About: 近キョリ恋愛 (Close Range Love)

So Close Together, So Far Apart…

kabedonAnother day, another shojo-manga live action! Hoohoo! Lulz… Well, as I always said before and as you already knew; whenever there’s some romance drama/movie, you can always count me in. Always. And this movie, Kinkyori Renai (Close Range Love), had doubled my anticipation more than usual, since this is not just your average newbie actors’ romance movie, but it’s starring Yamapecs! Oops sorry, I mean Yamaboobs! Oops… I did it again!!! I mean Yamapeeeee!!! Lololol… Well basically, I always watch every chick flick drama that he’s starred in, despite the utter expressionless face and boringness that he might had brought to the screen (in other words: Summer Nude). And after waited for monthzzzz of release, I finally could watched this shojo-manga adaptation movie that had teased the viewers with a cute interaction and doki-doki scenes between the two main leads ever since the trailer was released. And now, let us talk abouddit, shall weeee??? secret(Spoilert: Close range, no hide! Hah! What a nonsense phrase! Lulz…)

In a nutshell, Kinkyori Renai tells a story about a 17 years old student, Kururugi Yuni (Komatsu Nana), who is stoic, smart, and independent, everyone just feels inferior every time they get close to her and believes that she’s the kind of a girl who doesn’t need a sweet affection or attention from other people since she’s more than capable to take care of herself. But deep down, Yuni is just an ordinary girl, who longed to be treated normally and averagely. That is why she always feel so lonely deep inside.first talkBut despite her perfect score in school, Yuni has one educational flaw, which is a weakness in English subject. It then makes the new-popular teacher, Sakurai Haruka (Yamapi) concern about it, since it can make his teaching ability being questioned by the school if Yuni fails his subject. That’s why he asked her to come for an extracurricular lesson everyday after school at 4PM with him.CRL-2But turns out Yuni and Haruka own contrast personalities, and they were mirrored from the way he teaches her and the way she receives his lesson, cos Haruka is more of a laid back and casually tells her to just memorize every vocabulary and structure, while Yuni always questioning things in logical manner before being able to fully understand what the heck he’s been taught her about, cos she says that everything must have rules.CRL-1But as time goes by and after one and two incidents that brings them getting closer together and makes the student-teacher relationship boundaries are getting pushed further and further, they clearly know that when it comes to be in love, there is no such thing as ground rules, and yet at the same time, it will never be an easy thing to get by. (gosh, I’m so effing cheezzzayyyy, I’m gonna diiiiie in embarrassment every time I read this, lololol…)CRL-17Kinkyori renai is a movie that was written and made to solely answers most of every girl’s hidden romantic desire, which is to fall in love and have a heart-pounding relationship with their hottie young sensei. Honestly, this drama is so cheesy, so cream puff, and so cliche, you actually be able to figure out what’s gonna happen next and how it ends by the time the movie starts to play. Buuuut despite all of that, Kinkyori Renai has a few plus points that can make us able to stick and stay to watch all of it until it ends, cos turns out this movie was pretty good, not ohamjay-I’m-so-hooked-in-this-masterpiece– kinda good, but it’s a good good. So basically this movie had given me a 50:50 feeling of loving it, but yet at the same time, feels kinda meh about it.CRL-11One of the good things that Kinkyori Renai have is the main couple themselves. Well, I must say that one of Yamapi’s plus point and blessing that was given to him by the dorama universe is that he has the it factor to be always looked suitable and OTP-worthy with his co-stars, even though this time, the girl herself is 11 years younger than him. Not to mention that Yamapi’s act surprisingly not too wooden here. *gasp!* Also, Komatsu Nana had managed to live up her character, and to add brownie points, their chemistry wasn’t so bad either, which in the end, resulted in the way Yuni and Haruka become a quite lovable pairing that’s worth to be rooted for.pat-patThe other factor that makes this movie good is that how it’d executed the whole plot. Since I never read the manga, I dunno how far this movie had bent and defied from the original story, but if I have to solely give my opinion based on what I had watched, then I must say that in an outline, the plot’s development is nicely done, none of the scenes feels jarring or hammy. And another winning factor from this movie is that it has a very very good nuance and atmosphere. I dunno how to explain it but somehow watching this gives you some sort of cozy feeling. Heheh…CRL-3As I’m done talking about the half good, now it’s time for the half of the downer. Aside from having a good plot development, there are a couple major and minor things from this movie that I find quite rush, abrupt, and even… weird. First, is the Yuni-Haruka’s relationship development. At first I found the dynamic of their interaction was natural and quite endearing; Like when Haruka helped Yuni from being locked in the gym equipments room and he princess-carried her in the middle of the field with all of the students witnessing and the youth-teen-rock song starts to play on the background. Aaah… it’s so effing cheesy, it’s gooooood, yeee knowwww. Lol…CRL-5And there’s also another scene where Haruka’s acting like a jerk toward Yuni when she tries her best effort to express her feelings toward him by giving him a handkerchief. That thing ends bitterly as Haruka got slapped and Yuni run away from the classroom in tears. For me, that is one of the defining moments that clearly shows that they have feelings for each other. But by the time we get to the second half of the movie, things start to go a wee bit hasty, as Haruka does a sudden proposal to Yuni. And no it’s not a promposal, but it’s literally, literally a marriage proposal. Say wuttttt…??!!! They’ve only in the relationship for a couple weeks; months tops, and Haruka’s already proposing? Wtf man… *head scratching*

Yuni's reaction is every viewer's reaction...
Yuni’s reaction is every viewer’s reaction…

