Kiss-Kiss-Kiss (Good) Bye-Bye-Bye?!

kisskisskissbyebyebyeIt’s Friday already (yay weekend!), and this week has been a slow news week, until I stumble into a piece of news that quite brings “Ehhhh? Whaaaat?” to my reaction, in concern to our long-time-no-blog boyzzz, KAT-TUN, that’s reported about to be disbanded… Ehhhh? Whaaaat?

A decade they’ll go, but a celebration they probably won’t do. Well, seems like KAT-TUN days as boybanders have been numbered(?) As quoted from the source:

KAT-TUN will reach their 10th year since debut in March of next year. Last year in Johnny's, Kanjani 8 celebrated their 10 anniversary, Arashi their 15th anniversary and this year will be V6's 20th anniversary. Arashi and V6 were in a celebratory mood before their anniversary, but in KAT-TUN's case the atmosphere is different.
This year KAT-TUN had the Countdown Concert that they have done for 2 years in a row at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka stolen from them by Hey! Say! Jump!. And, when the Tokyo Dome Johnny's Countdown was announced, it was made clear that a "20th Anniversary KinkiKids Special Medley" would be occurring, with no mention of KAT-TUN's 10th anniversary in March of next year. There is no shortage of fans that have suspicions about the KinkiKid's concept.
"We are in the situation in which the demand of 'We want to do a big celebration for their 10th anniversary' from fans. At this rate, their position in Johnny's will disappear and they will become irrelevant."

Oh geezzz… I seriously wanna take this news with a grain of salt. But nonetheless, this still come as a shocker to me, despite it’s not as impacting as it could have been if I read this five or six months ago. All I can say is, what happened? Why do they go into such an extreme downfall in just a few months ever since I’m done having a fad for them??? Lol… Kay, kay, I redact; ever since they released Kiss Kiss Kiss? I mean, they’ve been granted with HUGE successes at the beginning of this year with concurrent regular TV shows, singles, CM, and even concert. Heck, they even held a high budget one for their NINE years landmark, titled QUARTER, in Tokyo Dome after three freaking years–which was CHAIN in 2012–and it was a huge success as well. After all said and done, they’re still wanna be disbanded? Really Johnny-dude? REALLY?buhbyeAll in all, not just a grain of salt, I prefer not to believe this piece of crap at all. 10 years is an accomplishment itself, so I don’t think Johnny’s gonna waste the opportunity to extort squishing out all the fangirl’s moolah by selling various Regular, Limited Edition and merchandise shits. Beside, KAT-TUN has been consecutively releasing singles without ever FAIL to reach the number one spot so far; it’s not that their sales have been declining whatsoever. And even Dead or Alive have been their highest, ever since they’re resuming their activities as a four members. So basically, gossipers gonna gossip. Lulz…

Another Newsflash — On Christmas Eve this year, Nishijima Takahiro, aka Nissy will be releasing a new single title Playing with Fire. The PV is already out though, and as usual, Nissy never let us down with his release, cos this one is another super catchy tune with super catchy dance, and I LOVE it! Woohoo!!! Well done! *slow clap*Oh, another thing, since the concept is so damn “hot and fiery”, his physical CD will come up with bonus of… a candle. Made by our very own Nissy-chan. Which to me looked just like your typical wedding souvenirs. Hah!candlemepinkyBut since it was made and lip-stamped by Nissy (maybe), I guess that should made a difference for all the fans, rrrrright?! Lol…

Speaking of Johnny’s and Nishijima— As I’m slowly becoming Nishijima Hidetoshi‘s fan, I’m currently watching MOZU, cos heck, I gotta know what’s with all the Nihon people hype over this drama, it has reached such a level of mega popular with all the seasons, movie, spin-off, etc.And nowadays, I started to realize the stark difference as a first timer in fangirling over a talent/actor outside Johnny’s, since in Nishijima’s case here, everything is just so damn facilitated, with overwhelming amount and easy access to the latest updates; like real time twitting, official Youtube channel, yadayadayada, which is sooooo contrast to Johnny’s penurious method of not even giving his talents to have their pictures taken at the press conference, cos everything have to be valued and converted into ¥¥¥. Well, that caveman marketing way may be okay for the domestic fans, but for the overseas fans (like me), it is a pain in the ass. So, yoohoo!!! Wake up Johnny boy!!! It’s twenty ten-er already!!! Isn’t it an irony that Arashi had an album titled Digitalian, but it’s not released digitally?! Hah. Anyway, I gotta blow my gratitude kissezzz to MOZU.TV for (free) doses of Nishijima goodness. Domo arigatz-gatz! *smooch*

Until next post, ciao!

Ten un buen fin de semana, mi amigos! Lulz...
Ten un buen fin de semana, mi amigos! Lulz…

Sources & Credits: minuskakugo@blogspot, Picture #02 ©yoshiko-mama@livejournal, Picture #03 ©Nissy_staff@twitter, Last pictures unedited ©


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