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KAT-TUN: Alive and Going Solo

PVHey hey heyyyyy, ‘sup my brothas and sistas in hyphen nation! How’s your day? Good? Huh, huh? *pat on shoulder* Well your day may be good, but not the best yet if you haven’t read this mocktastic post to complete and combo your mood in a day. Lolz… Well as we all know that on 21st January, KAT-TUN had released his newest single Dead or Alive–and it’s hanging at #1…again… *clap clap clap*–and aside to one particular PV of the titular song, they also hatch the final egg of the member’s solo; which belongs to the alpha ero-boy,  Khamaynahsheeeeee. And FINALLY, I can get my hands on these two new release thingies, and now Imma talk about them and give ma thought about it in a post that I named as KAT-TUN PV Collection SP (read the main two parters here and here, hun) So, let’s not make it more verbose and just jump into the whole freakshow of Johnny’s lalaland, shall we? Teehee…

) Dead or Alive (2015)
doa-endCatchiness Level: 6.5/10
Members Appearance: 9/10
WTFery/Cheesy: 0/10

Overall: I think I might had say it on prior related post, that KAT-TUN have managed to upgrade themselves in real-menhood by the time Koki says buh-bye to this convoluted group. And this PV continues the streak as KAT-TUN boys are shown (again) in being a cool, serious, jaded, and desperate quartet. Heheh… But the downside of this PV is just it’s kinda boring. Well it may not be as head-deskingly boring as Face to Face; but still, its quite yawny. I mean, for pete’s sake, I’m not downloading this to watch Ueda looking crabby and squatting inside a gutter, I’m here to see some motoric movements; I was hoping to see KAT-TUN daaaaance hyperactively like four gurls on red shoes. But heckkkk. it’s a big N.O; they’re not even lifting one finger to do the fricken choreos, instead they’re giving us the scene of KAT-TUN… in BW. Eehhhhh??? Wut da…

oh, hello again, Nakamaru-kun! *wave*
oh, hello again, Nakamaru-kun! *wave*

And this PV is said to have a related theme with Joker Game, to which I don’t see where the bleep similarity is, except for the fricken hat that these dudes wearing in nano seconds, to which, imo, is more like Indiana Jones’s hat. Heh, so much for the pre-release bluffing. Lol…kamaru-doaWell, I guess Imma have to accept this PV for just the way it is *sigh* But there’s one thing that I must say is very original and cool, which is at the closing scene; where the ruin is finally fall onto them, but they stand still and walk over it. Wohoho… its a one awesome ending, so bravo for the director and his creativity. And I bet KAT-TUN boys have to secure their X-marked spot without moving their bodies even for an inch, cos if not… “WATCH OUT!” *splat*. Ahahaha… gosh, my joke is so lame, eh?doa1Members Appearance: Like I said on my previous post, and my impression stays the same; everyone looks snappy, dappy, and unhappy. Lol. The best looking member in here is our enegizer bunny boy, Tamaguchi. Nakamaru is cute and age-defy, like he always is with the same fricken hairstyle (happy 4th year anniversary, Nakamaru’s hair *blowing candles*), Kame looks tired, but not looking like Nishikido slash Aaron Kwok anymore (thank gawttttt…), and Ueda is aging 10 years swiftly, since he somehow looks so old here. Man, u gotta quit the chain smoking, bruh… *elbow nudging*

