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Oh, December Boys…

chuBonjour, mon belle personnes! I’m back to the reviewing loop (again) after taking quite a long sabbatical in writing sheez, cos me simply not in the mood to watch or write something. Well, aren’t I always do… Heh… but now here I am coming to give you all a little crappy treat of my thought of another old movie that I just watched couple days ago, Tokyo Tower. Well, as you all probably can guess, one of many reasons why I chose to watch this decade oldie is none other because it starred Okada as the main lead, along with Kuroki Hitomi who is still damn beautiful despite pushing 50 at the very time this movie was made. At first, I was putting this movie at the bottom of my watch list, but after I coincidentally found this pretty photo at google, I was like switching up and putting this movie straight to the must watch zone…geez, me so bonkers… lulz…

so prettehhh...
so prettehhh…

Also, adding to the lovers’ parade are fellow Johnny’s Matsujun, and Terajima Shinobu, who become another pair to spice up the whole thing, since people always say that the more the merrier. Hah! Beat it, Jacko! Lol… Okay, kay, enuff with my craziness. Now, without further ado… lets rolllllllin’!new years partySpoilert: No secrets, everything’s spoiled!!! Hahaharrr!!!

En quelques mot, Tokyo Tower is a movie with a very simple plot of two twenty-one youngsters Kojima Toru (Okada) and Ohara Koji (Matsujun) who happened to have the same taste of woman who is older and married, despite their basic motivation in doing the said relationship is different from each other. Each guy has their own May-December romance, as Toru is deeply in love with his own mother’s friend, Asano Shifumi (Kuroki Hitomi), while Koji is having some sorta friends-with-benefit thing with an ordinary housewife, Kawano Kimiko (Terajima Shinobu), both relationships are being told in a form of timeline that shows its progress and turbulence of good times and bad times that they have to get through, which in the end is raising a very important question: Do they deserve to have a happy ending despite the moral-defying situations that base it all?invitationIf we can see it from a simpler perspective, Tokyo Tower actually contains two unrelated and contrasted stories and characters. One’s character is aggressive, another one’s subdued. One’s romance is passionate, the other one’s more tamed. But these polar opposites were bound by one plot of both guys are homewrecker (yeah, you read it very rrrright-o. Lulz…) and also best friends since the school days. And they always have this meet up and talk about their lives and relationships’ progress.kojiUp first is Koji. Koji is the typical homewrecker (not that I know what type is what though, heheh…) Y’know, the bad boy slash rebellious type, who loves to do the contrary and trying for new thing, as it more challenging, the more he wants to do it. Koji is clearly not the steady type, since he loves to play around and date more than one girl at the same time. And from the beginning, we can see that he is not a 100% older women lover type either, since he was shown to have a same age girlfriend who is his friend in college, Yuri (Kato Rosa).gfBut what triggers him to do so is what happened back in high school years, when he found out about Toru’s relationship with Shifumi, and it makes him kinda jealous of Toru, cos he thinks that Toru got to bang a pretty housewife. And so, he decides to flirt and sleep with his one of his classmates, Yoshida‘s (Hirayama Aya) mom, who turns out didn’t refuse his offer for a one night stand. Unfortunately, everything goes awry as they were busted by Yoshida who just got home after school, and that incident clearly teared her family apart. Since then, Koji doesn’t seem too engrossed in having that kind of relationship anymore and only treats it like a casual hanky-panky.parking lotIt is until on one fateful day, he meets a petulant housewife, Kimiko, at the parking lot, in which she’s having a sucky situation of unable to park her car properly. Kimiko, who is 15 years older than Koji, still acting a bit childish when begging him to give her a hand. And since then, their relationship grows rapidly.casual dateAt first, Koji doesn’t take Kimiko seriously, toying with her like he used to do before with any other women. But there’s something about Kimiko that clearly infatuates Koji and makes him want to stay; either because he can feel her loneliness, or he’s simply just become really like her, like her.bad boyThe thing that I like the most from Koji storyline is how it all started in an