About: セカンド・ラブ (Second Love)

Love, Sex, and Awkward Dance

kei41 When you watched the first episode of a drama and you have a hunch that it’s gonna be a lousy fest and you decided to stop watch it, that’s called being wise; when you still insist on giving another try for couple more episodes, that’s called being stubborn; but when you decided to be persistent and watched the whole sh*t till the end, that is simply called being stupid. Aaaaand, I’m proudly admit that I am the number three. Woohoo!!! *sarcastic tone* But seriously, after nine helluva years that has been filled with bunch of professional, school, fantasy, sommelier genre-kinda dramas, Kame is finally back to the root where he’s mostly viable and accomplished best; a romance, a renai genre. And who could ever forget the swoony jaded guy Kanzaki Hiroto in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi? I mean, for the love of chicken nugget, once you watched that drama, your fangirl life will never be the same again, since all you get from it is a sweetness that lingers in your head and heart for a very verrrrry long period of time. So, can you really blame me for expecting a lil bit high and raising my standard of expectation towards his new drama, Second Love? Since it has everything provided to become a romantic-sweep you off your feet kind of drama, judging from the nuance, ambiance, and the cinematography that could be described with one word, which is “pretty”. But then, what’s a pretty when in the end they give you nothing more than that, huh?farewell1Well enough with my sugarcoating session, cos now Imma say it straight that Second Love SUCKS!!! Yep, you read this right, Second Love is suck, lame, and… suck, it makes you WEEP in regret. Everything about this drama is half-baked lousy, starts from the plot, the execution, until the characters. And truth be told, this drama is such a downer since it has what it takes to become a great renai dorama of the season, but in reality, the finished product is just like a cheap knock off version of midnight adult soap opera that will make you only go “Eeeeh??!!” and “Ughhhh…” from start to finish, and THANK GAWT this drama ended in only seven banal episodes, cos I don’t think I could take it more than that. Hehhhhh… I don’t care whatever you wanna say, cos Imma stick with my wagon of disappointment and there’s nuthin, I say, nuthinnnnn you can do to stop me from being angry and ranting! HAH! GERRRRONIMO!!keiyui-4-4(Spoilert: Steamily dangeroushhhh!!!)

Oh well, I ain’t gonna tell you about the nutshell plot anymore, since I already talked about this drama multiple times on my previous posts. The romance began in a promising manner of an innocent encounter between Taira Kei (Kame) and Nishihara Yui (Fukakyon); when suicidal Kei coincidentally witnessing Yui stretching out against the sunset which for him at that time makes her looked like a goddess that saved him from depression, and it makes him think that there’s still hope in life for humanity. Oooohhh…dramateeeque!!! Lulz…sunsetAnd so the whirlwind romance begin, but it’s more like a “hey I just saw you stretching out and this is crazy, but here’s my number so call me maybe, so we can ecchi-ecchi together in my 4 tatami room” kind of romance. But there’s no such thing as smooth sailing for these two lovebirds, since each of them has their own baggage and past relationship that holds them back.kei-yui3Second Love is a drama that has a storyline of a 90-120 minutes tanpatsu, but it’s being stretched out into a span of ±336 minutes of seven episodes dorama until the last of it’s thin and stretchy fiber that it could ever get. So, as resulted, all we get is nothing but a lukewarm romance with awkward execution and hammy scenes, combined with extreme cliché development, and cheesy ending that was simply too coincidental and meh. This drama lacks major substance that makes it meaty, since everything that happens here is so ham-handedly done. All the time watching from beginning to end, I just can’t help myself to shake my head like a crazy bobble mascot on the car’s dashboard and wondering why I waste my time watching this utter crap. *sigh*…nagi-yui-1My first problem towards this drama is that, I don’t really get why Yui would want to be with Naginagi  (Saruwatari Kyoto) for five freaking years? What makes her willing to become a mistress of a married man, when she clearly knows that the reason why her father left the family is because he had an affair with another woman? Shouldn’t she feel traumatized by adultery and stuffs? But yet, surprisingly, all