hunky dory of the day
hunky dory of the day…

Performance Wise: Well, I gotta say that the wardrobe is impressive, but the overall performance is slightly disappointing, cos somehow the dance is not… gripping enuff, though those hips movements on the chorus is lethally diva-esque. Lol… But compared to their other choreographs, I’d choose Kusabi any time of day, cos when you see it carefully (and repeatedly) Kusabi’s routine is really good and complex. But this one… hmmm… maybe I need to replay it some moarrrr… *clicking the player again*doa perf2) Peanote: As I say that I get my hands on the new releases of these dudes, it also means that I already listened to all of the tracks of their new single as well. And boy, boy, boy… how I LUUUURVVVE the song “White Lovers” cos it’s so damn cute, catchy, with breezy-feel good vibe that makes me bash my replay button like crayzay. Hahaha… and in this song too, Taguchi takes up the lead vocal role, as he sang the most portion, and I must say that he did a verrry good job indeed. And as I read here, it said that on 23rd January (which is today), KAT-TUN boys will perform this song on the Music Station. Everybody, Woohoo!!! I’m so can’t wait to see the perf!!! O yeahhhh, bring it to mama!!! Ahahaha… sorry I got over-excited by myself. Lol… (you can get the KAT-Tunesss here)–End of Peanote (

Well, now it’s time for the round two, which is the solo session!!! Aieeeee!!! *crazy drum+tympani session* Like I said before, Kame finally has his own solo PV in this single batch. But since it won’t feel right to just talk about this particular one person, I decided to downloaded and watched and will talk about his other four sidekick members’ PV as well (Yes, Koki, you’re included too, heheh…) And now we’re gonna start in backward mode; just like doin’ the moonwalk thing. Lol…

01. 離さないで愛 (Hanasanaide Ai) (2015)
HA7Solo Member: 亀梨和也 (Kame)
Taken from: Dead or Alive (single)
Catchiness Level: 7/10
Appearance: 7.5/10
WTFery/Cheesy: 7/10

Overall: Ooooh… Kame’s in pain; Kame’s kokoro is booboo broken; Kame is sad, but Kame has no girl to show the reason why. Gee gee geezzz… I kinda pissed maself a bit with this PV, cos the song title is so lovey, and the whole story is about heart broken, but–once again–it doesn’t give us the girl as a model to put cherry on top of this whole love debacle. I mean, for pete’s sake old geezer Johnny, you wanna keep this boy in monastic even in the PV too?! I’m shaking my fricken head here… *sigh*HA1Well, the PV is set in a downtown area that really gives a vibe of old 90s Hong Kong movie; ya know the era of film with all the thugs and mafias. Lol. And Kame boy here is frantically going around in neighborhood, looking for God only knows what. And to add more spices to the madness, there are scenes of him dancing as well; on top of the building and the construction area; and he shimmying back and forth, but he didn’t forget to dance! contemporary! Since this PV is like an unofficial promotion for Second Love. Oh, Kame-boy, your song is too POP-y for contemporary, hunny… Care for some John Mayer’s? Heheh…

arabesque, pirouetter, what the helllll!!!
arabesque! pirouette! what the helllll!!!

Appearance: Go away sheep! This is not your year! Cos 2015 is a year of Ero-Kame!!! Just like the D-day of the stars to align in order to unleash the Kraken in Hercules’s mythology, this year seems like the unleashed of mounting gheyboyness that had been held back and locked inside Kame for all this time; starting from his double electric steam-tastic productions with Fukakyon, his peek-a-boo buttocks photoshoot of AnAn *shudder*; and most current, this PV. Seriously, he does every ero thing that requires to make one complete sensual fan service video: showering in agony (check), seductively licking lips (check); pensive starring into the camera in order to smolder all hearts of the fangirls (check); looking horny all the time (check-a-roo!!!). Buuuuuut, it all falls into the gutter of repulsiveness just bcos Kame somehow looks tipsy for the whole 5 minutes and 16 seconds of the PV. Despite he looks good in here with all his flippy hair; but on the sexy department: Ewww… its a fafafail… Durrrr!!!
HA3Who pops up? It’s Iriguchi, Deguchi, Taguchi desu!!! and its only for a nano micro seconds as he only play a glimpse role of a guy with a helping hand for falling on the street-Kame.HA2So, basically Taguchi’s appearance can only be noticed by die-hardcore hyphens or coincidental watchers, as like “hey, it’s that… Taguchi???” *frowning*, and the second was me by the time the scene appears. Lol…

