Kiss Kiss Kiss The Double Digits Away…

chu and shuffleGood day and good Monday (or Tuesday), peeps. Hopefully none of you is having a blues, even though I am slightly a bit, since I’m starting to have caffeine abstinency from today; since too much coffee is clearly not good for me. (Ugh… seriously, is there a caffeine patch in this world? Cos I clearly need one, heheh..) By the wayyyy, I’m writing this post due to a couple things that I wanna share with you guys, and its all, of course, courtesy of KAT-TUN the cotton candy boys (read my puns there? Lulz…) Kaykay, without further ado, let’s hit it! whoop whoop!

01. KAT-TUN to release the 24th single [Kiss Kiss Kiss]

these covers looked like DoA single covers: colorful edition. Lulz...
these covers somehow looked like [Dead or Alive] single covers: colorful edition. Lulz…
I bet most of you already knew about it anyway. Well, KAT-TUN boys are about to release their newest 24th single titled Kiss Kiss Kiss on three days before the white day, which is on 11th March. And surprise, surprise (not), the titular single is the theme song of Second Love. I must say that this is one unexpected move from Johnny’s, cos I thought that they will use some-some from Dead or Alive single (and imo, Hanasaide Ai would be a perfect OST). But I feel like this single released was like a plan B from Johnny’s since the short time span after DoA release seems a bit fishy for me. Heheh… Well, maybe they gotta do this in order to deliver a fresh song for Second Love’s soundtrack since the time span of the DoA single release (21st January) and the drama air date (06th February) is a bit of a long stretch and far fetch, but yet at the same time, Johnny’s nevahhhh gives another non-agency singer a chance to sing a theme song for their tarentos’ dramas. Hah! But hey whatever, Imma anticipate it anyway, even though the single covers with KAT-TUN boys wearing those sparkly rainbow color suits are a lil cheesy and a big of a blerggg… hahaha. But after watch a bit of the PV preview, I must say that the PV is gonna be better than Dead or Alive, since it has more color and stuff, though the song is sooooo standardized Johnny’s samba tunes; y’know, the kind of song that makes you want to grab your maracas and dance along with a fruits hat and outfit. Lol…naka-kiss3Also In this single KAT-TUN boys are becoming a deck of cards cos they are mixed, paired, and shuffled–*cue techno dubstep song*  everybody, sing it! “Everyday I’m shufflin!” *agile feet dancing* lol…–in a very predictable coupling; your guess? Yep, that’s right kiddo; Taguchi pairs up with Nakamaru with their song title Kirarito, while Ueda is hopping along with Kame with their song, Arigatou. So, it’s a dancing whiz with a just okay-dancing whiz; and two left feet lad with a B-grade ero-contemporary dancer. Holy nincompoops! It’s a shuffling mess indeed! Lulzzz… And bet on my two cents that Ta-Naka’s is something dancey and electronic-y, while Ue-Nashi declare themselves to be the unpredictable one. Errr… If they’re gonna sing some trot-like tunes, it’ll be no surprise anymore, boyzzz, since your unicorn-barf colorful suits already point to that direction. Hahaha…Kiss3And also, the other B-sides title are already revealed as well, like Phantom, RAY, Race (what?) Goes On, and Nothing Else Matters. I really do hope that they will do the same format with their DoA single, which is an equal share of spotlight (Dead or Alive –> Kame, Winter Lovers –> Taguchi, Polaris –> Nakamaru, You are Delicious –> Ueda), cos I think that’s really great and satisfactorily fair for every fans of each member. Heck, that’s why the sales of DoA are rocketing high, ne?

02. [Second Love] premiere opens with rating 8.2%2ndThe Birthday boy, Kame’s (Happy belated bday, bro! *pat pat on the head*) steamy melodrama, Second Love was having a bit of a rocky start with a single digit rating of 8.2%, and the second episode is slayed with only 7.4%.  Ooooh…cruel cruel cruel. And since we’re in this topic, I guess Imma share with you a piece of ma mind, since I already watched the first episode as well (sub-less at that time. harharharrr…). To be honest, I have to say that this drama is sorta not… what I expected. It’s a bit of aim high shoot low, imo, in terms of romanticness, or even the hotness love scene; unlike the heavy promotion said in prior, cos the result is just an A-okay. Don’t gemme wrong, I luv this drama, it’s cinematography, it’s chivalric side of storytelling which reminds me a lot with THNK (Oh, Hiroto…*squealing*) and let’s not forget that Fukakyon is so pretty in here and she makes a great OTP with Kame.2nd-1stBut there’s something about this drama that comes not too… believable enuff  for me, which is the fast-paced love story. I dunno, but I feel like it’s too whimsical and hasty, it comes out not too sincere and genuine. But helllll, I dunno about what will happen on the next episodes anyway, cos this drama still has tonzzzz of room to improve itself, and it’s still wayyy too early for me to makes an absolute judgmental perception as well.rainBut there is one particular scene that I really like, which is when the stranger, Kei (Kame)–walks in indifferent manner towards what other people in school see or think about him–comes to Yui (Fukakyon) to give her his phone number. Gosh… the rain, the dramatic slo-mo, the Misia’s song, it’s perfect; just purrrrfect-o!!! *smooch*2nd-1st-rainWell, that’s it for now, thanks a lot for reading this post. Hopefully I’ll see ya soon with sumthin’ new to talk about. In the mean time, don’t miss me too much; but if you do, just drink a cuppa coffee as a remembrance of me. Ahahaha… Have a nice day, darlings!

I'll leave you all with a (sorta) bubbly face KAT-TUN boyzzz...
I’ll leave you all with (sorta) bubbly faces of the KAT-TUN boyzzz…

Source: aramajapan, / pic#01 non edited ©juritachi, last pic non-edited ©strawberry1582@livejournal

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