this drama gave us is how Yui seems to keep her angst towards her mom’s (Aso Yumi) current condition. Excuse me, bro,  but how can you blame mom for having a breakdown? It’s natural for mom to be a bit looney since dad’s been gone and leaving his family just like that. But this drama makes Yui seems so burdensome in taking care of her own mother, even though she knows that mom is all by herself and in need of her daughter’s support.mom and yuiBut then, in contrast, Yui becomes so meek and mushy when it comes to Kei, that she never says no to him nor show a lil bit of assertiveness towards his sh*tty attitude. Like on the second episode, Yui, who just got home, suddenly got a call from Kei, who coercively asking her to meet him, and she’s unreasonably having a hard time to rejects his crazy request so she decided to sneak in at stark midnight to be Kei’s booty call-girl. Gawwwt… *smh*hug-3-1And then all of sudden, on the next couple of days Kei is asking Yui to stay together with him; and she just on cloud ferking eleven, she doesn’t even question why in the world things happen so irrationally fast. But as a viewer, I do question that sheez, because living together with someone is something that should be considered thoroughly, but this drama never shows Yui think or act rationally towards Kei and their crazy progress of relationship stages.  Shouldn’t she feel curious that Kei might be just using her to fool around? Shouldn’t she feel more cautious that there’s a possibility that Kei may not be serious in having this relationship with her? Shouldn’t she at least feel a lil bit mad and say to him, “Dude, are you nuts? We’ve only dated for a couple weeks and you asked me to stay with ya?” But, (un)surprisingly, such possibilities never cross her mind. And when she decides to grow some vertebrae and voicing her thoughts, she aims her anger towards… Mom, cos she feels like mom is being such an intrusive hag for meddling her love life. Say WHAAAT??!!yui41I have to say that I’m simply amazed with this drama’s ability to make me unable to care, even just for a diddlysquat, towards the main characters, since everyone here is basically just a bunch of crappy individuals. Seriously, never once I saw a drama heroine as stupid as Yui. Aside from being and looking like an airhead, Yui is also a bimbo, cos she basically lets everyone in her life to steer her up to the right and to the left on the shittiness of life. One moment she said she wanted to break up with Naginagi but then she’s still saying yes to his request to go for a night in a hotel together, as this perverted infidel old man reasoning her by saying, “its only for one last time…” OH FERFERKSAAAAAKE, Yui, how hard is it for you to say NO or IIE in nihongo, since you guys are already a history anyway from the minute the break up words are said. If only Kei is not wandering around passing free tissues, Yui probably already ecchi-ecchi with Naginagi. Ewwww…3-33But Yui’s stupidity didn’t stop there as she also dumb enough to be manipulated by our one and only lead guy, Kei. She knew that she had priority and more important things to do in her life, but one lil pity anecdote from her toy-boyfriend and she goes all in and undressed (lol…) for him. Like the scene on the third episode where Yui needs to go home and talk to her mum about them; Kei who wants Yui to come home with him for a whooppie session (ugh…) decides to tell Yui about how his daddy used to feel embarrassed at him being a dancer. And that lil mushy story suddenly change her mind to come home and be a responsible woman, as she said to Kei “I’ll come with you!” 3…2…1…DURRRR…!!!staredownWhich brings us to a new problem; WHY Yui is soooo damn submissive and going gaga over someone whom she only met for a fricken couple weeks?  And why would she go so far until it reach to an extent that she chose him over her own family? What’s the core base of her choice? Is Kei really that worth to be fighting for? Does he ever shows her real love and stuff? Cos if we’re watching from the very start, the fundamental base of “love” between Kei and Yui is not that strong enough to make someone willing to go that far by against the family and cohabiting, especially in just short period of time. But then, why she still prefers to stand by him despite how crappy he had treated her all this time and still insist in forcing her relationship value towards him??? I mean, she knows that Kei is a commitment-phobe dude, but yet she still emphasizing the marriage thing to him even though she knows that his answer will be a big N.O.