02. Monster Night (2013)
MN4Solo Member: 上田竜也 (Uepeeps)
Taken from: 楔-kusabi- (EP)
Catchiness Level: 3/10
Appearance: 2/10
WTFery/Cheesy: 8/10

Overall: Imagine BSB’s Backstreet’s Back music video, combine with Alice in the Wonderlandand a lil bit of Toy Story; mix and stir in Tim Burton’s style, and voila! you got Ueda’s Monster Night. This PV is really colorful and so…bonkers; it’s like a knock-off version of Nightmare before Christmas, with all this carnival-esque tune and broken English lyrics. The only difference is that Ueda here is becoming a furry vest-y werewolf, though he might suit perfectly as Jack Skellington, since he’s, y’know… skinny enough. Lol. So basically, the concept of the PV is about one lil girl reading a giant story book with the same title and then she got magically sucked into this world of absurdity fairytale; hosted by Mr. Ueda himself along with bunch of foreigners dress as Frankenstein, giant black unknown critters that looked like McDonald’s Grimace, etc. since y’know, it’s monster night.MN2And then this poor lil girl got to be served with a giant hooded tray, which turns out is a huge chicken with human legs wearing what looks like an adult diaper, and it starts to run around the dining table. Ahahaha… WTF.

chicken run... literally...
chicken run… literally…

But don’t get it wrong, since this PV has… moral message! *gasp!* which is; don’t ever, EVER, throw away your childhood dolls, cos it has a life and soul. And if you do; watch out! cos Ueda might show up from nowhere and suck you into his dimwit world of imbecilic Halloween party to give you the lesson of life that’s more hardcore than Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Lol…

treasure ur toys, kidz!!!
treasure ur toys, kidz!!!

Appearance: Ueda as werewolf, what more needs to be explained? Except his occasional red eyes that will send that poor lil girl into a nightmare every single night. And along the PV, Ueda is just sitting his butt down on the chair and barely stands up, moreover move his twiggy body to dance, despite the song itself has an upbeat tune. Oooh, shame shame shaaaame…MN10Who pops up? If you count those costume people as KAT-TUN members, then you got the cameos, but if you don’t, well, you don’t (lol); cos no poor Johnny soul appears as cameo in this PV (all members go “phew” *wiping cold sweat*). It’s supposed to be Koki, but he already got kicked out before he able to show up at this funky gothic party. Well, Kokirella got himself to be a pumpkin wayyy before he even get to the ball. Bippity boppity blerg!!! I bet Koki having a massive thank God session for him to be able to dodge from being responsible to this absurd inter-members obligation. Hahah…

03. FLASH (2013)
F6Solo Member: 田口淳之介 (Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi)
Taken from: Face to Face (single)
Catchiness Level: 9.5/10
Appearance: 8/10
WTFery/Cheesy: 0/10

Overall: Now, this is what I call a solo PV! Woohoo!!! *waving light-stick* Taguchi’s solo project is the real deal, the best-o and the meatiest among the other members; for the song is catchy, the PV is un-corny, and the dance, ooooh… the DANCE!!! One thing that I can vouch on Taguchi is that he really has his talent on dancing; cos he’s really really good and so… agile with his footwork. And somehow this PV has this good vibrant vibe, it reminds me a lot with M.Pokora kind of videos (y’know M.Pokora? that French singer? Well, you should watch his MVs cos he has da skill, despite I don’t understand even a bit of any words he’s singing. Lol…) So basically, the PV only revolves around Taguchi meets his crews, dancing in the parking lot, dancing in a party, dancing in a club, have a dance battle, yadayadayada; it’s all about dancing for the whole 4 minutes and 16 seconds, since everyone knew that dancing is Taguchi’s forte. And it’s a one awesome PV indeeeeed, muh frenzzz!!!F5Appearance: As always, looking really ta-good-chi with black ensemble and high top sneakers that screams “boogie me da beat!” hahah… And one thing fo’ sho’ is that Taguchi looked really happy cos he finally meets the compatible people who has the same level as him. Lol… Seriously, everyone’s here move in synch and on the same pace; it’s really contrast with Taguchi’s minions in his KAT-TUN crewz who always bear “unsynchronized” as their middle name, like KAT-unsynchronized-TUN. Ahahaha… If I can give an opinion who can—at least—match up to Taguchi in KAT-TUN, it’s Nakamaru; which is clear why he always got to be coupled on with Taguchi for 90% of the songs; and leaving those two shorty shawty members (Kame and Ueda) to dance their two left feet away. Lol…F4Who pops up? It’s the alpha boy Kame, and he takes up the whole pre-chorus for himself to be shot in sloooooo-o-o-mo; glancing at Taguchi who happened to bump into him at the club. Contradictorily, Taguchi’s appearance in Kame’s PV is shorter than a sight of a ghost passing in paranormal activity video. Talk about favoritism; which me, as Johnny’s watcher, grow numb about it already *sigh & smh*