This proposal thing is so out of the blue and out Haruka’s character, it makes the whole thing goes very very awkward. I mean, okayyyyy… I get it that they love each other whatsoever, but shouldn’t Haruka thinks the whole thing more clearly and wisely, since he’s the adult one here. Not to mention that this proposal later becomes a road block that holds Yuni back from achieving her dream to have an overseas education at her admired professor’s university. Heckkk, no wonder Yuni’s cousin slash guardian slash math teacher, Akechi (Arai Hirofumi) is throwing some fit, and I’m not blaming him for it,  cos I think that Haruka had acted selfishly by asking that question to a 17 years old girl who’s still immature in tackling this kind of problem.CRL-14Imo, this proposal thing can be more acceptable, even more, a very good plot development if the position is being reversed as Haruka is the younger one in the relationship. But the way this movie rush the whole thing makes my interest to root for this couple going down a lil bit. Wouldn’t it be much more logical if Haruka say something like when Yuni’s graduated, he will establish their relationship publicly and officially stuffs like that. If that’s happened, then the whole thing will sound more realistic, eh?
CRL-16The other prominent things from this drama is how it always depicted the emotion of both Yuni and Haruka in the forms of physical gestures, like when Yuni feels upset, she suppresses it by clutching her side skirt, or when she’s happy, she’s stroking her cat hairpin, and she’s always touches her ear when she feels shy, stuffs like that. While on the other hand, Haruka has this certain habit to touch his lips after he kissed somebody, in which every time Yamapeep did that, it looked like he’s doing a pose for wink up or sumthin. lol… kaykay, back 2 da topic… These certain gestures are almost like a signature things from the movie, but as the duration goes by, those things become a lil bit too forced and repetitive, it comes out dull and overused. I mean, is there really NO OTHER WAY to express or emote yourself, man? Especially Yuni, clutching her skirt somehow becomes like a shortcut for an easy emotion conveyer rather than having it showing on her face. It sorta blah as the time goes by, imo…
sniff sniffAnother thing that comes out sorta weird and bonkers is the way this movie emphasizing Haruka’s smell. Hahahaaaa… wtf. At first Haruka’s smell is kept talked by the other students as “he smells berrrrry good” whatsoever. But on a scene where Matoba (Kotaki Nozomu) said to Yuni that he could RECOGNIZE the guy who took her on the run while they’re having the awkward date is Haruka by how he smells the scent is start to tickle me pink cos it’s just so damn stoooopihhhdddd. Ahahahaha!!!CRL-15Man, Haruka got to be wearing one helluva cat-piss of a cologne cos it’s so damn distinct, even a guy like Matoba could identify it. Dahell man… lol…
sunset photoAnd now it brings us down to the final problem, which is the ending. Damn, the ending is so efftard and corny, cos it feels like they try to end everything hastily. One moment Yuni is in Cali as she studies at her dreamed university, but hammy-directorial later, she’s shown to be in school waiting for Haruka to show him that fricken blue sunset photo, and what’s weirder is how they talk as if not a glimpse period of time had passed by between them, even though Yuni’s hair is shown long enough to be like ± one year had INDEEEED passed. And then, as if the prior proposal scene not awkward enough, this movie needs to make Haruka do another bloody proposal, and I only can say “Wuttttttt??? Againnnn???”we meet againForferksake, why the heck this movie is damn keen on marriage??? Oh, puh-leazzze, Kinkyori Renai, you already made the mistake once in the middle of the movie by wrote that scene, so why would you make it twice??? To me the proposal looks like Haruka is so damn impatient in doing this relationship with Yuni and he just can’t wait to tie her down in case she finds someone better in Uncle Sam’s country. Hah! I know that this movie doesn’t mean that way, but that’s the impression that I got from it. I also feel like this movie is too stressing over a fact that marriage is the only guarantee of an happy ending for these two, and it makes the ending become so damn forced. Dude, why don’t you make they’re separating like until Yuni’s graduating from university, and she’s coming back four years later, and they met each other and turns out Haruka still waiting for her and re-propose her and she says yes and they kiss their luv away yadayadayada. Wouldn’t it be better and come out more sincere, since it shows that Haruka clearly loves this girl and she does too the other way around? I know that it’s still a cheesy and cliche ending alright, but what’s to lose anyway since the movie is already a cheesy and cliche fest from the get go? Not to mention the final kiss on the blue sunset scene. Ohhhh, holy macaroni, grated me some Parmesan, cos its so fricken cheese-head, corny, and cheap, and shabby… Uaaaarrrgh!!! I could CRYYYYY over the lameness at the green screen effect of the blue sunset. BOOHOOHOOO!!! Way to ruin a good movie…
my bunny come HereAll in all, Kinkyori Renai is one feel-good movie that depicts an old-school controversial love story in a lovable manner. It may have a couple things that were quite nonsensical, but the way the plot develops and portrays each and every character give us enough reasons to keep watching and cheer for the main couple. Kinkyori Renai is a sweet cream puff movie that’s worth to be watched when you’re in the mood for some teenage romance.
kiss on sunsetFinal Score: 72/100


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  1. Hi, Ending means that they will get married n then she will go back to study and keep coming to see him in between? Am I right?


    1. Gee man, I dunno since it has an open ending, this movie is giving us a chance to assume for a various interpretations of how we want it to end. If it’s me, I assume that they’ll get married soon after the chick graduated and go back to nihon from Cali. But hey, yours is good too. Whatever rocks the boat. Haha. Thanks for commenting btw.


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