sooooo effing lame imo, since it shows that EVERYTHING can be solved with a press conference of the concern party to publicly apologize. The end. Don’t mind the after effect that may occur, or the public perception, and the employees impression; no, no, don’t mind about those things AT ALL, cos the press conference is like the ultimate reset button that will brainwash society and erasing the dark past of the concern company. Even though they might have almost killed their employee’s son, or cunningly monopolizing the whole village; still, all is forgiven in the name of business, if you do a damn press conference, courtesy of Saigyouji Hiroshi, the “god” of risk. Yowza.trickity whackAt the end of most episode, Kagari always utter the same thing to Saigyouji: “you tricked me again”, which is so LOL-worthy, ‘cos girl, it’s not Saigyouji who is smart, it’s you who ferking stupid. You, and all of the 3-5% remaining viewers who’s still tuning in. Including me. Hah. Excuse moi if I’m going ballistic in angst over it, even though I may not come to know much about risk management and stuffs. But hey! Isn’t that the purpose for this drama to be made at a first place? To raise curiosity, interest, and knowledge of the viewers about risk management shit??? But as I finish until the final seconds of the final episode, I feel like I had gained nothing from this drama. Not even something remotely entertaining. Which is now brings us to another problem, that the writer just didn’t know what the hell he was doing for 90% of the time. First thing first, Risk no Kamisama itself already bear a quite heavy theme, so it is up to the writer to cook the ingredients, and turning it into something that thought provoking and yet entertaining to watch. Buuuuuuuut, this drama decided to choose a serious path. Too serious in fact, it gives you headache in almost every episode.the Saigyouji clubDude, each of us is having our own hard time dealing with revolting shit in the office okay?! We don’t need another office related drama that squishing our last brain cells of the day, by giving us an overboard heavy portrayal of a boring intrigue between the subsidiary companies and board of directors, and backstabbing each other with bogus numbers and window dressing report. Just give us something interesting dammit!!! Not to mention the preach… Oh those repetitive PREACH. You can hear in every episode (especially at the early halves) that one of the characters–either Saigyouji or Kagari–utter these phrase: “kore mo ware ware no shigoto da!” (“this is our job!”), “if you want to protect everything, you will end up protecting nothing”, “this is your chance to turn the crisis into opportunity” and last but not least, that Britney-ish catch phrase, “Saigyouji, he did it again!”. These words are damn more memorable than the each episode’s arc story itself, cos they were repeated over and over and overrrr again, you can almost make it as drinking game. Lulz…peaceActually, this drama is not an all missed, cos there were couple times that it ALMOST hit the right note, and ALMOST dug out some good plot potential. Like on the seventh episode case of father and son coup d’état conflict, and how Saigyouji turned the table by advising the dad another point of view–Oooh, and should I say that we have a lil reunion between Osuke and Sakurako’s dad here? Fifteen years later, with all the wrinkles. Lulz…–And just when I thought that this episode could be a turning point for this drama to redeem itself and become some sorta good for at least the remaining three episodes, it then went back into the doodoo-ville again, by putting the lamest episode ever on the next. Oh dear, I was THIS close to fall asleep while watching the eight episode because it’s just soooooo. Fricking. Tedious; and the case is uber-shitty, that not even Morita’s character, Yuki Minoru‘s near death-accident can save that. So, basically Yuki had rolled down the stairs and bled his skull out for nothing. My condolences. Boohoo.abductedAnother potential also appeared at the fifth episode, which is the side case of the lil girl abduction that Saigyouji tackled back then when he was still in Murica. This subplot is far more interesting than the main case, but the writer baka mode-ly decided to put this one at the back seat and putting ANOTHER abduction case of an employee that I don’t give a damn at, by another former employee–who, fyi, I also not give a damn at–to the front seat; which in the end resulting to a massive giant jumbo ass of WHATEVERRRR, by the time the case is solved. And speaking of the fifth episode, I must give a round of applause to Tsutsumi and Toda here, cos both had to face the most nightmarish day of their lives (and our lives as the viewers as well. Lulz…) by speaking a very long and difficult English dialogue line.gaijin modeWell, I don’t mean to be rude or a judgmental wise-ass here, since I’m also an Asian, and English is not my main nor native language. But Toda–bless her soul–sounds like she’s in the midst of gargling, while Tsutsumi–bless his soul–sounds like a polished cheongsam seller in the Chinatown of somewhere around the world, which were so lololololol. The only quite okay speaker in this case is Morita–bless his rapping and road-tripping days as a V6 member–but he sadly only given one or two short sentence as “sorry guys” and “today must be my lucky day!” Tsk. Such a waste of an ALMOST potentially good episodes. (Peanote: That hammy Caucasian guy was coming to the set to utter one word: “goddammit!” twice, and he got his paycheck. Lulz…)