04. Snowflake (2013)
SF5Solo Member: 中丸雄一 (Nakamaru-kun)
Taken from: EXPOSE (single)
Catchiness Level: 7/10
Appearance: 8/10
WTFery/Cheesy: 4/10

Overall: Oh, what a lazy, lazy, lazy! Dang you lazy production team!!! This PV feels like it’s made half-heartedly and so last minute; that’s why I’m so pissed bcos this is Nakamaru’s PV! Uaaaarrrgh!!! *snapping nearby stationery* So basically the PV only revolves around Nakamaru’s walking around the street at night looking really reaaaaally sleepy and tired; then he got to be shot into this slide show kind of scene, along with kaleidoscope images showing up here and there.SF7And then there are another scenes of him dancing with a red-chili pepper-colored suit in a blue room that maybe intended to display as a meta to a snowflake. But OYYY!!! what’s with that translucent montage of flowers, and assorted nautical critters that’s shown and covering his face in almost every scene?! That is soooo… out of context… *head-scratching*SF4Not to mention the title of the song is Snowflake, but all we get to see here is Nakamaru looks so cold and chilly while snuggling in his coat on a street at a stark midnight. Dude, why don’t we dubbed the PV title to be “Hypothermia” instead, since it’s more make sense cos he looks like he’s about to get one. Lolzzz…


Buuut, there’s a goodah in this PV, which happened at the opening for around one minute that shows Nakamaru showcasing his ichiban awesome skill, which is beat-boxing, and this time he’s done it as an ensemble of many instruments that were all played by his mouth only; it’s like those accapella youtube singers that can sing Disney songs with bunch of voices. So…Nakamaru, y’know you can get an internet career as youtube sensation for your other side job, eh? *wiggling eyebrows* Hahaha… Gee golly, I shall nevahhh grow tired watching him boom boom boom the beats away. And the PV’s choreo is not so bad either, since, he’s like the second best-o dancer in the group.SF2Appearance: Nakamaru is okay, as always. But he definitely looks really exhausted, cos he got these double eye bags. And his gestures are also awkward, as always either. So basically, it’s just the same old same old nerdy slash geeky Nakamaru. Lol.

Nakamaru; 30 and fatigue...
Nakamaru; 30 and fatigue…

But I can’t help to notice that Nakamaru is so damn skinny, like, REALLY really skinnorexic-ly skinny; it’s like he hasn’t eaten anything for a week. Damn, boy, let mama feed you with junk foods okayyyyy??!!! *shoving french fries onto the face *SF16Who pops up? It’s none other than the monster boy Ueda, as he becomes the reflection of Nakamaru in the mirror. And the appearance’s portion is fair and clear enough to be notice. Now, that’s what I call a cameo neeee, Taguchi and Kame?! Hahaharrrrr…*cynic laugh*

05. BLACK OR WHITE (2012)
BOW6Solo (ex)Member:  田中聖 (Koki)
Taken from: 不滅のスクラム (Fumetsu no Scrum) (single)
Catchiness Level: 2/10
Appearance: 6/10
WTFery/Cheesy: 9/10

