Yamato Nadeshiko: Random Crappy Thoughts, Just Because…

newlywedsSharing a few more things about this drama that kinda tickle my brain if I don’t make a post about it. Just because though… *shrug*

❀ ✿ ❁ ❀ Yes, I’m that sassy; I use flowers for my mid-line, lol ❀ ✿ ❁ ❀ 

Osuke, interrupted1.) How I really love the scene of that little homework boy, Takashi, on the tenth episode, where he appears asking Osuke for helping him with another Math problem in the middle of a serious moment of Sakurako’s kokuhaku. And the way Osuke goes “Ugh…” in annoyed and reluctant tone is just so damn hilarious; not to mention that boy keeps calling Osuke “Pops!”. Omgggg, Lulz…yuuko-yukiko2.) I’m scratching my head over this drama’s indecisiveness in naming Osuke’s ex a.k.a Sakurako’s doppelganger’s name; is it Yuuko? or Yukiko? Geez…mari-sakura3.) Sometimes it makes me wonder why Mariko is so eager to get Osuke and Sakurako together. Is it because she wants Osuke to move on? Or she simply see that Sakurako is actually a good girl for him? What’s the reason???tripped4.) Can’t believe that Osuke really tripped over that chair for real. Well brother, that’s gonna leave a mark. Lulz…rich ossan5.) I always thought that the guy who played Kasuya is Asano Kazuyuki–you know the dude who also cast with Tsutsumi Shinichi in Fly, Daddy, Fly–it is until I saw him appear as that rich sports car ossan on the final episode. Hah, talk about real-life doppelganger…michael6.) That Michael kid that appear on the final episode is so adorable, along with his long eyelashes and sincere smiley face; probably wandering inside his head, “What the hell that this delulu pigeon lady is babbling about?” Lol…plastic tako7.) That octopus looked sooooo… plastic. ish.senpai8.) I was kinda bothered with how this drama abruptly end the story line that involve the stalker guy on the early episodes and also Sakurako’s senpai on the fifth. It feels like they were wiped off entirely from the drama without any proper conclusion. Boo! *thumbs down*awkward9.) Higashijujyo is attending Osuke-Sakurako wedding’s party? Everybody say: Awkwaaaaaard..! *high pitch voice*boohoo 4 u10.) Man, don’t judge a guy from his homely look, cos despite being a penniless nerd with a lame fashion sense, Osuke is a legit chick magnet yo, for he can make two purrrty ladies shed a tears over him. Lol… Nonetheless, I found these two scenes were so good and convincing, and the way Wakaba and Sakurako holding back their tears… Ugh, heartbreaking…hey baby11.) The scene where Sakurako coming to Osuke’s lecture and give him a cutesy hello wave and he waves back shyly, it makes him got the loud cheers by the class is just so damn awkwardly cute. Heheh…

Well that’s all that I wanna share, folks! Thank you berry much, and I’ll see ya in my next post! *smooch*

FYI, the part one is over –> here <–

thanks for reading, my lil muppets! XOXO
thanks for reading, my lil muppets! XOXO



One thought on “Yamato Nadeshiko: Random Crappy Thoughts, Just Because…”

  1. 8) She knew that the guy is a player from what the salesgirls had said in the Foxy shop.

    In the scene where she decided to pick that white dress which Osuke saved, out of all the other Foxy dresses was the pivotal scene that suggested she decided to dump that player.

    I liked how subtle it was… needless to say I was holding my breath all these time.


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