Yehey! Hiatus Hey!

reality checkIt is a general knowledge that real life is indeed sucks (sometimes), and it is also a fact that it has several inevitable obligations and responsibilities waiting for the sluggish me to accomplish them all. UARGGGHH!!! Imma cut my bullcrap now with straight bawling in agony and declare that I’m gonna take a hiatus (again) from updating this blog for a weewee-lil while. Bcos–as far as anyone concerns–my usual daily life is sooo laid back, sooo relaxing, I might appeared like a fricken NEET in front of other people’s eyes. lulz… But these days, somehow out of the blue, I got a long a list of to-do. I have to do this, I have to do that; I must design this school yearbook; must make graduation videos and yadayadayada in between. And nope, it’s not even my yearbook nor my graduation that we’re talking about here, since I’m like, old enuff, to be a rookie teacher or…school’s canteen employee. lol… Moreover, I happened to be this mega-occupied, I don’t even have time or mood to watch any doramas that I had downloaded all this time. Heckkkk!!! I don’t even have any time left to watch my minted KAT-TUN come Here Live in Osaka concert (Ugh… *hand reaching*) But yet, amazingly I still have enough spare times to watch Live 2009 Break The Records. DURRR!!! So… yeah, I must say that my scale of priority is kinda iffy and… questionable. Lol…

ugh, wait for me okay?! I'll definitely gonna watch this...
Wait for me okay?! I’m definitely gonna watch this…

Talk about BTR. Urrrgh, I hate that concert; not because of the songs or the performances or genie Jinjin–cos despite he’s being snob like a doorknob and although I hate to admit it, I must say that he has the best voice among the six, okayyy?! *sigh*– since this concert has made me love that Water Dance song, which is so substantially dark and gothic. But damn, this concert, this ferking hegemonic concert had irritated me with it’s blatant favoritism by gloriously exploiting the mumbo jumbo Akame duo and leaving those four dudes far behind the spotlight, it reaches to a point where I dubbed KAT-TUN here as Akame and the Magnifico Eunuch Quartet. Lulz…BTR-CLOSINGBack then, at the midst 2014, when I was sorta a Kame fan, I used to wonder “how does it feel like to be a fan of the other KAT-TUN beta members, must be shitty, ne?!” But now, as if I spat my own spit, I have become a fan of Nakamaru (damn you Chinatsuki!!! Ugh…) and dramatically speaking, watching BTR kinda broke my kokoro into minuscule pieces; cos in this concert, Nakamaru’s presence is so under-appreciated, uneventful and forgettable; along with his post-RESCUE helmet-shaped-bad hair phase. Ooooh, my booboo bog-standard Maru-kochan… *sniffle* though I must say that his imitation of Jinbo bakanishi on the monomane session with Koki was spitefully mocktastic. Lulz…monomaruEGAD! Look how far I went off-topic from the original intention of writing this post. Hah! Anyhoo, my point is, Imma take a lil sabbatical here, at least until my works are all finished–gosh I make myself sounded so pathetically busy–and don’t you worry, child, cos I will definitely back to give you moarrrrr of sh*tinezzz into this blog. Haha… And please don’t miss me too much cos who knows that I may be back sooner than you thought; since, y’know, just like my scale of priority, my hiatus declaration also comes out as something half assed for, well, most of the time. Lol… Until then, por i’heure adieu, mi belles personnes! (excuse my random French. Heheh…)


Credits: Picture #01 & #02 non edited  ©kat-tunworld; last pic non-edited ©yoshiko-mama@livejournal


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