*Sigh*… I dunno what to say about this. Sometimes I do really REALLY feel sorry for Yui, especially on the fifth episode, where she was shown to have dinner in tears over her rocky relationship. But my sorry feeling is not because she’s such a sympathetic character but it simply because she just so ferking stupid for letting herself stuck between these two good-for-nothing men. Sometimes, watching Yui makes me reach a point of wanting to slap her back to reality and shake her while yelling “HEYYYYY, wake up and smell the bitter coffee, sistaaaaaa!!!” I mean, for pete’s sake; every day she waits for Kei to come home, cook him dinner, and then being ignored by him. But she still pushing herself to stay in his crummy apartment, even though her mom needs her more since she is all alone and having a breakdown.kei71But truth be told, Yui’s dumbness is nothing compared to Kei’s jerkiness. Ahahaha… Kei is such a douchybaggy lad with a childish and snob personality. I dunno what that dude bring home from Germany other than mediocre dance skill and promiscuous lifestyle, along with humongous sexual drive. He’ s selfish, so full of himself, he doesn’t want to settle down; and he also has this stubborn coercive attitude that just so…blerg. Oh, I don’t mind of the drama hero’s “I’m marrying her no matter what you say, ma!” kind of stubbornness, cos its the kind that makes viewers go “Squeeeee!!!” and “Kyaaaa!!!” in excitement. But Kei’s pigheadedness makes you want to punch him on the face… sometimes… if I’m not exagerrating. Like the scene when he asks Naginagi about Yui’s current whereabouts after she had quit teaching, and there Naginagi goes mad at him by saying how can he let her go blahblahblah. But when Naginagi’s done talking, he asks him the same fricken question; “Can you tell me where’s Yui?” Uaaarghhhhh!!! Its such a miracle that Naginagi didn’t punch or strangle him, cos If I was in that position, Oh-ho-hooo… I would do one of those things in a heartbeat. *clenching fist*kei-nagiOther than that, Kei is such a forceful-pushy wuss, he likes to pressuring Yui in the phone by repeatedly asking her “Where are you? where are you? I want to meet you. Where are you?” I dunno where from this side of point of view the writer thinks that Kei’s broken record-interrogative questions are such a sweet and romantic things, cos to me he sounds like a obsessed obnoxious dude. But then, what ironic is that, he’s not man enough to put some effort or initiative in making the first move to work his relationship with her. It has to be Yui who always having a hard time sneaking and coming to Kei’s house; it was never the other way around.keiyui-4-1Never once I saw a scene where Kei is shown giving away or sacrificing ‘something’ in order to be with Yui. Heckkkkk, even that one trivial thing of how Kei didn’t give his upper, better bed for Yui, the woman that she LOVES, to sleep on, and let her to sleep on the floor mattress instead, clearly shows that he’s not being a gentleman and how low he’s valuing her in his life. I know that this thing is just a small detail that maybe not too noticeable or even be bothered, but it does say a lot about Kei. Oh, I don’t care about him being a crazy monkey acrobatic style dancer that needs a proper night rest; when you love somebody, you should make some sacrificial changes and adjustments in your life whether you like it or not, cos love is not just about receiving,  but also giving, man. And it shouldn’t be so difficult if the feeling is indeed sincere.bedding romanceBut what’s irritating the most from Kei is how cheap he has treated Yui. Sometimes; no, most of the times, I really wonder whether Kei really loves Yui, or he simply just using her to jump into the sack together. I mean, every time they meet up, Kei is always so ferking horny, he ends up (awkwardly) forcefully canoodling Yui and ripping up her clothes, but yet he never puts a slightly ounce of an effort to know the real her better. I mean, fergawdsake, he even didn’t know that Yui once had been a magazine model reader in her teen years; while even Yui’s whole bully homeroom students know about that stuff. HAH! Well, maybe, KEIIIIIII, if you use your mouth to do more meaningful act of conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings that’s simply called COMMUNICATING, rather than just kissing and making out, you’ll get to know yer chick better. “When I look at you, I want to touch you” Oh, cut the bullshit, dude!!! No wonder Yui’s mom whack him with a bag. And honestly, I actually feel kinda happy when I watch that scene, since he so damn deserves it… hahaha… *evil laughter*kei-yuimama-42 Kei and Yui are a perfect epitome of what can be called as an unhealthy relationship, since Yui seems to lose more than she gains in having this relationship with Kei. She lost her emotional stability; by being anxious all the time when he never called her even once when he’s away in London or when he’s going back to Japan; she lost a bit of her stable relationship with her mom by arguing with her over him; she even lost her confidence, cos she always feel that she’s not good enough for Kei the dancer prodigy. While on the other hand, Kei’s soaring