Halfway Two Cents: 無痛~診える眼~ (Painless~Eyes for Signs~) #01-#05

Mutsu: Munchausen Me

eisuke-chanWhen somebody goes into a full throttle fangirl mode, she tends to do something that against her own principal and habit. Well, buddy, same thing happened to me here. If you asked my opinion two weeks ago, I’d say that I dislike an ongoing drama, cos I think it kinda beefs me if I’m in the middle of an episode with the crucial cliffhanger, but I don’t have the continuation to binge watching it right away. Also, I’m not a fan with Japanese medical and police procedural drama as well, since sometimes shit always going too episodic and formulaic, which kinda bo~ring. But heck, ever since I’m going in kyaa! kyaa! mode for Nishijima Hidetoshi, I’ve been watching a drama that: 1) is ongoing by now; and 2) is a combo of medical and police procedural genre; all simply because he was there, as the lead role whatsoever. Geez… what an irony. Who’d have known, that one day I’ll break my own watching-mental rule that I’ve been held stubbornly for soooooo long, just because of a scruffy old dude whose age is passable enough to be my otōsan. Lulz… I guess that old saying is right; people tends to do crazy things when they’re… in a FAD! Hah! I bet it crossed your mind, even just for a peewee-nanosecond that I’m gonna type ‘in love’ right?! Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not that cheesaaay, man! Beside who do you think I am, suddenly going all sappy and weepy-ass romantic? Barbra Streisand?! *cue I Finally Found Someone* Lulz…
hey cutie ossan(Spoilert: Errr… fifty percent???)

In a nutshell: Tameyori Eisuke (Nishijima Hidetoshi) is a 40-something widower/medical practitioner who opens his own clinic at his home after had resigned from a more promising career at the university hospital and worked for some time as a prison doctor. He quit it all simply because he doesn’t believe in surgery or commercial medical procedure.working hourBut actually, there is more of a reason for that. Truthfully, Eisuke possess a unique ability, which is to be able to detect human’s disease and illness symptoms and whether or not they’re curable, just by looking at them. Aside from that, he also can ‘see’ the evil energy, that looked like a black vein, travelling up through the body of a perpetrator prior to committing the crime that was called as the “criminal intent sign”.yelpThis Eisuke’s skill is come in handy for young detective Hayase Junichiro (Ito Atsushi) ever since he coincidentally noticed it, for he always ask Eisuke to lend him a hand in detecting and catching the culprits. But then at the same time, Eisuke comes to be acquainted with the famous successful doctor of an elite hospital named Shiragami Yoji (Ito Hideaki), who seems to be fascinated with Eisuke’s low ambition in life. And turns out, Shiragami also possess the same ability as Eisuke. But in contrast, he aims to use his as something that will be world-widely acknowledged as a breakthrough to revolutionize the medical world by inventing ‘the painless treatment’.doctor tachiWell actually, at first I thought that I wanna wait for Mutsu to be ended in Japan first, so that I can watch it cozily in my own pace. But after having a massive not in the mood to do anything except watching some-some, but yet at the same time doesn’t have anything interesting enuff to be watched-moment, I decided to give the first episode a try with a very verrry low expectation; cos I thought that this drama will be a one of many pedestrian products of Fuji TV midweek time slot. And honest to the maxes, the first episode was somehow… not appealing enough, with the opening case that takes an unintentional comedic turn by that random slasher junkie. Pffftttt…crazy ville lolI know that that sequence were supposed to be somewhat heroic and serious in order to show Eisuke’s extraordinary ability. But omgggg, by the time I watched everyone is basically running around in random direction like a bunch of headless chicken while that slasher dude swerving out his fricking knife; it’s just so awfully cartoony. Not to mention that trimester pregger chick was looked more like she faints out of starstruck because she was held in Nishijima! Hidetoshi’s! Arms! rather than because she was just! Got! Stabbed! Man, I seriously LAWLD. Hard. Ahahahaha! That crazy scene just couldn’t tickle me more!!! Lolololol…chikipaAlso in the pilot episode, this crazy slasher case was going tandem with another case of an otaku idol fan who wants to kill this AKB-ish group named Cheeky Parade or Chikipa (how I love that nickname! It’s just so damn…cheeky! *wink wink* Lulz…) along with their thousands of other fans in the middle of the concert with Sarin gas blahblahblah, which I found tad a bit so-so. But heyyyyyy!!! Everyone deserves a second chance right?! Or in this case, a second episode. So then, I decided to give this drama another try, and voila! the plot takes turn to become more exciting with a revelation of Shiragami, who confess to Eisuke that they’re actually alike; and then ask Eisuke to join forces with him to be the director in a new hospital that he will build.shake shakeWell, I gotta admit that this part kinda excites me a bit, since in most of the ‘superman’-ish-like-drama, the main lead is usually the only one who owns the ‘power’, while the rest of the supporting cast are simply playing roles of the weak ordinary civilians, who are clinging their asses for help. But that’s not the case here, cos in Mutsu, Eisuke is ain’t the chosen one, for he has found himself a fair ‘competitor’ (*cue I Finally Found Someone* Lol…) that holds stark different values to his. But then, gradually, Eisuke, who was reluctant at first, starts to show some interest and reconsideration towards Shiragami’s offer; since he always remember the way his wife die in painful agony over her illness. He too, feels that the opportunity to work with Shiragami might be a blessing in disguise for him to be able to start conducting a research and experiment of finding a cure for the ‘criminal intent sign’. Well, is it really a blessing? Or… it isn’t? *twirling imaginary mustache*accidentAside from that, Mutsu also has other multiple plots, which so far haven’t warmed up to me as much as Eisuke’s and Shiragami’s… yet; Like Eisuke and Hayase roundabout activities of cracking cases and catching bad guys–y’know, sometimes I feel kinda weird to see Nishijima and Ito Atsushi going around together in a different circumstances as a kick-ass police officer and a garden-variety doctor role, right after watching Double Face, I mean, these two are Jun and Hiroshi ffs! Lulz…–But at the same time, Hayase’s overzeal sense of justice is coming out in a form of the ‘criminal intent sign’ that starts to bugging either Eisuke or Hayase himself. There are also another subplot of the secret experiment that Shiragami conduct with that baldy eyebrowless boy, Ibara (Nakamura Aoi) as his lab rat; the unsolved gruesome family mass murder case and the connection with the depressed pre-teen, Minami Satomi (Hamabe Minami), who befriended with the young hospital female psychologist, Takashima Namiko (Ishibashi Anna), who is also has her own world of problem with her possessive/abusive boyfriend turned into a stalker ex–whom I thought at first was that baldy boy, Ibara. Hah! Silly me… Tsk…–And also a very very-bacteria-sized minuscule slash microscopic potential of a renai story between Namiko and Eisuke…??? Maybe. One can only hope though, ne?! NEEE?! Lol…