innocent manner. That first encounter of Koji and Kimiko in the parking lot where they exchange sarcastic banter clearly shows the deep loneliness that these two have, especially from Kimiko’s side. Truth be told, all Kimiko need is a good companion; someone who will be there for her, listening to all her rant and whine without complaining. And turns out, Koji is that ‘someone’, appear in front of her, even though is not at right place or right time. But Koji’s indifferent trait and straightforward personality are the real game changer in their relationship dynamic, since it turns the whole platonic phase into a passionate one as they become some sort of budding romance. To Kimiko, Koji fills her void of an empty housewife life, while Koji can’t seem to push Kimiko away from his, since he subconsciously grows a real feeling for her, despite it all is still in a vague.koji-kimikoWell, as much as I like the Koji-Kimiko storyline, I gotta say that I sorta hate it as well, since from the get go we were being shown and hinted that their relationship is unhealthy, and won’t end in a happy note; no matter how much we think that they’re better together, cos Kimiko’s hubby is basically an ignorant jerk. But yet at the same time, I feel that kind of ending is the most suited one, cos it shows that no matter how sweet and shitty everything has been, life still goes on, and in the middle of it, goodbye is an inevitable word to say. So farewell they bid, but not without wrecking cars and hot flamenco as the prefatory. Lulz…whoaAs much as we talk about Koji, and thinking that his character and storyline are sort of textbooky, this time we turn into the second part that is more out of the box type, and also is the main plot of the movie, Toru and Shifumi. Toru’s little affair with Shifumi depicted in a dramatic manner of love at a first sight in the middle of the glamorous surrounding and soft classical music playing on the background; it’s almost as if they were destined to meet and be with each other.hitomeboreMove to three years later and they’re still going strong, continuing their illicit liaison, with a secret routine of 4PM phone call, and ‘spending’ the night together, but never reach until the morning. Even so, Toru always feels that Shifumi is his one true love, but then again, true love never run smooth, right Romeo? Haha… *cynical laughter*
whatDespite being raised in a not so ideal household (since his parents are already divorced), Toru has grown up to be a genuine, soft spoken, mild mannered young man. Unlike Koji who is a player, Toru is the type of guy who only love once in his life. Well, if I could dramatically speaking, Toru may appear reserved on the outside, but on the inside, he’s got this burning love towards Shifumi, he was shown being pissed in jealousy every time he sees her with her husband (Kishitani Goro).waiting for yer callToru adores Shifumi dearly, he loves every minute they spent together; he waits for her call everyday; he loves what she loves, and want to try thing that she finds as a personal pleasure. He wants to be an important part of her life and not just someone who was kept in the dark (which was nicely portrayed in the scene where he hides in the bathroom by the time he almost got busted by Shifumi’s hubby). Seeing all of this, I only got two words for Toru: Whoa, man. Lulz… With a young cute guy who has so much love for her, Shifumi can be dubbed as a one lucky woman, eh? Nahhhh…I won’t say that immediately.concertFrom the outline, Toru may be a devoted lover, but damn, his character is not as sturdy as his firm buttocks (you know what I mean if you watch it, lol…) This dude is too sappy, clingy, touchy feely, and sorta… borderline creepy. Lol… No, I’m seriously don’t mind with people who shed a tears when they’re listening to classical music, be it a guy or a girl, I don’t mind at all, since it can be translated as a sign of emotional appreciation. But dammit, Toru is such a crybaby, he’s also crying over the moon! The ferking moon! He sobs over the mother earth satellite, while resting his head on Shifumi’s lap. Gosh, mamaboy… moonchildAnd what worse is that he’s also going emo all of a sudden, as like “I always think that I should be vanished so I won’t cry anymore…” ohmaigerddd, really? Really Toru-kun? Ahahaha!!! Not to mention, the countless awkward moments that we can see happened just because he can’t get his hands or lips off Shifumi–sometimes it’s clearly seen that Kuroki is stealthily veer herself away so that Okada won’t touchy touchy too much. Heh… just give one wota as body double and you got your problem solved, mam! heheh…–

