Boys… Ruin Ruin Ruined(?)

bThis is the first news post in 2015 and I’m back with another nibbly updates from our squirmy gheyboys!!! Harharharrrrr… *cynic laugh* Despite it’s not newly fresh from the oven kinda news; but still, this geek needs to vent the fangirlness and… rant the angstiness. Lol…

01. Dead or Alive PV – minuscule version is out
doaSo finally, our curiosity is fed and the patience is paid off; well, half paid to be more precise, since Dead or Alive PV is already out, but only in a short version of around two minutes. The PV itself only revolves around KAT-TUN boys wearing the single jacket cover outfits and wandering inside the ruin while singing in desperate expressions. So basically its like Kusabi 2.0: Holmes Edition. Lol.

hey, Nakamaru-kun! *waving hands*
Oh hey, Nakamaru-kun! *waving hands*

But truth be told, everyone looks really fine here; a lil bit exhausted, jaded, tired, eye bags-ied, whatsoever; but they are very very snappy dapper-ly fine looking. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the full version to be released in order to get the full impression; and let’s not forget that along the release there will be, of course, Kame’s solo PV as well. *gasp!* duN dUN DUN!!! Lol…

02. Second Love promotional package has completed
B7rbqDhCEAQ97y-Oho-ho-hoyyyy, the mello romance genre sole rider and fully-anticipated Kame’s drama Second Love finally gets a release date as it was slated 8 days before Valentine’s Day and 17 days before Kame’s final year as a 20s young’un; which is on 6th February 2015. And the promotional teaser of the real drama scenes are also out as well, in which I must say is verry verrryyyy promising, with purrty Fukakyon; and the lomo-esque cinematography, which is  also my fa-fa-favorite. Teehee… Buuuuuut, there’s a bit of talk courtesy of Kame in Japanese magazine QLAP regarding the drama that was described in a quite… repulsive way. As quoted:

Kei’s been raised overseas, and so he goes after women with burning desire. There’s no shyness whatsoever, from the first episode he sticks his hand inside her skirt!? It’s not like that kind of kiss scene were it’s like a “ah, we kissed”-feeling, it’s way greater than that. As those scenes are as frequent as a conversation would take place…….. don’t miss it!

Pffffttt… wtf is the relation between being a western cultured guy and sticking the hands inside a woman’s skirt?! Errrr….dude, you don’t have to be from overseas or other wild wild west countries in order to be a sleazy guy. Duuuh! *rolls eyes* Heh, but this absurdity is absolutely nothing, I said, NOTHING, compared to the promotional poster of the drama.20150117-05Okay, who the efftard is in charge in making and retouching this poster? Cos, I absolutely gonna kick his/her buttocks out of this world until they reach Pluto. Er-ma-gerrrrdddddd, this poster looks like a cheap low budget porn movie that was played at a grotty theater. For pete’s sake, production team, I know that you want to make it as sexy or hawt as possible; but seriously, can’t you do it in a classier way??? Not to mention, the drama tagline “On Friday nights, you will be drowning in love” is so damn cheeeeeezayyyyy. Aiooooohhh…. and to add more misery to this ugly picture, this poster is said to be displayed at Shibuya and Tokyo subway stations for two fricken weeks until Val’s day… Geez… everybody sing with me: lalala…fremdschämen, lalala…fremdschämenddddd!!!! *shudder* But wait, there. is. moaaar!!! Do ya know who’ll play the role of the douche-bag two-timer colleague a.k.a Fukakyon’s illicit lover? It’s Namase Katsuhisa, or should I say Sawatari kyoto!!! AHAHAHA!!! Gee golly holy molly Rumpelstiltskin, how can I take this drama seriously when all I can imagine is Sawatari comical gestures in Gokusen??!! Ohohoho… this is just gonna be a supah dupah reunion indeeeeed. I really hope this thing would happen in the drama by the time of scene when Kame’s character meets up with Namase’s:saru oda reunionBWAHAHAHA!!! Watch out, Saruwatari-kyoto, as this time Odagiri is not just wrecking your school but also screwing yer chick. Lolololol… Oh kame kame kame, what kind of doolalllies have you gotten yourself into, huh boi? Hahaha… *bitter laugh*

Well that’s it for today. I’ll see you when I see you on my next post. Lolz. In the mean time, I’m gonna recompose myself from all this madness by watching another episode of Shuuichi. Ahahaha… peace out and have a nice day to all of you!!! *blowing smooches*

I'll leave you all with KAT-TUN teletubbies moment... EH OH!!!
I’ll leave you all with KAT-TUN teletubbies moment… EH OH!!!

Cr: Sunrise Nippon ♥@Facebook, aramajapan, Jdrama Weblog@Wordpress, 1st pic-non edited: ©strawberry1582@livejournal, 5th pic: ©kt060322@blogspot, 7th pic: ©kattunlove@livejournal


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