are they or aren't they?
Will they… or won’t they?

Each and every plot has its own way in developing and piquing my curiosity, like that Shiragami experiment with that baldy boy Ibara. Judging from the way Ibara goes painless and mentally and psychologically numb, this whole process looked like a hybrid psychopath slash sociopath on the making. Though Ibara is hinted to have a certain feeling with Namiko which goes to show that he prolly still have some humane sense of being able to fall in rabu-rabu after all. But still, Shiragami’s ambitiousness seems to make him unrealized that his frankenstein-ish experiment has a HUGE possibility to backfire at him. Oh goodie, wouldn’t it be so juiceeeh if it’s indeed happen. Teehee… *evilly rubbing palms*rushAnyhooo, I gotta give a lil credit to the police cases that appear in every episode so far, since it has an adequate sense of variety by not going down the path of typical whodunnit shit, though they weren’t complicated whatsoever. And I have to admit that I got quite fooled with the case that appear on the fourth episode about the murder of the konbini part timer who was a good acquaintance to Namiko. For pete’s sake, for the whole third quarter of the episode, I REALLY thought that the killer is her stalker boyfriend and not her turning-on-a-new-leaf patient. Waaaa… who’d have guessed, eh?! I shall give this episode a B+ for effort. Haha.winner winner whats for dinnerAlso, to add a little breathing moment after the whole uptight mystery plots, this drama hasn’t forgot to put up scenes of daily life of Eisuke and his sister in law, Kazue (Asada Miyoko) who comes to live with Eisuke and taking care of him, as if he’s her own lil brother, ever since her younger sister’s death.

Kazu-san = Fangirling. Lol...
Kazu-san equal fangirl. Lol…

Ah… how I come to really love Kazu-san bluntness and her interaction with Eisuke, cos it’s just so familial and heartwarming. And so far, Kazu-san has become my fave character. So this drama better not messes thing up by giving me something twisty and least-y desirable happening to her like on the first episode, okay???!! I got my eyes on you, Mutsu writer! *pointing finger*join the forcesIf I may add an extra two cents, I pretty much like the pairing between Nishijima with Hideaki Ito, tad a bit more than the Japanese sweetheart combo set of him with Kagawa Teruyuki. It’s not that I hate it, but sometimes–visual and appearance wise–Kagawa looks a lil bit too, errr… old, imo, while Nishijima-Hideaki look more peer-ly compatible and counterbalance (you know what I really really mean… lol…) though there are couple times I find myself having a pet peeve with Ito Hideaki excessive poetic hand swaying every time he did the talking, which tends to look more like he’s giving a speech in a school indoor gym-court rather than speaking one on one with Eisuke. Hah. But other than that, me have no problemo wutsoeva. And by the time we reach to the fourth episode, we arrive at a whole new development of Eisuke, who’s, finally, officially joining Shiragami to work at the hospital. (And it will be no surprise if there’s a sudden and rapid statistic growth of Munchausen Syndrome among women in Japan. Hence, my lame ass heading-title. Lulz…) And not just that, but the sign of relationship development between Eisuke and Namiko is getting a lil bit more visible, though it all still as platonic as heck.

damn, Sensei is so freaking cool, here... lulz...
damn, Sensei is so freaking kakkoiiiii here… woohoo!

But, but, b-b-but, what’s with the episode no.5, which showing some sort of minor diagnosis error by Eisuke? Is Eisuke really not see the hemorrhoids bleeding which Dr. Toyama have? Or Shiragami is just making it up? And is Satomi-chan really the Naka-ku family sadistic murderer? Or she simply just a material witness who holds an important key to solve the case later on? And what’s with this episode cliffhanger of Namiko who (probably) got killed by the same M.O with the Naka-ku case??? And why there is still none of an effing soul uploading the sixth episode with a sub on the internet??? Why??? WHY??? Arsdfgjjlhklklk… this is why I HATE watching an ongoing drama… Ugh…

PS: the opening song is a little too anime-ish, but Superfly‘s ending song rocks! Yeahhhh~

Toodles my lurves! Until the next halfway batch!

and all the patient goes doki doki~ lol...
and all the patient goes doki doki~ lulz…

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