So, It’s been One Year Already, Huh?

Happy Messy Birthday!Whoa…

I can’t believe it.

After 51 posts, thousands of verbose words, and tonzzz of grammatical errors, I’m still here, updating my blog, Messy Random Whatever. It’s quite amazing honestly, based on my standard. Lulz… Anyhoooo, now Imma share you a lil history of how’s everything started, since I guess it’s time for you all to learn about the truth. Heheh…
smile, we're together forevaaaLike always, there’s gotta be something that triggers a blog to be created. Well, in this case, what makes me creating mine is because one certain drama, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. Yes, yes, and yes; I love that drama so soooo much to pieces, even until now I haven’t found another dramas that were as good as that one. And you know, when we have this fangirlness about something, it’s really difficult to bottle it up, since naturally it’s our tendency to wanna share our excitement to somebody else, right? Buuuuutttt, sucky-ly, I don’t have any, since everyone around me is more into Kay-Pahp and Korean thingy. So yeah, I am exclusively alone. Lulz… It’s quite sad, if you think about it, but yet at the same time, I feel very grateful, because if I weren’t ‘alone’, I probably won’t make this blog and learn so much more about writing and vocabulary shits. Well, in short, we can almost say that God works in a mysterious way, ain’t it, my darlings? Hahaha…rare updatesBut the journey of updating a blog itself is not always fun and breezy, since there were moments where I feel contradictory; one time for feeling lazy to write anything, but yet at the same time, I feel like I wasted an opportunity If I don’t. So, Like I said in my previous previous post, there a couple times I post something obligatorily, and it resulted in a very unsatisfying post by my own standard (and I think it’s quite visible, if you compare one post to another, I guess). That being said, another important lesson that I learn is that blogging should be a fun thing to do, and not burdening you whatsoever. Hah! lesson’s learned.hbdWell, to be honest, writing is not my forte nor my hobby, since I’m not the kind of person that’s good with words. That is why most of my review posts, despite being lengthy, were not something that ‘whoa’ kind of good whatsoever, since I have so many things that I wanna write, but sometimes I found it really hard to convey it. So, kudos to all the bloggers out there that managed to write posts that were spot on and entertaining to read. *thumbs* But still, it feels so freaking great to be able to share something that you like or love at the moment, to whomever that read it, with hope that they might feel the same about it. So in the end, all I wanna say is, thank you for reading my blog from the very first post up until now; and I really, really hope that I can share a lot more with you in the future! Cheers! *raising glass*

With Love, XOXO

here's wishing for this blog to be more AWESOOOME!!! Haha...
here’s wishing for this blog to be more AWESOOOME!!! Haha…

Credits: Pic #03 and # 04 ©someecards, GIF Pic ©Giphy


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