man, that stare though...
man, that stare though…

But what’s more awesome from Toru is that he sometimes suffocates Shifumi with his overdosing lurrrve, i.e Toru doesn’t want to find a part time job cos he doesn’t wanna leave the house and missed Shifumi’s sacred 4PM call; so he choose to stay home all day as a hermit while listening to her favorite song. Not his, but HER favorite song. Gawttt, what a bananas… *facepalming* In order to settle down with your woman, you gotta bust your ass and find a job, kiddo! Cos we all know that we can’t put love at the table and call it a ‘dinner’. Oh, and one more thing; Hello Toru! I have two words for you: cell phone. Lulz…
i can see yaaaaWell, despite the sorta (unhealthy) obsession that Toru has for Shifumi, the relationship that they have is very sweet and romantic. It may be a little bit schmaltzy and mellow, but the believable factor that they love each other is clearly there. And as to elevate more, this movie also puts Norah Jones’ Sleepless Nights as the insert song, to which I can say is one of the brilliant things that the production team could ever done, cos the nuance of that song is the major factor that builds the whole atmosphere, and the lyrics couldn’t be more perfect in depicting the emotional dynamic of Toru-Shifumi relationship.

Through these sleepless nights
I cry for you
And wonder who is kissing you
Oh these sleepless nights
Will break my heart in two

Somehow through the days
I don't give in
I hide my tears that wait within
Oh but then through sleepless nights
I cry again

Why did you go ?
Why did you go ?
Don't you know ?
Don't you know ?
I need you

I keep hoping you'll come back to me
Oh let it be
Please let it be
Oh, my love, please end
These sleepless nights for me
And just like the Proverbs say, you can’t keep a fire without burning up your clothes. So, as it’s bound to happen, their love affair is finally coming to the surface, and everyone’s reaction is not something that we can call pretty, especially from Toru’s mama (Kimiko Yo). Damn, Toru’s mama may only using words, but they were so sharp, it was as if she stabbed Shifumi with a real knife. Gotta love her sass though; along with the champagne action. Hah…confrontationIf Toru’s mom bash Shifumi mentally, Shifumi’s hubby, Asano chose the hard way, as he beat the crap out of the beansprout toyboy Toru. And he didn’t forget to kick him down into the pool as well. Talk about get bleeding and catching a cold, eh?toy boyBut surprisingly, Toru goes persistent and shameless, he zombie walks to Shifumi’s party, all soaking wet, then hug and try to kiss her, and begging on his knees, asking her to not dump him like a ragged toy. And he does it in front of all the guest, much to leave Shifumi embarrassed and confused, cos she just can’t hide her scarlet letter anymore, but at the same time she knows that she loves this boy so much. But the situation leaves her no choice other than to dump Toru publicly, in which makes Toru goes balooney and sobbing on the street like a mess. Forferksake, Toru, man up will ya??!parisAs the movie reach to an end, we were being served with a predictable ending of a bittersweet goodbye between Koji and Kimiko. But then this movie gives us some sort of plot twist with Toru and Shifumi have a… happy ending? Whatttt??? As much as I love to see these two finally together with no more cross to bear, I found this ending tad a bit forced and raising too many unanswered questions, like; What’s next? Will they get married? What about Toru’s mom? Will she approve their relationship? Is Shifumi gonna live with Toru in Paris and be this some kind like starving artist whatsoever? And since she already lost her store which is her source of income, what will she do to make a living for both of them? Cos I don’t think Toru can get a steady or permanent job right away, since he still oh-so-young. But the most important question is: Will they last forever? Well the truth is nobody knows, and it’s hard to think that they will be happy for a long term, because the basic circumstances were too shaky and let’s not forget, that once a homewrecker is a homewrecker, mind you.coldBeside, at the first place, Shifumi married his hubby Asano not by force, but choosing him by her own will, which means that there must had been love between each other back then; and Asano himself is also not a bastardino type who is worth to be despised by the viewers. Yeaahhhh, he may not be the bishonen type of cutie like Toru, and he maybe is a cold, unromantic person due to his busy working schedule, and not putting too much attention to Shifumi anymore; But I still don’t think he deserves to have all this shittiness happening to him. So, the ending kinda got me into around 75:25 for agree and disagree. Meh… whatever as long as the ending is pretty, I’m all on board anytime of day. Lulz…