higher and higher from a suicidal nobody, until becomes a somebody that, say, recognized by the world. This drama depicted an unfairness romance as Kei’s keep increasing into stardom, while Yui is decreasing into the slump.kei-yui-3-2Well, I admit that I’m a conventional/old-fashioned romance stickler, and I clearly know that this drama tells a story about a whirlwind passionate romance stuff like that. But actually, I don’t mind at all with a fast-paced love story; I prefer that rather than a draggy-angsty one, as long as it managed to deliver me something good that could make me swoon over it, hook line and sinker. But the way this drama executed the whole process and progress makes everything that happened seems not believable or encouraging enough for us to root for Kei and Yui nor screaming “YESSS!!!” when we see Yui goes opposing her mom in order to start a new leaf with Kei, or when we see her and Kei having a happy moment together.kei-yui-2-1Another cringe-worthy romantic factor from this drama is that how it executed the ecchi scenes between Kei and Yui. I dunno why, but I feel like Second Love is trying so hard, too hard in fact, to live up to it’s “steamy melodrama” predicate, this drama keeps pushing out to put the bed scenes in every. Single. Freaking. Episode. Awww, c’mon man, it’s not a rocket science to know that physical contact is not a fundamental base in building a relationship; it may be an extra added factor that completes the whole circle; but what’s more important than that is communication and getting to know your couple inside out, not just physically, but emotionally and personality as well.keiyui-4-2But the problem is that, this drama keeps ham-handedly putting those scenes, it reaches to a point where it become so mandatorily irritating and you can’t help but to roll your eyes over and overrrr again until it’s falling out of the sockets; no matter what kind of “variation” they try to put in order to make this drama looked swoony and romantic–like the “oooh, today, I won’t be using my hand” thing on the fourth episode; or the farewell whoopee on the sixth episode. Ugh… somebody get me a barf bag… *facepalming*– And in the end, this whole debacle backfired as it makes this drama becomes lack of depth and exacerbating the characters’ image and development; as it makes Kei looked like a horny-manipulative jerk, and Yui looked like a slow-witted woman who becomes over-clingy and easily used by him. Not to mention those scenes came out sooooo awkward, and painful to watch, it’s like Sappuri all over again, only these, are worse versions. Brrr… *shivering*keiyui-4-3And the shocking thing from Second Love is that this drama was written by Ooishi Shizuka, who also wrote Glass no Ie. WTFFFF??!! *major head-scratching* How… how… h-h-how in the world she could write an awesome swoony heart-wrenching drama like Glass no Ie that squish every bit of your fangirl soul into a bunch of sappy pulps, while on the other hand also wrote this poor quality renai one such as Second Love? Urgh… me… cannot… compute… *imploding* And truth be told, that one kiss scene in the elevator on Glass no Ie had greaterly, tenfoldly more impacted than the whole kiss and make out scenes in the Second Love combined. HAH! Well, Shizuka-san you’re not Ooishi here this time, as you are more to become Mazui Shizuka by the time you bring this drama into the telly… *sigh*fly kame flyAnother Kei-Yui issue that seems too hard to believe is how this drama keeps stressing out about how mega-talented Kei is, while Yui is just an ordinary mid-thirties woman who got so damn-jackpot-like lucky cos she managed to date a dancer prodigy like him. HAH! How in the fricken world would I believe that Kei is so damn talented when all this drama show me is his dancing in slooooowww effing motion. Heck, I wouldn’t even called it a dance since it more looked like a poor man’s So You Think You Can Dance audition. Kame may be a good actor, but–didn’t mean to be rude–he is one of the… not-so-skilled chibi dancers in KAT-TUN, and there is no slow motion slash dramatic camera movement that could cover that lack-ness, so don’t pilloried me if I always cringe and laugh every time this drama shows me the dancing scenes.kei43And I’m seriously scratching my head when I watched the scene of Kei’s new choreography for Ichinose. I mean, where in the world is the impacting factor that makes Kei worth to be called the life-saver for the choreography? What makes that dance become so damn good, it has gotten an international exposure? What is the X-fricking-Factor for the routine to be that famous? I just seriously DON’T GET IT. Do I have a poor level of judgement in art-appreciating? Or this drama is simply the one that does? *sigh* Allow me to say one thing to you, ooohhhh dear drama. If you have enough guts to put up your story’s foundation for Kei to be a DANCER; man up and show me one! Show the viewers, at least one decent blatant whole scenes of Kei dancing his gerddamn talent away. If you feel Kame’s too lacking for it, why duncha just send a professional contemporary dancer or Taguchi as the body double for the scenes? Or at least show that Ichinose’s routine as in full-non