Cracker Boy Got Us Crackpot with His Catchy Tunes

DOU2It’s been a pretty rough week for me, for I have sleep deprivation since Monday; which resulted in a severe mood swing, mixed up with bottomless appetite plus endless laziness. What a triple threat. But luckily, despite having a bad terms in the Zzzs department, I have a good one in the music thingy, since I have discovered quite a few good singers and songs that become an A-awesome additional to my playlist. But the most prominent of them all is one of AAA‘s member’s, Nishijima Takahiro, and his solo project, that I found through Youtube recommendation box (my fave ‘hunting’ place, lulz…); and surprise surprise, the dude is using a new stage name that’s called…Nissy, which is somewhat soooo like a brand name of crackers or something. Pffffftttt… Well, “Nissy” is not something new whatsoever, for he’s been round the loop since 2014. Yeah, yeah, you can call me too late for that. But still, better late, than never, eh? And like I said before, since I have this insomnia + moody shit, I’m gonna write this post short and sweet, cos dammit, I just wanna talk about this, okay? Hahaha…
DDD7Truth be told, the group, AAA is not a new thing in my knowledge, since back then I used to listen to their songs that I got from my friends’ MP3. Still clear as crystal in my memory, that their first ever song that I like was MUSIC, which I watched the PV back then on MTV, seven or eight years ago, heh… And I also had listened to Nissy–ugh, somehow this name is so damn blerg, I’m just gonna call him Nishijima onward–first single about a year ago also through Youtube recommendation box, but I didn’t feel, uhm, how should I say it… a spark, by the time I listen to the song. It wasn’t until now, that I come to notice his latest single, and it really really got me hooked, line and sinkerrrrr… (will talk about this later)
DOU1First thing first, I gotta say that Nishijima has a good dancing skills and vocal as well, in which makes him more accomplished to have the whole package of necessity in flying solo. And despite being one of many mainstream singers, imo, he managed to have this certain originality in his songs, that makes him quite different with the other generic boybanders and soloists, though the difference is not that extreme. But still, his bring some certain distinctive trait. Well, maybe if we can put meta with One OK Rock songs, Nishijima’s are like All Mine, while the others’ are Last Dance; one sounds genuine, while the latter feels more generic, but still, both are good songs. Other than that, appearance-wise, Nishijima is an A-okay, not whoa he’s so hot, whatsoever, but the plus point is that he has this radiant infectious smile, that makes him looked commercially bubbly and harmlessly cheerful. And I think Avex realize it as well, since basically 30% of each of his PV is filled with him smiling and winking, and smiling, aaaaaalllll the way till you can see those crow’s feet. Lulz…NVST2So far Nishijima has produced six solo songs and five PVs, but since I don’t know if Sugar was counted as one of his singles, I’m just gonna talk about the songs that have the PV, and I’m gonna do it chronologically. But bear in mind, that so far he’s always using the same format as: there are two of him; one as the ordinary guy, Nishijima walking around as the PV model with one certain pretty girl talent, or magazine model, who plays as his love interest/girlfriend with a chick flick slash shojo manga-ish storyline; while the other one is his magical alter ego, Nissy, with his light navy blue-colored suit, red suspender, and a hat; and he’s practically stalking the plain-john Nishijima plus dancing around with his four posse. Same old same old concept; but why fix if it’s not broken? Heh… So yeah, here we go…

1.) どうしようか? (Doushiyouka?)
DOU3Release date: 22nd October 2014
Score: 9 out of 10
Overall: Like I said before, first time I heard about this is around a year ago, so it was still like fresh from the ‘release’ oven. But then, this song didn’t leave any impression to me, since the PV is just so-so and look tad a bit mid budget. But after I watched Never Stop PV and found out how effing good that song plus the PV were, I was kinda retracing my steps to try to watch this PV for the second time, and dude, turns out it’s so damn good and catchy and dancey, along with the choreography.
DOU4Highlights: There’s one part of the song after the bridge with the depicting scene that shows Nishijima hugging the girl (Seino Nana) from behind and he’s just so damn serious with all the expression and sing the lyrics which somehow makes the whole scene looked like he’s really conveying his true feeling to her. Man, that was really really good and quite romantic. Wooo…
Where to watch? ↓Here of course!↓

2.) ワガママ (Wagamama)
Release date: 26th November 2014
Score: 7.5 out of 10
Overall: First thing first: I feel sorry for the girl model (Shirahane Yuri) here; I mean, seriously man, she had to cry like 3132427682 times more than the other Nissy’s chicks in the other PVs. In fact she’s the only girl that had to cry among all of the PVs, since this time Nishijima went semi ballad-o with the second single. Well, I bet she got the biggest paycheck of the bunch, lulz… Even so, I have to say that her acting is really really good, cos it makes the whole thing comes sadder along with her boohoo, even though the storyline didn’t mention precisely about what’s the reason of all her salty tear. Let’s just assume that the dude’s dead or something like that. Heheh..
WGMM5Highlights: My fave from this PV, aside the soft cinematic color, is the flashback scenes of Nishijima’s and the girl’s happy times. It was so serene and somehow brought out a bittersweet vibes.
Where to watch? ↓Uhmmm, it’s just right below tho’…↓