Saigyouji1My deepest sympathy goes to Tsutsumi Shinichi, for being cast as the lead, Saigyouji, here, for the truth, he is a very good actor with a likable screen presence. I had watched several of his movies and other doramas, and I must say that none of his acting come out as dull or even similar, despite he did a repetitive kind of role once or twice. And as Saigyouji too, he actually has a quite meaty character and a few good points that can be further developed if the writer wants (and knows how) to; like his family dark past which quite of a solid background, or at the third episode where he’s showing his slick and cunning way to ‘manage the risk’, by sacrificing other people; which goes to show that he’s not a saint in doing the damage control.tricky-saigyoujiBut sadly, most of the time, all of his versatility is being boxed and locked in by a mundane script and awkward execution. Heck, there even often where he shows up on the scene and just standing there doing and talk nothing. And in the end, these things piling up and killing off everyone’s interest to root for Saigyouji, or even give a damn towards what happened to his family 30 years ago.kagari1Same thing with Kagari as well. Toda’s acting on the first episode is really convincing and makes you invested to the whole debacle of what will happen to her? kinda thing. But, that was her only shining moment. For the second episode till the end, Kagari just become this clueless supporting role, stringing along with Saigyouji, and got fooled by him at the end of every fricking episode. Gahhhh…platonic as effThis drama didn’t even put an ounce of effort to show progress, or  at least a dynamic of Kagari’s relationship with her boyfriend, fellow co-worker Harada Kiyoshi (Mitsushima Shinnosuke), although they have so much potential to be a good sub plot. After the first episode, everything that happened between these two turned to be so damn platonic and colder than an ice coffee on a winter morning; it makes me forget sometimes that they are couple. Durrrrr… And don’t let me start with Yuki’s character as well, who was also a victim of underdevelopment, by only become a sidekick slash document stealer, and nothing more, throughout the whole episode.staredown contestAnd you wanna know what’s worse? That on the final two episodes, the writer seems like he didn’t give a f*ck anymore with this drama and whatever happened in it. What’s with the sudden emergency of Director Sakate (Yoshida Kotaro) asking Saigyouji to clean up the hotel room with his bleeding daughter inside?! Dang, sometimes I think Saigyouji’s job is looking more and more like an all around knick-knack cleaner, rather than corporate risk management officer. Lol… But then, there’s suddenly a meeting between the Board of Directors, and Sakate is just easily dethroned like that? And all of sudden Shirakawa-senmu (Bussan’s pop) is going up? But then later, he got kicked back down that easy, and Sakate is going up again?! EH?! Whatttt the heeeeeccckkk? Is corporate ladder that easy to be climbed up and down like that? Really? Geez…kindaniAnd also what’s with that freaking hammy-o-conclusion of Saigyouji and Kagari suddenly playing Kindaichi by confronting  Shirakawa-senmu as *gasp!* the real culprit??? (dun!dun!dun!) Of oil mining in Venighoustan??? Like me and everyone else care??? Well, let’s be honest, not just the writer, but I think everyone here is just didn’t give a f*ck anymore. Including the casts, cos they all appeared like they’re acting on payroll. Lol… These final two’s executions were so indifferent, like they’re just have to wrapped it up obligatorily. As the result, these episodes were like the most boring-esttttt episodes that I ever had to watch, and it reached to a point where I prefer to paying attention to shitty details around the actors rather than their actual convo; like: “Whoa, Tsutsumi looked really pale here…”, or “Shirakawa-senmu’s hair is soooo moonwalking…”, or “why don’t the assistant put his briefcase first before he talks?”, or “that old sensei,  Tendo must have cheat sheet or cue card somewhere when he spat the dialogue, cos he’s always looking down” blahblahblah. And somehow, I find those things more piquing the curiosity. Lol… #sorrynotsorry

Is that... violin? For the schmaltzy moment maybe? Lulz...
Is that… a violin? For a schmaltzy moment? Lulz…

Well, that’s all I gotta say about Risk no Kamisama. I just really disappointed at the wasted potentials and the extremely underutilized casts here, by executing a script that’s far more boring than an annual financial statement. But, meh, I dunno. Maybe I’m too gripe-y, and who knows, you may come to like this drama instead. Having said that, I won’t stop you if you willing to give it a try. On second thought, maybe you should, at least just for the first episode.

Final Score: 55/100

what a trickity wiggity wreck...
what a trickity wiggity wreck…

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