Getting Paid to Sip Ice Coffee? Sweeeet!

20150427-174aIt should’ve been another usual day, where I’m surfin’ the internet, reading too many gossip blogs and websites (don’t blame me since it’s juicy okay?! Heheh…) when I coincidentally stumbled and watched this new Lawson campaign CM that’s involving a nickel of yen, Machi cafe and some whatsit merchandise, blaaaaah, I dunno the details since I don’t live in Japan, okay?! Lulz… Anyway, what’s more important that, the face that popped up in this 15 seconds commercial is… Nakamaru-kun…?! And then, the first thing that comes to my mind is “So, where are the other members?” But… dun dun dun!! surprise surprise! Nakamaru’s flying solo this time!!! Ehhh, majissuka? Lol…
CDphKZWWoAAXWLzGeeee, congrats for finally able to have a solo CM project, buddy! cos it means that Nakamaru start to have his own household name outside the KAT-TUN brand, and I just can’t help myself to shed a happy tears since I couldn’t be prouder, and also how bad I wish I could have a cuppa coffee right now at this moment… cos yes #beingcoldturkeysucks!!! Boohoo!!! *dramatic bawling*

For those of you who curious enuff, here’s the CM yooo:

Screencaps source: kt060322@blogspot

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