Overall: Despite the actual reality that Koki is literally going solo now, I’m still gonna give a piece of ma mind about his PV, cos I gotta do it in order to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of completing the whole solo cycle. And I must say that… Good grief, this PV… it’s so bonkers and ridonkculous in so many level *facepalming*BOW5So this PV basically has a plot of Koki being two sides of… hologram(?) as in black and white, and the black Koki is downloading the white Koki who got wired in an open aquarium (but stupidly not electrocuted). What for? Oh, the answer is easy; cos he wants to use the white Koki’s downloaded power to… dance. Ahahahaha!!! Omaigeerrrrd, WTF… And then there’s also this one particular foreigner, act as black Koki’s bouncer slash assistant, and he only delivers two lines which are, “where are the other members of the WHITE?” and “I dunno, suddenly the system is broken down!!!” but what’s funny is that he’s screaming frantically and panicky here and there, which is so BWAHAHAHA!!! Gosh, love yer Z-level acting skill, bouncer dude!

gosh, this bouncer deserves a razzie and an oscar for best comedian...
gosh, this dude deserves a Razzie and an Oscar for best comedian…lololol…

But then there’s a plot tweeeszzzz, cos suddenly the downloading system is down; as white Koki REBELS and breaks his chain, and then he does this dance battle with black Koki and the crews, and white Koki ends up winning, which in the end makes the black Koki and his posse digitally corrupted and POOF! they’re gone in a snap. Gee golly… what a ninny. LolololBOW1Appearance: Koki got his hair in perm, which is okay and I think it’s one of his good-suited hairstyle. And then there’s a bunch of his shirtless scene as the white Koki which is so meh. But what’s stands out the most from his appearance and overall PV is that he speaks English for around 90% of the PV and the song; which makes me feel so luckeeeh to have this video in subbed, cos I dun think I could understand any of his words aside, “do it!”, “What’s happening?”, and “Damn!”… Ahahaha… cussing is surely an universal language, cos everyone can say it loud and clear, and it’s instantly understandable for anyone by the time they heard it. Hah…BOW4Who pops up? Of, course, who else, it’s Nakamaru, as he becomes the nerd executioner who push the orb download button to extract the shirtless hostage Koki’s brain into this white paint-like fluid that’s being suck into a lot of mini straws. Man, corny sci-fi lobotomy at it’s best. Lol.

Well, that’s all I can say about this whole kerfuffle PVs of KAT-TUN’s solo projects that was released one at a time from 2012 up until now. Thank you very much for reading this post. Hopefully, Imma back soon with another review, or another… KAT-TUN(?) mockery post. Heheh… Ciao, amigos!!! *waving hanky*

see you next time, my luvies, don't miss me too much tho! Lolzzz...
see you next time, my lurvies, don’t miss me too much tho! Lolzzz…

) Cr last pic non edited: ©strawberry1582@livejournal


3 thoughts on “About: KAT-TUN PV Collection SP”

  1. Off topic, but I’m pretty sure Junno cameoed in Monster Night. He was the Joker guy bringing out the dish.

    As for DoA, i agree the pv is boring. More importantly, i found there to be a mismatch between the audio and the visual. The video is stylish but camera works were way too slow, which i found quite jarring against the fast and edgy instrumentals of the song itself. It would have worked better if the song was a traditional ballad or if background instrumental was softer.


    1. “He was the Joker guy bringing out the dish. ”
      Wut? u’re serious? guess I should re-watch the crazy PV all over again… durrr… and if what you say is true, that means Taguchi had made two times of cameo-ing in his minions’ PV; and both are the cheapskate ones, since he’s hardly noticeable. Lol…

      “As for DoA, i agree the pv is boring….”
      Yessssh! finally I found someone who’s on the same page with me. Ha-ha-ha-hai-five! lol… Yes slow motion kinda thing always works better with something ballady, since it’ll emphasize the dramatization more. thanks for commenting, hun… 🙂


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