dramatic display. It should be easy, right?! Since you managed to do more difficult stuffs such as playing with camera angle and overdone dramatization in order to shoot the whole sh*t. Lol…naginagiAnother issue comes in the way this drama handles the side characters’ stories and developments. Naginagi’s marriage issue with his wife comes out of nowhere on the fourth episode with no explanation nor a second or two scene showing that his wife KNEW that he has an illicit affair with Yui. But all of a sudden, his wife packing her bags, and saying that she wants a divorce. And then on the next episode, she is shown that she knows that Naginagi has an affair with Yui. I’m just like, HELLOOOOO? *major brow furrowing*nagi and wifeyAnosaaaaa… since when you knew the whole thing, mam? Cos there is not a single hint which showing that Naginagi’s wife noticed that stuff. I mean there might be a couple scenes that showing her feels their married life becomes mundane, but there is nothing more than that. But then, (un)fortunately, it becomes so damn awkwardly obvious that this whole thing was created in order to be a “rational trigger” for Naginagi to go mortally demented in pursuing Yui and become a hostile third party towards Yui’s and Kei’s lovey dovey saga.takeuchi-3Naginagi aside, this drama also had an epic fail in developing one of Yui’s homeroom students, Takeuchi‘s (Koshiba Fuka) story. At the beginning, Takeuchi was written to be this jaded girl that never pays attention to the class but secretly stands up against her own classmates who are bullying Yui all the time.yui-take61Aaaaaand, turns out, the real reason why she always do that is because… *drum roll*… She’s in love with her sensei!!! WHATTT THEEEE ACTUAL EFFFFF???!!! I don’t know what in the world is inside Ooishi-san’s head, but the way she created this plot twist is so unnecessarily dumb and not surprising, but more to a headdesk-worthy one. And what dumber is how this I love you sensei problem was solved in a very simple and too-convenient manner. One moment she declares her love in front of the whole class. The whole bully class. Then she got rejected, and she just simply accepted that without an inch of agony? WTF? And also, this drama didn’t tell us how Takeuchi faces her everyday at the class after that “shocking” incident, cos I think it will be so damn impuhsible for her to have peaceful days after that… *smh* In my opinion, it will be a much MUCH better option if Takeuchi’s character was written just like Kinoshita in Majo no Joken, since both of them has the same vibe. And also, it’s just more making sense and sympathetic for Takeuchi as well, rather than abruptly throwing some sore-thumb twist of her to become a lesbo.kei-ayakoBut what’s more stupider is how this drama creates a conflict between Yui and Kei’s ex-girlfriend, Ayako (Hayami Akari), cos it’s more like forcing something non-existent to be exist. Like the scene on the third episode where Ayako confronts Yui for the very first time, for a very verrrrry stupid reason. Hyukhyukhyukkkk…. I feel like laughing before I start to telling you what it’s all about… The damn reason of why Ayako mad at Yui is because: Kei is so fatigue, he lacks concentration at work, and he got his leg bump with a lil cargo box and it makes him unable to practice maximally due to sprained ankle. Question: Why Kei got so fatigue? Answer: Oh, it’s because he’s having too much shagging session with Yui, it drained his energy and decreasing his beauty sleep time. And who’s to blame here? Oh, of course, it’s Yui, because she’s Kei’s partner in bed crime. And to emphasize more on how Ayako is so MAD and has the ability to become a vindictive bitch towards Yui, the writer needs to add a creepy factor by making Ayako saying, “I will kill you!” Pffffttt…

Psychopath Ex on the making...
Psychopath Ex on the making…

AHAHAHAHA!!! MAJISSUKA, Ayako-chan???!!!! you’re gonna kill Yui because she has sex with your EX-boyfriend????!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! omaigawt it’s too damn funny, I think I’m gonna cry. At this point I feel more sorry for Ayako rather than Yui, cos it seems like she’s embarrassing herself by doing that confrontation. And this kind of scene not only happening once, but TWICE, which is also happening on the last episode, with the same fricken threat as well, cos the drama’s title is SECOND LOVE, so everything have to happen at least twiiiiiice. As for Ayako, let’s just call it as SECOND-hand embarrassment, neeee??? AHAHAHAHA!!!! Gosh, my belly hurts…kei42To add more insult to the injury, this drama also has one of the most unmatched theme songs ever. Seriously, by the time “pam-pam-parapam-pam-pam-Ugh…-pam-pam-parapam-pam-pam-Ahhh…” of KAT-TUN’s Kiss Kiss Kiss samba tune starts to play when the cliffhanger scene was shown being so damn serious is ridiculously bonkers as it’s not helping to build the mood at all. Heh…keiyui5And now we’re down to another part of suckiness as this time around is about the ending. Like I said priorly, Second Love has the most cliche, cheesy, slash laziest ending ever written. No, it’s not First Class kind of lazy ending, as it is lazier than that. One of my beef about