3.) GIFT
GIFT1Release date: 13th December 2014
Score: 9 out of 10
Overall: Man, you can never go wrong with Christmas theme. Everything about this PV is so festive with all the illumination, the jingle bells, and the winter season. Not to mention that among all the PVs, this one screams “Shojo Manga!” the most to me.
GIFT4Highlights: So the plot is so simple, as it’s about Nishijima who is so extremely late for his Christmas date with his girlfriend (Nozaki Moeka), he almost looked like he stood her up, cos he arrives by the time all the lights are off and everyone was already go home. And what’s worse is that, he brings nothing, not even a small itsy bitsy sheez for her. Hah! It’s a Christmas miracle itself that the girl didn’t whack him with those sweet potatoes. Lulz… Okay, kay, back to the topic, so he’s basically arriving super late and apologetically saying “I’m sorry” and the girl is like, pretending to be mad by saying, “I won’t forgive you!” and they’re repeating this convo like a broken record for about two or three more times. But then he realized that she’s not totally mad at him, cos her cheeks are so damn rosy by the time she sulkily utter those words (Damn, this chick needs some more self-assertiveness. Heh…)GIFT2So then they’re smiling at and hugging each other tightly and all of a sudden the lights are switched back on by the alter ego Nissy, and these lovebirds are just beaming with lurveee.GIFT3Yeah, it’s effing cheesy alright, but I love it, okay?! Deal with it. Lulz…
Where to watch? ↓Here, with the Christmas feeling↓

DDD1Release date: 20th June 2015
Score: 8 out of 10
Overall: Just like the title, all everyone does in this PV is dance! dance! and dance! Even the Nishijima ordinary character was depicted as the guy who can shimmying and dancing, and not just this cutesy romantic character like in his other PVs. But, what I love the most is the girl (Hotta Akane) is not just walking around acting pretty, but she has to bust a move as well. A to the awesome!
In this case, I come to listen to the song first before watching the PV, and there’s some kind of cheerleading yell in the middle of the song that was quite… corny, imo, but it makes me curious as well about how they’re gonna executed it on the PV. And turns out, I was right-o. In that yell part, the whole sequence change from the club to the football field, with the girl is wearing cheerleader outfit, and everyone is group dancing. It’s so colorful and festive and me likey likey it. Heheheh…DDD4Not to mention that near the end Nishijima and Hotta is doing another group dance in the club, and it’s equally awesome, cos everyone is basically moving around, and it’s emphasizing the whole upbeat tunes to become more exciting.
Where to watch? ↓Down Down Down↓ 

5.) Never Stop
NVST8Release date: 08th July 2015
Score: 10,000,000,000 out of 10
Overall: Three words: I love it, I love it, and I LOVE IT!!! Gosh, I love this PV to pieces. It was almost like the production team is reading my mind and make this PV based on my fangirl checklist of the requirement to make a squee-worthy music video. I mean like, for pete’s sake, the cinematography, the summery atmosphere, the choreography, and the song itself are blended so freaking well and have complemented each other to be this one whole mixture of rabu-rabu cuteness!!! Woohoohooo!!!NVST3Not to mention, that Nishijima’s chemistry with the girl model (Smith Kaede) is so damn natural and adorable, it makes me almost ship them as my new OTP (or maybe I already have, hah!) So basically… I just… ugh… ticking the boxes!!! Check, check, and check!!! Lol…
Well, I actually wanna say that everything in this PV is freaking highlights, but if I have to really really choose, I gotta go with the montage scene on the bridge part, where it shows the moment of togetherness between the two. But, I also like the kissing scene near the end. Ooooh, oooh, and also the shopping scene on the second verse, and also the ATV scene as well. So, basically it’s everything and I cannot choose cos once again, it’s cuteness overload!!! Squeeeee~

my favorite of my favorite scene...♥
my favorite of my favorite scene…♥

Where to watch? ⇓You better click that ‘play’ button dammit⇓
After all said, and done, and promising promises that I wanna go short and sweet in writing this post; here I am going verbosely lenghty again. Goh-mehn-neeee… Lol… But I have no regrets, cos I just love Nishijima’s solo project, and I will giddily waiting for his next single to be released. Oh yes, catchy tunes and cute PV, come to mama! Hahahaha!!!

A little Extra: So, I guess Nishijima’s Nissy has been quite a success, since starting from the 4th single, they have given household production name for Nishijima himself, which is Nissy Entertainment, along with the cartoon red lips as the logo. And quite recently, Nissy finally has his own twitter account, but of course the whole tang was twitted by the staff, cos Heaven forbid for Nishijima to twit by himself I guess, Lol… But they occasionally upload a few pictures of Nishijima going bubbly and doing his crazy signature wink, like this:
CGiA1mOUgAIQl5qor this:
CLp17VRVAAABgF3and my favorite, this:
CG-I8vMUIAAElvIwhich is so damn adorable, but at the same time, it makes me feel like: whoa, man, what the… cos actually this bubbly dude is pushing thirty. But then, I don’t mind about it at all, cos duh! screw social label! As we are #foreveryoung Lololol…

Credit for the last three photos: twitter@Nissy_Staff

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