High Beam & Low Blow

imageI’ve been in my super duper lazy mode these days, but the nosy little gremlin inside me just keep pushing me to post about these news cos (one of them) are so effing juiceeeehhhh! Lulz…

01. [Super Very Best] tops the Weekly Oricon Chart image20 years is no expiration for our veteran boybander V6, as they claiming the top spot of weekly oricon chart with over 150k sales of Super Very Best. Woohooo!!! Omedetou, ossanssss!! *enthusiastic applause* imageWell, if I could give my thoughts about couple of their new songs, I would say that they are all moderately good and unheavy. Wait for You may not as energetic as Will or Flashback, but it has it own posh-ness that makes the song sounds exclusive, while Koko Kara is a so-so, but the PV is just so damn adorable. And Hello is just so…slow rock-ish. Heheh…Anyhoo, so happy for their achievement of reliving their own band name of “Victory6” Lulz…

02. Okada and Miyazaki Aoi are dating imageVals day hasn’t come in 6 months, but the lovebirds everywhere in the idola-la-land had flewn around already. But this one sticks out the most like a fricking sore thumb cos it is such an affair to remember. Heh… Well, the certified Johnny’s ikemen, Okada is reportedly in a serious relationship with his former co-star and bestie for 7 years, Miyazaki Aoi. Well, He’s 34, she’s 29; he’s good-looking, she’s a pretty woman; they look fit together and seem to have a great chemistry, and he’s holding her poodle which shows a clear sign of a great commitment. Lol… Overall, it shouldn’t be so hard to settle down and turn that seven years itch into a… seven years hitch, right? Well, rrrright… if only this couple didn’t leave such a bad taste in the mouth of the fans. Because, apparently, back then in 2011, Okada was allegedly having an affair and some sort of an onsen fling with married Miyazaki, which resulted with the woman finally divorced to her (ex)hubby slash fellow actor, Takaoka Sousuke. And this Sousuke guy just went twitterly ballistic by bashing his wife and Okada all around Nippon. Heh… I don’t know whether this old wiggity news were true or not, since the way Johnny’s and Miyazaki’s management busted their asses to bury this doodoo smelly scandal with dirt piles of excuses seemed so sooo shady. And by the time these lovebirds were seen in a surface on a street at stark midnight at yesterday’s tabloid photo kinda confirming to the whole concerned parties that what they had at O-Eleven was a legit truth. And as expected, all fans just go bawling and headless chicken-ish (lulz…) and I was like cringely “Ehhhhh?” Because it’s simply just so awkwardly ehhhhhh…. imageAs a newly V6 fan, my fangirl love towards Okada is still only as big as an infantile baby, but it’s clearly not the kind of love that goes Gollum-like or “I want your lock of hair cos you’re mine” kinda possessiveness cos whoa, dude, that is simply creepy as eff… lulz… but what I do like from Okada are his professionalism and work ethic in tackling his idol job despite the occasional shittiness that it brings; as the result were shown in his movies, variety shows and all V6 concerts. Heck there’s even a couple moments in his concert’s multi angle videos where he was shown so exhausted-ly fed up with his life along with a FML face, but yet he’s still manage to dancing and prancing around with the V5. That my friend, is a tenacity. Yowza… But by the time I read all V6 news to catch up my 20 years lateness and stumble to the scandalous rumor, I tend to believe it; since in this kind of situation I would prefer to think for the worst, so there will be no more room left for a surprise. And also, since then, I have made a some kind of mental note to avoid Okada-Miyazaki combo movies cos me simply don’t need a fricking reminder for something that doesn’t need to be reminded at. But now, hey ho!!! this news come out and I just don’t know what to say here. Heck I don’t even know what to react other than “LeeAnn Rimes!” Lol… imageWell, I totally get it that idoru is not a freaking entertainment robot who lives their lives in line with the concept of The Moffats’ “I’ll be there for You” song, I mean, they’re human being too, y’know. But the news of him, dating the woman he (allegedly) had an affair with, brings a lil meh to me, cos I feel like this dude is making a poor choice by opening the can of worms. But then, as quoted from jnewseng: “Okada has worked hard for so long so I want him to be happy.” Well…yeah, he’s been around as miserable dude in the entertainment world for around two decades, so he clearly deserves something (or someone) as a reward, despite Miyazaki herself is a hard prize, for their relationship is in a fat chance of not being criticized by the judgmental public. But hey, if one wants to take the high road, then high road it is. Beside, who can control a man’s heart anyway? All I can say is, held your head high and prove them all wrong by rattle those cans behind your cars and tie that knot, brother! Oh, and before you go, don’t forget to holler: “I marry my best friend!” Lulz…

Untill next time, lurvies! XOXO

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Sources and Credits: jnewseng, aramajapan, pic first and last unedited: v6-unlimited@LJ


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