the ending is how little redemption that Kei has to pay for every shabby actions he had done towards Yui. I mean, there IS quite a time span for Kei to lose contact with Yui that makes him begin to miss her and realizing her real worth in his life. And truth be told, I was so GLAD when I saw Yui acts cold when she meets Kei again after a year apart and saying things like she doesn’t need him anymore. And the way Kei goes frustrated because of that makes me want to say, “HA! In your face dude! In your ferking face!” Lulz…kei72Buuuut sadly, Kei’s frustrating moments happen too short, it’s not impacting enough for him to change his way of committing in a relationship. This whole rejection thing may makes him come to a wholehearted realization that he indeed loves Yui, but it’s not life-changing enough to make him wants to settle down with her, cos in the end, it’s still all about him and his ego that wins over everything.reunionAnd what’s even more sh*tty is that in the end also, Yui, once again becomes the one who pay bigger price in order to be with Kei, as she coincidentally being appointed to the same country with him. See? This ending is so terribly convenient, it makes me actually prefer for them to go their separate ways instead, cos this kind of happy ending is too good to be true, it’s not making any sense, it’s not answering anything, and so it’s not making me happy at all. But wellllll, what can I say, que sera sera, whatever will be, will be; since I already lost my interest to give a damn about them anyway…yuikei71After all this angst and disappointment talk about this drama, you may start to questioning why in the world could I ever bear to watch this crap until the end. Well, this drama maybe 99.99999% sh*tty, but surprisingly, there’s a teeny weeny 0.00001% of good things in it as well; aside the melancholy nuance and good atmosphere that it has. Kiss Kiss Kiss may be a dull soundtrack, but Misia’s Shiroi Kisetsu is one of the best insert songs, cos it’s so dramatic and romantic, you just can’t help to love it. And the other things that I really love from this drama is the score; which composed by Tokuda Masahiro. Gosh, the BGM is so purrrrfect, it makes me able to get through the whole debacle of this drama. But the downside is, Second Love didn’t release the album of the original soundtrack. Gaaaahhhh… I’m soooo pissed!!! *table flipping*yui-ueda-15Another saving grace from this drama is the friendship between Yui and her fellow teacher, Ueda Haruko (Akiyama Natsuko). Their friendship started by the time Ueda-sensei knows that Yui dates Kei, who is six years younger than Yui. It then makes Ueda-sensei open up to Yui about the truth that she also dates a younger guy, who is a chef, and he’s 25 years younger than her.yui-uedaThis unlikely bond with Ueda-sensei clearly becoming a bit of fresh breeze for Yui’s frustrating days, as she now has someone whom she can talk to about Kei, and also makes her feel relatable towards each other’s trouble. And Ueda-sensei also becoming some sort of role model for Yui, as Yui admires Ueda’s braveness in taking a leap of faith by quitting her teaching job to come along with her boyfriend to France.white loversAside from that little side story, this drama also has one particular heartwarming scene that happen between Kei and Yui on the fourth episode. It happened when Kei, who just made a successful effort in recreating the choreography to save Ichinose’s face, didn’t get the credit he deserved, and he feels down and disappointed because of it. But when he walks outside to go home, he sees Yui, who’s already waiting for him in the middle of the snow, smiling and give him a little applause as a small token of appreciation for Kei and his hard work. After they meet halfway, Yui gives Kei a high five, and they walk home together hand in hand. keiyui-4-5For me, this scene is the ONLY scene that redemptive enough to restore my hope towards this drama, cos everything that happen at that moment is so perfectly made. There’s a glimpse of sadness from Kei’s face as he feels unappreciated by everyone, but then he shows a little glow on his expression, cos at the same time, he also feels glad to know that he’s not alone, since he has Yui who always stands by him and support him in everything he does. At the same time, Yui’s act of waiting and tries to cheer Kei up is something that touch my kokoro the most, cos she just so damn sincere in loving Kei the way he is. And once again, Misia’s song was utilized perfectly at this scene, it doubles the good heartwarming effect. *sniffle*keiyui-4-6Overall, Second Love is a lazy written drama with a predictable plot, overdone executions, and abrupt ending, that leaves an impression that the writer just wants to get done with this drama quickly. It might have been a good renai drama if it’s toning down in creating the awkward sexual scenes and more focusing on the characters development instead. Second Love had so many potentials, but the way it underutilized those things was very deplorable and disappointing.

Final Score: 54/100

Rarararara, what a bad romance...
Rarararara, what a bad romance…

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