toru-shifumiAmbiguous reaction aside, one thing for sure is that Tokyo Tower is a snoozefest kind of movie, with all the glorious Zzzs for the quiet, tedious plot development, despite the latter half is better since it’s picking up its pace. But surprisingly, I found myself loving every bit of it, not because of the story, but because of the whole ambiance that this movie brings from the beginning until the end credit. It really gave me some kind of good cozy vibes despite the movie itself is not a cotton candy romance. Not to mention, this movie slips the chivalric romance-ish thingy through the main casts’ narrations, and dammit, everyone knows that I love that shit. Hahaha…tonightBut the most prominent slash winning factor from this movie is definitely the soundtracks. None of the songs, and the scores that come out as dull or unsuitable, cos they were tailor made to be the perfect fit that build up the whole gloomy melancholy mood with a mixture of sweet and romantic. In short, I love this whole combination to pieces, okay?! Lulz… And let’s not forget the end credit song, Forever Mine by Yamashita Tatsuro. Dammmittt, that song is just soooo… ugh. That song is so perfect with the whole thing; the kokuhaku from Shifumi, the little “I knew it” smirk from Toru (love this small detail a lotzzz), the slo-mo kissing scene, the way the camera zoomed out to the whole scenery, the cinematography… it’s almost like we got a sweet lingering goodbye kiss from the movie before it really really ends. Not to mention, that the (translated) lyrics is another fit with the story, and there are even a couple lines that exactly depicting one of the scenes. (Hint: Rain? Wet? Everyone?) So yeah, sorry, but I gotta spam you with another lyrics… Lulz…

Only I can protect you in this world
Only I can love you than any kind of other
I want to hug you all the time until the daybreak
getting wet with silk rain as we are
From now on, in my arm at my chest
the continuance of the dream that you forgot
From now on, I remind you and we will melt
into our true love
I always watched you when The dusk of the coward
Bluff and lonely pride... It's already an illusion entirely
You may never wake
and I fall apart your beautiful profile
From now on, before time
You're sent back to oneself who is plain now
From now on, I kiss you and will fall with you
into Love of the eternity
Change our sorrow into strength
and change darkness into a rainbow
I want to hug you all the time until the daybreak
while getting wet with silk rain as we are
Forever mine
True Love of the eternity
From now on
You're mine, You're mine
and Forever mine

All in all, Tokyo Tower is a one mellow romance movie that may come as slow and boring for viewers who are looking for something rushing and heart-pounding. But the way this movie builds the whole mood of the story; either from the interaction, chemistry, and soft playing soundtracks, you can’t help but to feel invested into the little world of each and every main character. Tokyo Tower is a movie that truly embody the romance genre wholeheartedly and will leave you with a sweet impression by the time it comes to an end.

Final Score: 73/100


A Little Extra
Tokyo Tower: “What The…” Trivia

pillow talk01. I know, you know, and everybody knows, that Okada and Kuroki had previously played as mother and son in year 2000 dorama Oyaji. And as much as I read in the blogosphere, everyone was like “Ewww..” by the time they watch this movie. So I prefer to do it backwards by watching this movie first and the dorama later; which raise me another question, how will I react when I watch Oyaji someday? Well, I already had my sneak peek for the first 15 minutes, and they still so cute together… familial-y… Hah… *shrug*
flipphone02. Nobody flip his phone as swaggy as Koji. Man, that’s some chinpira style yo! Kato’s acting may be hammy in this scene, but I must applaud her for not laughing seeing Matsujun acting snob along with his unsexy-ribcaged body being exposed like that. Lulz…
city of lurve03. The title is indeed Tokyo Tower, but confusingly, they end the love debacle in Paris, like WTF?! I know, I know, it’s the city of love alright, but the movie’s title ain’t no Eiffel Tower, rrrright?! *head scratching*

04. Another mumbo jumbo lie that this movie feed us…
biggest lieUhmmm, sorry to interrupt, but he’s Bussan, okay? You do know that Bussan smokes like a chimney, right? Heheh…

And last but not least:

ugly shirt-105. Yo’ mama’s right, Toru; that is a one ugly shirt. (Sorry, Shifumi. Lulz…)

Well, that’s all, folks! Thank You!

Love this movie to pieces~♡
Love this movie to pieces~♡

Credits and Sources: Pretty picture ©asiabeam, Norah Jones’ Sleepless Nights ©metrolyrics, Yamashita Tatsuro’s Forever Mine ©JpopAsia


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